#BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

As you all know, police brutality runs rampart in the lives of black people. Racism is deeply integrated in the society that we live in, and people of color, especially black people, are being oppressed. This affects them and puts them at disadvantage. They are often the targers of unjustified killings and hate crimes. Please sign the petitions that are circulating around. Please spread awareness and use your platforms. Do not just stand idly and watch this happen. Even if you are not in America, please be aware and do anything you can to help. 


"what you can do as a non-black person to support #BlackLivesMatter"

petitions you can sign for #BLM


if you do not have a zipcode

Justice For Big Floyd


Remember that there is still many petitions out there. Please do what you can and remember that black lives matter, even if there is not a murder or a killing that is happening. 


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I really don't like when police use their authority to abuse instead of protect ;(
EunHaeLove42 #2
These things that happen is purely sickening!!!