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Ah, probably no one wanna know, but here we go!! 8 more facts about me!! Tagged by Faedra, again! -_- lol!


Here's blog 1 if you wanna read! 8 facts about me!


1) I'm a 24 y.o. uni student, struggling to complete my masters in Science (with Media, Graphics and animation) this is my last year. Struggling, I said, because Corona Virus!!!!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!!


2) I like designing, any kind of designing, like fashion designing (even though I dress like a trucker with an oversized men's tshirt, and pyjamas, Lol!), Graphic designing, Digital designing. And I like arts and crafts!!


3) I am pretty honest, sometimes brutally honest, so sometimes people think I'm rude, because I'm just being honest, I can't sugarcoat things. And my resting face becomes a plus in that case. I look rude and arrogant nd mostly unapproachable, but I'm not, I think I'm pretty friendly once you get to know me. Even though, I often sound mean to people I'm close with, even here. And I have this habit of cracking joke in the most serious situation. Lol!! In short, I need social polishing. My mum's words not mine. Lmao!


4) I know 5, actually 6 languages including Korean, and Turkish! One is my mother tongue, other is the language of this country I live in currently, 3rd is English, these three languages I'm fluent! 4th is Arabic (i'm not exactly fluent in, but I know well to read fluently and know meanings, but I cant speak!) 5th is Turkish I'm quite interested in (I can speak and read, but I wont call myself fluent) 6th is Korean I'm trying to learn on my own, but of course as much as I can which is not much! T-T

Oh, I just remembered there was this one time, lol. One of my friend's maya's (maya is an animation software) language somehow changed to Russian, and I was like 'Why did you turn your lang to Russian?' and He gaped at me like, 'First of all tell me, how the heck do u know its Russian' and trust me Idk how, lol! Later we checked and it turned out it indeed was Russian. So, somehow I can recognize languages lol!


5) I like watching horror and action movies the most! My most favorite movies are the Mission Impossible series, Speed, The expendables series, Killer Elite, The transporter series, The Mechanic, Conjuring series, Insidious, War of the worlds, Jack reacher, Constantine, etc. My fav actors are Jason Statham, Tom Cruise, Vin diesel, the Rock, Keanu Reeves. 


6) I'm sometimes a , but I can assure you that's probably because Baek has rubbed off on me. I was a very innocent kid! But, now I like reading rated stuff! *whispers* specially vanillsushi!! ^^


7) I am one hell of an insecure person. I'm never easily satisfied with my own work, whether it's irl work or writing here on aff. 


8) I love cooking. I love experimenting with food and mostly my bros (my friends) become the guinea pigs for my experiments lol! I love cooking different kinds of food of different countries. Like I watch Maangchi's cooking channel on YT and I have tried almost all the dishes she has made, (atleast the ones I could get the ingredients of) lol!!  




Pheww, finally completely done! I'm tagging, baekkingdom (yes do it again (-.-)), c4ndykyoong, blackwhiskers, Pearllin, byunism, vampwrrr.

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