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b a s i c s .
fullname : kang byulhee
nickname :
byul / common nickname among her friends derived from her korean name / everyone
captain starstriker / when byulhee was the tender age of 4 and decided to play superhero with her parents, this was the codename she gave herself. and make no mistake, her shameless would still use this as her codename or whenver she goes on "missions". and by missions, i mean her following a classmate bc she thinks they also have a super power. or trying to solve the case of her missing pen. which she forgot she lent someone the other time.
date of birth : feb 14, 1996 (24)
hometown : s.kor
languages : 
korean + born and raised in s.kor
• english + has been taught in school all her life and she has a wide interest in american shows
t h e  p e r s o n a l i t y .
superhero carefree, open minded, well-intentioned, generous
anti hero
willful, curious, boyish
villain detached, crude, temperamental, lazy
t h e  e l a b o r a t i o n .
byulhee grew up being doused in constant love. her parents never say no to her and even her friends yield to her spontaneous cravings most of the time. byulhee is used to being catered to and this actually transpired to byulhee offering unlimited support, time, and generosity for everyone around her; since that's what the people around her showed her. she at verbally saying how much she loves someone so she shows it through her actions. she's always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need. it's not uncommon for byulhee to donate the last of her paycheck to orphanges when she first started working, spending hours to help a friend find the perfect gift for their gf/bf when asked, or constantly being everyone's #1 supporter. byulhee loves receiving more than she gives but since she has received so much growing up, doesn't know anything outside of that and ends up being more generous than an average person. she wants everyone to be in a good place so is always willing to offer help to get these people to that good place. some call her kind, others may call her naive or even stupid for blindly trusting anyone who asks for donations. but byulhee doesn't care because she'd rather be able to help 10% of the peoeple who genuinely needed help, get scammed 90% of the time, than not helping anyone bc of paranoia and missing the people who really need help. she has a whole lifetime to earn more money anways so she's not the type to be tight with her pocket. byulhee adores making friends, she's always chatting it up with random strangers whereever she goes. she has made friends giving out free answers during final exams to just waiting for a bus to go home. since she has met so many people, byulhee understands everyone has their own personalities, morals, and opinions. she doesn't mind being friends with anyone that contrasts with her beliefs as long as the person is respectful about their differences. this does not hold true for people who believe they have the right to tell someone how to live their life though. she thinks people should make their own decisions, and if you ed up, own up to your mistake and learn from it. unless someone is just immoral or outright rude, byulhee is willing to befriend anyone else. byulhee is pretty good at reading social cues and can anticipate what others need before they say anything. she might look around the table really quick to see that someone has food smeared across their cheeks, offering tissues before said person even knew or she'll crack jokes if the atmosphere was going downhill. byulhee's love for life is usually radiating off her high spirited disposition. she just wants to be happy, make good memories and live a carefree life not binded by society or anyone else's expectations. she makes spontaneous decisions to satisfy her own desires. you would usually see her cracking jokes, adorning a big smile, as if nothing ever gets her down. things do, but byulhee is the type to easily bounce back with solutions instead of dwelling in the bad. her optimism is unreal. people tend to remember when people talk about them rather than the compliments, but byulhee is the type to hold onto the compliments that people give her and forget the negative. 

seeing as byulhee is as stubborn as a ing rock, her ideals are her ideals. she doesn't care if you agree with her. she doesn't care if you disagree with her. she especially doesn't care if you give her unwanted advice or opinions on how she lives her life. her life, her rules, her choices. she's so damn willful and lives according to her own values that she doesn't hold the law to much degree. she'll cheat on exams and give out answers so that everoyne else can pass. she's not someone who's actively looking to break the law like stealing or beating someone up for no reason, that's immoral to her, but she def doesn't mind doing something "unlawful" if it's more convenient for her and doesn't hurt others in the process. since byulhee loves life, she's always seeking a new experience. she's curious about everything life has to offer, from how people end up being the way they are, all the way to what's that weird looking shadow in the street? the type to recklessly find the answers to her questions when she cares enough or believes it'll be a fun adventure, curiosity killed the cat definitely is the closest foreshadowing there is for byulhee. seeing as byulhee just likes to act however the hell she pleases, saying whatever she wants, she doesn't pay attention to her unladylike actions a lot. she'll punch her friend if they said something mean, she'll manspread on the train if it wasn't packed and shake her legs when she's sitting bc she's bored or impatient. she'll talk like she's a dude born in a girl's body and she doesn't care. she grew up around a lot of dudes and watching a lot of action animes, movies, so she can be too crude and vulgar to some people's liking.

yes, byulhee's social life is the most important thing to her. but she has made enough friends that she won't ever turn back if someone breaks her trust. they can choose to learn from their mistake and become a better person or not, either way, once byulhee has determined that she doesn't want someone in her life, she can emotionlessly close her life's door right in said person's face. byulhee's trust is very fragile since she lives a straight forward life without pretenses. once you break it, you'll never be able to get it back from her. and she has a good time with a lot of people so she's not the type to think back on the good old times with said person bc she'd much rather recall the good things with the people who are still in her life it's hard for her to get close enough to someone to relay all her feelings on the other party anyways, she's only had one up to date. her childhood best friend. even though byulhee wears her heart on her sleeve for the most part, doesn't mean she easily gives it away to anyone who comes in contact with her. byulhee tends to frame her problems into a joke so she doesn't mind telling any of her fiends about it from her concerns about failing the class bc she skipped too many times or whether she's a goood friend or not. but she'll never be able to verbally say i love you, you're important to me, why someone is important to her, and basically anything she finds sappy. although byulhee is very curious about life, she has so many things she's curious about but not passionate for a lot to do anything about it. she's lazy as hell, always trying to cut corners and find the most efficient way to do anything. although byulhee has a happy go lucky disposition most of the time, the ones closest to her know she's actually quick tempered. when she sees anyone being rude, malevolent, someone asking the same question 3x, or when someone tries to tell her what to do, the fuse sparks easily but dies away just as quick. usually those closest to her are those that trigger her fuse the easiest as she holds these people in her life to higher standards than others.
t h e  b a c k g r o u n d .
byulhee was born to two stellar cops, kang yeol and moon solhee. her parents were renown for being the power couple that put most of the criminals in their district behind bars. they were her role models. she'd always dreamed of following their footsteps to help put bad guys behind bars and save the day with powers. her father could control metal and her mom can create weapons. byulhee always had this mental image that she will have some really powerful power that will allow her to join her parents in their adventures. but one year after the next, even at age 21, byulhee saw no signs of her power developing. yeol got his powers when he was 8, solhee got hers at 18. byulhee assumed that she got the unlucky draw and that she will never have powers. this was her junior year of college where she was expected to declare a major. so byulhee turned to game design and development instead. since she didn't have powers herself, she can try to create games that shows off people with superpowers and try to help them gain a more positive view in the eyes of society instead. also bc she really wanted to create a game based on her parents. so that was the route that byulhee ended up on. 
t h e  r e l a t i o n s.
father : kang yeol (57) / cop / easy going, jokester, flighty
it's cliche but byulhee is yeol's apple of the eye. there's nothing he won't do or get for his baby girl if she asked, and even if hes scared of getting his wife mad, would still help byulhee escape solhee's wrath with the best of his ability. he 's a pretty chill guy that likes to play hard, work less. relies a lot on gut feelings and will much prefer to avoid conflict or taking sides when it involves his family and friends. he puts the law above all else though, and is the one thing he will not show mercy about. "i passed by your fave restaurant and ordered the shrimp pasta you love." "dad, the restaurant is across town.." "wow, i chased a criminal across town today."/flexes biceps
mother : moon solhee (50) / cop / temperamental, aggressive, kind, stubborn
solhee obviously loves her daughter. and arguably spoils byulhee as much as yeol. (byul: thats a lie) but solhee is also temperamental so when two hot heads , its as hot as a volcano erupting. solhee has high expectations of byulhee despite knowing her daughter is never the type to listen. solhee just wants byulhee to be healthy, be happy, but defiinitely successful enough so that she doeasn't have to worry for byulhee all her life. she's a lot softer than she makes herself seem, and was even the one who tried to aggressively forbid byulheee from moving to the sharehouse by herself. nags her daughter a lot since she knws byulhee is like a giant child that will never grow up. "how's work? have you been eating normally? did you finally clean your room? how's your love life? did some poor boy catch your eyes yet?" "mom i'm well, thanks for asking." "i can tell you're well just by hearing the sound of you slurping your noodles. how many times do i have to tell you to eat more ladylike? also, you didn't answer any of my questions."
best friend : im changkyun (24) / nurse / scatter-brain, humorous, intelligent, reserved, kind
changkyun is byulhee's childhood best friend, the poor boy she dragged around in the schoolyard and singlehandedly named him her underling. everyone was playing but changkyun was too shy to approach the other students and ended up sitting by himself on the benches. byulhee was surrounded with new friends but saw the lonely kid staring out at them and unabashedly approached the boy, dragging him to the center of the playground with her. since then, byulhee has made sure that changkyun was introduced to all her friends and looked out for him anyway she could. the two attended the same schools throughout all their life, being neighbors in the same apartment building. their friendship continued for 20 years. each other's ride or die, they'll drop any and everything if their best friend was in trouble. dumb and dumber, when these are together, there's nothing short of ridiculous antics that has the public questioning their sanity. also bc they're both kind of scatter brained, it's not uncommon for them to go out to eat only to realize neither remembered their wallet or they lost it along the way.  changkyun is well aware of byulhee's admiration for those with powers, but he thought she finally lost it at age 21 when she ran over to his apartment, banging on the door like life and death to tell him that her powers have finally appeared! "i love you, but i'm really glad you didn't decide to be a cop. bc no offense but you'd be a cop" "did i ing ask?" "can you imagine a cop named captain starstriker? PFT"
friends : yoo mina (19)
byulhee wouldn't really consider herself close with mina but the two are on friendly terms. although in many instances, byulhee will take over the conversation 90% of the time, neither really minds it. btu byulhee also urges mina to speak more, especially when it's only the two of them. byulhee is the type to constantly ask mina questions just so the girl can speak about her own opinions and values in life. byulhee tries her best to let mina open up more and to rely on the peach villa tenants more but byulhee can be kind of harsh in her speech deliery and has caused mina to cry on a few occasions. byulhee tries to make up for it by buying little things for mina like her fave mango boba, constellation items/books, etc. "since your major is astronomy, do you believe in astrology? can you predict the future? you know you can make big bucks in the future if you become a weather forecaster? imagine you telling people it's going to rain today and actually make it rain? everyone news channel would fight for you!" "all i asked was what you wanted to eat for dinner tonight, byul."
friends : peach villa residents
byulhee is on friendly terms with all the residents. the first to talk up a storm with every new resident moving in and begging them to play boardgames with her, byulhee likes to bring everyone together. she'll drag them out to amazing restaurants, and basically try to get everyone to do activities together even if its going to the park and everyone goes off to do their own things. she is aware that some of them can be jaded so will back off if their response was very negative. otherwise, she'll bother them until they kick byulhee out to have some down time. 
t h e  t r i v i a s .
likes :
powerpuff girls & fairytail - her favorite is buttercup. if her parents weren't as cool as they were, buttercup would've probably been byulhee's role model. byulhee loves fairytail, they hit off all the check marks she finds entertaining but the emphasis on friendship has her bawling every ep. has been watching this since middle school and still rewatches it now esp if she's feeling unhappy or stressed. has the full manga collection.
sweets "there's always a second stomach for dessert."
compliments - they easily get to her head
skinship - byulhee is def awks with skinship bc she didn't have a lot of that growing up, and most of her friends treat her like a guy, greeting her with fist bumps and high fives; but byulhee does actually really enjoy skinship if it's with the people closest to her. important point being people she is comfortable with. her initiating laying her head on you when sitting down is the biggest indication that she considers you someone important. she doesn't reject when others ask for skinship but she just won't initiate unless it's with those she's most comfy with.
•  boardgames - of all the social activities one can partake in, boardgames is one of byulhee's fave past times
dislikes :
seeing people alone - she's the type to befriend anyone by themselves 
• the smell of cigarettes - the smell immediately pisses her off
horror/gore - she doesn't enjoy the feeling of being scared less
hobbies :
eating - byulhee is most known for her unrivaled love for food. her ig is 98% food pics and she's out almost everynight with diff friends trying a new restaurant. she's the type who would try every sauce and then every sauce combination and every dish at least once before she decides whether she likes it or not. unless she knows it something she doesn't eat.
• music - maybe it's the fact that she hates the silence but byulhee always has music playing, whether its brushing her teeth, showering, studying, etc. the first thing she opens is her music before she even washes up. she doesn't have a preference for genre, she'll listen to anything that sounds good in any language
working out - byulhee eats a lot and enjoys putting that energy to good use by working out. crossfit is her fave type of workout. also enjoys biking and rock climbing. 
watching tv - action comedies, animes, sitcoms, variety shows are her go to. she has started most of the kdramas and has finished a solid 2 in her whole life time. one is fight my way and the other is glass shoes. 
habits :
• she tilts her head to the left and blinks constantly when she's confused.
her lips constantly. byulhee seldom shuts up so her lips dry easier than most people.
bites her bottom lips when shes in deep thought.
plays with her hair or ear piercings when shes bored. byulhee can't sit still so she'll do random things with her hands. once started cutting paper on her desk. the paper turned out to be her english writing assignment. she's lucky she can just print another copy
• byulhee shakes her legs alot when sitting, especially when she's being impatient
zoning out - byulhee zones out erratically, but many times, mid-convo. the more she forces herself to focus, the more zoned out she'll be instead.
cries so ing easily when she watches anything that displays family/ friendship/ loyalty/ everyone coming together to fight a common enemy 
byulhee tends to give cold shoulders when she's mad at you. or glaring at you for every breath you so much take
trivias :
• light sleeper, she wakes up from the sound of someone turning her doorknob
• has re-pierced her eyes like 3x bc she always loses her earrings and the holes close before she realizes. also has sensitive ears so she must wear 14k silver/gold and up jewlery.
• shallots over onions
• able to eat enough for 3 ppl
• a picky eater no matter what she says. doesn't eat anything not fully cooked from steak to seafood. doesn't eat organs. doesn't eat anything with strong parsley/ cilantro/ coriander taste or smell. doesn't like sour things. nor artificial watermelon and cherry flavors.
• terrified of snakes, large bodies of water,  height
• generally good at sports but doesn't know how to swim, and there's something with soccer that always has her ending up on her
• has managed to pass most of her classes only bc of friends' helps
• all her group projects have been a positive experience. she loves them. and no she is not a social loafer, she definitely pulls her weight. just don't expect anything more though.
t h e  a p p e a r a n c e .
byulhee doesn't really care for makeup. she has a concealer stick to hide dark circles under her eyes but that's about it. she's lazy and she likes letting her pores breathe. she does sometimes use lipsticks though just for experimental purposes. her hair is usually down, tied in a high ponytail, or in a messy bun. if she wanted to feel cute, she'd do something with braids. byulhee has dimples when she smiles and round eyes that makes her appear way younger than she is. her 153cm petite stature doesn't help either. has 3 piercings on her left ear and 2 on her right. currently has black hair after a failed blue hair dyeing attempt. she has naturally frizzy and wavy hair so she gets straight persm 3x a year. so yes, her hair is not the most healthy and if you look closed enough, you might even see a few white hairs. but she'll joke around that it's bc you're stressing her out. 

t h e  s t y l e .
byulhee isn't one who places heavy emphasis on her appearance. she likes to be comfortable above all else so she'll freqeuntly be seen wearing baggy sweats or jeans and oversized hoodies when it's cold out and gym shorts with simple tees during the hotter days. loves minimalistic caps though and can usually be seen wearing one since her hair is hard to tame. she does have some dress/skirt items in her closet but she's almost never in the mood to wear them, unless she wanted to feel extra cute that day. her closet is more of monochrome, basic solid colors. 
t h e  p o w e r .
power : shield construction
abilities : essentially, byulhee has the ability to create any form of a shield whether an actual steel shield to block bullets or force fields that protects everyone inside. this is completely a defensive ability, save for the times byulhee would use her shield to give someone a good wack on the head. when byulhee activates her powers, she's essentially impervious to all attacks, but it has to be activated first. byulhee has pretty good reflexes but any sneak attacks can easily take her down.
discovery : long story in the briefest telltale, byulhee at 21, was being an idiot and getting on her mother's nerves. solhee, after being done with byulhee's , grabbed all the plushies laying around on the sofa and tossed them squarely at byulhee's face. byulhee expected a  lot of soft contact but felt nothing for a minute, just heard little thumps that sounded far away. when she opened her eyes, she was inside a force field. 
t h e  q u e s t i o n s .
"hello! welcome to the peach villa, please state your name, age, and major!"
• hiiii!! /smiles widely/ "my name is kang byulhee, 24, and currently majoring in game design and development!
"what was your first impression of the peach villa?" 
• the place is so cute!!! i didn't want to live alone so the sharehouse was the best option for someone trying to take a step into adulthood haha
"where do you spend most of your time at the villa?"
• pantry / kitchen.... food... yess. or trying to bother the other tenants into playing overcooked with me. /cracks up by herself
"what do you do around the villa as a way to help out?"
• it varies largely on my mood. sometimes i like to cook, although the other residents would much prefer me not to. /byulhee cracks up remembering the looks of concerns from the others/ most often, i do the dishes. once in a blue moon, i'll help clean. but you want to know what job i'm best at? giving the new residents a tour around the villa! 
"alrighty, well that's all the questions i have for now! do you have any final words?"
• can you play overcooked with me? pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. /biggest pupper eyes
c o m m e n t s .
i recently binged fairytail so i was really itching to use some creativity in a powers!au lol. i do apologize if i got too carried away for the app. i realize that i may have added too much comedy so i'm sorry if i made her too much of like the comic relief but i think byulhee is so unashamed about her powers that maybe it can influence the other tenants to have more positive feelings for their powers. if you feel that she doesn't fit the vibe of the story, pls lemme know so that i can make adjustments! i ended up doing the 4,3,4 for the personality format bc i couldn't categorize the traits i wanna use into neutral personality traits lmao. i also left sehun's feelings open since it's up to you where you want to take their relationship but byulhee still has unwavering feelings for her friend.
s c e n e  s u g g e s t i o n s .
• byulhee trying to find creative ways to make her power more offensive
• peach villa tenants getting into a physical fight with all powers galore
• someone/classmate on the verge of finding out that all the tenants have super powers and the tenants coming together to prevent the secret from getting out
• just lots of heartwarming, friendship building moments
p a s s w o r d .
peach fruit
oh sehun.

name : oh sehun
back-up : shin wonho
date of birth (age) : 04.12.1994 (26)
major : Interactive Entertainment + Animation
languages : 
• korean + native
• japanese - studied japanese as his minor during undergrad

t h e  p e r s o n a l i t y .
sehun is a shy fellow who likes to keep to himself and to his friends. he doesn't go out of his way to meet people but has a vibrant social life since he's polite and kind so people get comfortable around him easily and then end up introducing him as a close friend to their other friends. the glue of his friends, he likes to make sure everyone is doing ok, constantly checking up on his friends even if he knows he can't see them. can be pretty clingly, he likes spending most of his alone time with other friends. very loyal to those he holds close, he's the type to go to the sun and back for them. once sehun comes out of his shell, one would see that he's very playful and can even be very sassy, he just loves messing with his friends. it's his form of affection.

sehun enjoys the finer things in life. he's hardworking and has gotten himself a comfortable paying job so he definitely isn't one to be tight with his pockets. for himself anyways. as one of the younger one of his friends, sehun is used to being spoiled or babies so he's not really the type to spend money on others. in other words, he can be cheap. he can be pretty sensitive so he likes to buy brand fashion to up his ego a little bit. can not handle criticism really well, sehun will work until his bones fall off with ears in his eyes from one little negative thing. and that's because sehun is prideful and stubborn as . he likes to keep his image in tact, and once he has made a decsion, he doesn't go back on it. sehun is also not the brightest guy which is why he'll work extra hard to make up for it. 

t h e  f i r s t - m e e t i n g .
the two are interviewing for a game design internship at a company. sehun isn't a particularly expressive person and even more shy in unfamiliar environments. byulhee is a nervous wreck when it comes to public speaking and interviews. but she saw the boy next to her pratically trembling and decided she wanted to help alleviate some of his anxiety. byulhee taps his arm and starts encouraging the guy that he'll definitely be fine and there's nothing to be so nervous about, all the while bringing up embarassing interview fails that she experienced to make him laugh and calm him down, saying there's nothing he can do that will make him fail an interview like she did. and then it was their turn for the next group interview, along with 4 others next to them. 

t h e  d e v e l o p m e n t .
maybe it was because the two became so comfortable with each other during the interview. or maybe it was because they had so many ideas that came up that they kept bouncing new ideas off one another during the interview, but the two were chosen as interns for the game developer company. byulhee had asked sehun to exchange numbers after the interview so they kept in contact and were one of the first people they texted about being accepted into the company. from there on out, the two stuck pretty close to each other at the company, helping one another, being supportive, and became quite close. along the way in their friendship, byuhee caught feelings for her friend. from the way he took care of her to how they can talk for 5hrs through the phone about the randomest . sehun makes byulhee feel like a girl for the first time by the way he takes care of her, grabbing her breakfast knowing she usually wakes up too late to be get any, tell her all the gossip in the company and who to be careful of, playing games with her until the morning bc she asked.. and if there was one thing that made byulhee v ing soft, it's nice guys. 

t h e  i n t e r a c t i o n s .
the two have been really close friends for the past 5 years so you can imagine how comfortable they are near each other. although sehun moved onto another company that offered him a managerial position, the two still keep in close contact. they try to catch up at least once a week in person, or just even texting several times a week to talk. they're the type to talk about nothing and everything at the same time - from big life questions to cracking up over the stupidest tiktok videos at 1am in the morning despite having to get up in another a few hours. the two bicker a lot, joke alot, tease a lot, but is always each other's #1 supporter. they're constantly making little jabs at each other but if anyone else ed with their friend, that person will have hell on their heels. byulhee had developed feelings for her dear friend but when she confessed 4 years ago, he wasn't interested. so byulhee laughed off her confession and their friendship returned to its former glory after a brief period of them being out of contact. byulhee never brought it up again. she still has feelings for sehun but she'll die before she confesses only to be rejected a second time. they just act as they normally do. anyone can tell they are close friends and have even been mistaken as a couple plenty of times. but sehun's feelings as of current are still unknown. 

t h e  e n d i n g .
i've been in a happy ending kind of mood recently lmao, so i'd love to see the two start dating and sehun scolding byulhee everytime she says some stupid thing like fighting crime at midnight as captain starstriker, and further scolding her when she so much as gets a paper cut for being clumsy. but i'd also love any surprise so this is entirely your call. 


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