This needs to be addressed....

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Today I'd like to address something which I don't know if people are aware of but it is slowly killing this community of writers.

There's no easy way to say it except that it has come to my attention that because of lack of feedback, some writers are deciding to quit, private their stories, or going to patreon.


Now, if you are not a writer you might not understand but the way I see it it's about discussing the characters, the plot, the symbolic meaning. To bond over the beauty of writing and creativity.

As I am mostly on Tumblr, some of my favorite authors are either set their mind to going to patreon or giving us a warning.


Now before you come for them, I have seen how people have reacted to this change and it's a mix of entitlement, anger, and support.

I personally, though I hate the change, understand and support them even if I might not be able to read for free and am broke to support them.

Though I don't have a big archive of stories, I still write and as a writer myself I feel discouraged when I metaphorically hear crickets, no feedback. Even just words like " I love the fluff", " love your writing", or " thank you for this cute story" - I feel that would show you appreciate their writing and that you never want it to end.

But sometimes, what irks me is the sense of entitlement of some people or the rudeness of thinking " I don't care if you don't have feedbacks, I don't care if your feelings are hurt, keep writing".

But you don't understand that those who write are real humans, who have feelings, who entertain you with their creation, the least you could do is let them know you love their writing. maybe build a friendship off this bonding of stories.

I hope this can be done kind of awakening to people who don't comment, whether it's because you're shy or don't know what to comment, your support is what keeps them going to entertain you.

If you're shy: don't be, I don't think I have met an author/ writer who hates feedback and if you don't want your comment to be replied to, please also let them know - communication is literally key.


Also, if you are looking for stories to read, I will post some links after I post this ( re edit). Some have an AFF account but are mostly active on Tumblr. 

I really love their writing and I hope you take this post into consideration when you read a story and their updates.


 thank you for taking your time to read this and I would love to hear your thoughts of this issue of you want to talk about it.




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