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NAME : maisie wu xinyi 

✤ wifey, love, babe, sweetie, honey, my one and only - called by sehun, esp when he's feeling extra love dovey. or when he needs something.
 lil , meanie, brat - when sehun's in an ugh i can't stand you *heart eyes* mood
BIRTHDAY : february 09, 1996 (25)
OCCUPATION : ft hr generalist + pt realtor
PROFANITY : "i say so often, i once introduced myself as ."
cantonese // conversational // mother's language, can speak it but can't read or write traditional chinese.
mandarin // conversational // learned from watching c-dramas for more than 13 years of her life. can read simplified chinese and speak it, but can't write
english // fluent // born and raised in nyc
korean // conversational // been living in s.kor the past 5 years of her life

FACECLAIM : c-actress xing fei
BACKUP : pristin kyulkyung


✤ 153cm, 45kg
✤ dimples
✤ purple medium-long hair
✤ panda tattoo on her arm

STYLE : casual outfits include sweats, jeans, or leggings if sehun wasn't around to talk about how koreans dont wear leggings out into the public without a long shirt or something to cover her . maisie gives no s but to ease sehun's mind a lil, would wear oversized sweaters and hoodies. also bc that's part of her style. since maisie's hair can get pretty wild with naturally frizzy/curly hair, caps are almost always a must unless she has recently gotten her straight perm again. she doesn't care that most people would assume that's bc she hasn't washed her hair bc half of the times, they're right anyways.

work outfits include slacks in white, black, sometimes navy paired with different colored blouses and a black blazer. she does wear booties at work to be a lil taller as well.
gf generous + friendly + carefree
wife boyish | prideful | willful
ex vulgar - aloof - reckless - lazy
girl aquarius sun, libra moon, aries venus, aquarius rising / enfp-a / gryffindor / bloodtype : ab / sanguine / chaotic neutral
gf the type of friend you'd want to bring to a musical festival, if not for her surprising hatred for crowds. maisie is a people person and gets her energy by initiating social interactions with most of the people around her. the definition of a social creature, maisie is the type of girl who's mind goes a bit wonky and her soul deteriorates with every passing day when she's not in contact with people. she loves the life she's had and has been spoiled by both family and friends alike so she's readily offering help and generosity for those who need it; it's something her family and friends have offered her so she knows nothing outside of that. she'll have ten dollars in her wallet and still give it to someone if they really need it. not exactly someone to dwell in the bad, maisie's memories usually consists of the compliments, the funny, the good, the great, the awesome, and maybe even the not so great times but she'll never retain the bad ones. it's just something her brain hasn't been made to do. she'll forget that time she lost $100 but remember the litte puppy who pounced on her as if she was family.

wife an individual who lives life according to her own established principles and views of the world, she's a dogmatically irritating person that can't handle advice. especially those she didn't ask for she doesn't care if ties can be severed, or fights can occur, if she has her own opinion about a certain thing, she'll need to be reincarnated 209234 times before maybe, just maybe, she'll change her mind. her stubbron streak also has to do with her pride that is sensitive af. you tell her to do ing anything, and what she'll do is throw a garbage can in your damn face. maisie doesn't do well when it comes to following orders and defiinitely hates when someone tells her what to do. probably the easiest way to get maisie to kick you out of her amazing life bc you're really, not ing needed. bc of this, maisie is actually pretty awks around authority figures - bosses, elderly, cops, etc. she'd much rather not have to interact with them because she knows her temper is a problem that she cant control. maisie has a pretty masculine personality, she acts and thinks like a stereotypical dude. doesn't like to express her true feelings, finds romance cringingly disgusting, doesn't understand the pink , and definitely doesn't catch the wave of makeup and fashion. she'll go out in sweats and pullover 24/7 if her job allowed bc to her, it's the inside that matters. and body odor. just don't have body odor, and you can have the world on your head and maisie wouldn't bat an eye.

ex maybe it's from hailing from ny. or not giving a about what anyone else. or just simply, the satisfaction of saying others don't dare to say and allowing herself be free. maisie is a vulgar with urbandictionary as her bible. she doesn't watch , and only up until recently did she understand why it was so ing bad for children to hear the word . since she's mostly been friends with dudes who also gives no s about what they say to her, that they wanna have their balls waxed, they wanna take a , etc, it influenced maisie to be equally as open and nearly babarbric in comparison. she doesn't watch and doesn't plan to stop herself even if she knows her crude words can make some ppl uncomfy. likewise, maisie doesn't watch her actions. she's an in the moment type of person who spontaenously goes on ice cream runs one night and a 3am jog another night. she's someone who likes to satisfy her spontaneous desires by doing whatever the hell she wants without thinking about others. maisie is also a lazy asshat who wants to live like a damn princess bc she's been spoiled af by her fam and doesn't understand what no means. say no once, you'll have to deal with her constant bugging. say no again, and you have some good luck trying to ignore the puppy eyes. and you deal with her temper and her tears if you say no even then. although maisie loves social interaction and looks to make a new friend everyday, she' finds it hard to emotionally connect to a lot of people. not many can handle her at her weirdest, much less her temper. she finds it easy to drop anyone without strings attached if the times call for it and sometimes she hates herself for being such a robot.
✤ hella cuddly when she's drunk
✤ she really loves fruits, just that she's too lazy to cut em
✤ can't sleep w/o a night light if she's alone
✤ can cook but is too lazy. she cooks like 4 times a year
✤ likes hugging plushies to sleep but sehun is now the replacement
✤ her entire being despises coriander/parsley/cilantro
✤ needs something sweet everyday - ice cream, fruits, pastries, dessert
✤ she can't swim
✤ only has the attention span to watch action movies and cartoons
✤ cries easily for cartoons bc of the emphasis on family and friendship, basically loyalty values
✤ doesn't with anything concerning clowns and snakes
✤ can be bribed to do nearly anything with food
✤ obsessed with pandas and stars
✤ always playing music to drown out silence
✤ currently obssessed with edm songs
✤ her playlist has a bit of everything in many different languages (korean, eng, thai, mando, canto, spanish, etc)
✤ an angel when she sleeps : doesn't snore, kick around, sleep talk
✤ generally doesn't dream but when she does, it's usually violent
✤ light sleeper, she wakes up when she hears the door knob turning
✤ when she's deadbeat tired, she'll snore and not hear anything tho
✤ has no respect for locks, she breaks into everything
✤ has baby tase buds - doesn't like coffee, energy drinks, or alcohol
✤ doesn't eat anything not fully cooked - steak, eggs, sushi
✤ a grandma when it comes to social media, she barely uses it
✤ generally good at sports besides swimming and soccer
✤ only cries when she's feeling frustrated
✤ doesn't realize when she's sad (attributes it to anger, frustration, or annoyance)
✤ shopping is the biggest chore for her
BACKGROUND : born and raised in ny until 2014 when she moved to south korea to pursue her undergrad studies. she didn't think she would be staying in s.k after her studies but then she got into a staffing company during her senior year and graduated with a BBA in HR. On the side, she's also a realtor for extra income. She worked at the real estate place as an admin in the beginning but then got interested in becoming a relator. She got her license while going to college and was able to start selling places by the time she turned 21. She's been living in S.K ever since. Life has been flowing along just like always, carrying her gently on the waves, bringing her straight to the one man who made her believe in relationships again.
"i might have accidentally poked holes in the condoms. and i swear it was by accident!" 

INTERACTIONS : hyemi absolutely adores maisie, maybe even moreso than her own son sometimes (read, when maisie is actually excitedly listening to her life "lessons" while sehun fails to pull his wife away from his mother) and is the captain of this ship. she loves her son so anyone he loves is automatically just as important to her. and since maisie's family isn't around to take care of her, hyemi will put the extra effort to shower maisie with love. she urged the two kids to get married a year into them dating so imagine how ecstatic she is that they have (finally). and with her son now married, she's eagerly looking forward to a grandchild. frequently drops by their house to make sure the youngsters have enough proteins and nutrients for a more successful chance. also asks the two all about their life, positions, kinks, hiding talismans under the bedsheets, and everything in between to improve the chances. she intrudes on the two alot, offering tips and advices to make sure their marriage life is blossoming beautifully and will lock the two into their bedroom if they were in a fight. hyemi is also the first to coo at the couples' lovely interactions before reminiscing in depth about the love story between her and sehun's father. most often than not being unncessarily detailed. no couples within eden hall is safe from her shenanigans.


2017 - Maisie runs into Hyemi at a supermarket and finds out she was looking for tenants to rent her place. Hyemi signs Eden Hall under Maisie's listings. Hyemi has liked Maisie throughout the month of interacting and having thought of her pitiful single son, used all her wits and mind games to make the two meet. The two youngsters get along well as friends. In the summer of 2017, Maisie was kicked out of her apartment due to the landlord selling their property. Hearing of this, Hyemi offers Eden Hall, inflating the single bedrooms to a costly $6000 and offered that Maisie should split an apartment with Sehun. Maisie had thoughts to look for another place to rent but Hyemi threatened to double Sehun's rent if he couldn't get Maisie to co-rent with him on the low. So the boy offered his place, saying the 3 bedroom place was very costly, even for the landlord's son. So Maisie accepts. Over the course of 2017, the two grew attracted to each other and began to date in 2018.

2018 to 2019 - Sehun was very kind to Maisie and the Hyemi-Sehun duo would always invite Maisie to celebrate the holidays altogether since she was away from her family. Sehun's considerate actions grew on Maisie, she started liking him around Nov '17, although she didn't say anything bc if he rejected her, she really did not want to have to go look for another place. She only moved in for about 1 month afterall. Maisie does invite Sehun to go out alot though. Sehun sees these as dates and eventually grew feelings, not knowing that when Maisie asks a guy to chill, she never means it as a date date. Either way, Sehun mistakenly thinks Maisie is making moves and tries to kiss her when they go watch a movie. The bewildered girl practically shoves the poor man into a concussion and runs out of the theater. That night, when the confused Sehun finally returns home, Maisie asks for clarifications and the two find out they like each other where they really do start to date. Sehun has pretty much claimed Maisie to be his 'the one' when they started to live together, which was heightened when they started to date so on Maisie's bday in 2019, he proposed. Maisie accepted and they had a beach wedding half a year later, celebrating with family and friends.

- sometimes gets into fights about their diff understandings of the world based off their edu level
- due to sehun's erratic schedule and maisie working 2 jobs, it's hard for the two of them to meet up. but on weekends when maisie doesn't have to show her listings, the two would go on active dates like bowling, rock climbing, look for an adventure, etc. or they'll be lazy crabs watching movies in the comforts of each other's embrace. that is, if hyemi didn't get to them first
- maisie's fam has doubts about her getting married to a dude she dated for 1 year bc they think sehun is way out of her league
- maisie is actually scared af of marriage due to her parents' divorces but she put her trust in sehun when he said he'll erase any of her insecurities about marriage. (he also convinced her by saying she can add a clause in their marriage certification that she was the only one who can ask for a divorce lol)
- sehun wants a baby. stat. maisie enjoys kids. when they're far away. the two are popular among kids since they're both children at heart but maisie doesn't think they're ready to take the next step yet.
- sehun is always trying to set up romantic atmospheres/dates and maisie is having none of it.
- constantly bickers and make petty lil jabs at each other lol. neither takes it to heart though
- smol vs tol
- sehun constantly letting maisie know the boundaries she should be keeping now that she is legally taken aka don't be wiping another man's mouth like wyd woman, do u think this marriage is a joke @#$%
- that wife who wears her man's clothing more than her own 
- sehun adores it but he also wants to wear matching pjs tho lol
- they know the passwords/codes to all of each others acc
- they have a joined savings acc "you know i won't leave you if you have all my money" - sehun
- maisie likes to take pics of all the food before they eat it to remember what good things she ate. sehun likes to take couple pics of everywhere they go to remember those memories
- relatively new couple so they are still learning a lot about each other. they have all the basics down though
- sehun has a book where he puts down the drama names, ep, and time stamps of romantic scenes where maisie fangirls about "why did u feed me meds with your mouth?!?!
- likes to cook together when time allows. grocery trips are one of their fave things to do together tbh
- sehun tends to yield to maisie bc she's a stubborn piece of and he loves his wife too much
- they wake up around 7am to workout together on weekends
- fave form of affection is through physical touch. sehun si always randomly kissing maisie and maisie loves leaning on her sehun or smacking his lol

maisie works at the staffing company full time M-F starting 7am and her end time ranges from on time at 4pm until 6pm unless there are company dinners where she'll end up getting home around 1-3am. sehun makes it a point to pick her up whenver she has a company dinner though because he's not letting his wife wander around definitely drunk. his lil heart can't take that concern. maisie schedules time for potential house buyers around her work schedule, so sometimes it's M-F if she leaves on time, but mostly it's during the weekends. She has open availability Saturdays from 9am-5pm and prefers to offer sunday as a last option. she currently has about 7 listings so there aren't too many appointments actually. so she likes to reserve one day for a date with sehun and one day with her closest friends.

sehun works as an events coordinator at a hotel but he specializes in wedding planning. his hours average at 10 hours per day after SK passed a new law for total # of work hours. if there is a big event or an upcoming event, sehun does have to work the weekends as well. it's not unusual, but it's also not that frequent, depending on the events he's working on. he makes it a goal to work out during his lunch break. sehun's start time can range from 7am-11am ending at 5pm-9pm. when he's not working on the weekends, just like maisie, they decide to go on one date per week, then do individual activities on the other weekend day. 

✤ got married august 04, 2019
✤ they didn't have their honeymoon yet, and they have yet to decide on a place bc they wanna travel the damn world
✤ maisie gave up on snapchat after two months but sehun's despicable uses maisie's phone to snap himself and screenshots their streaks 
"when you're the only one she gives a about 😍😍"
✤ maisie's the one who plumbs the toilets, assembles/builds furniture, and kills the bugs in the r/s
✤ the couple doesn't really snore so on the off chance that either is snoring and their s/o hears it, they'll record it and show it off. they have snoring collections of each other and maisie nearly used sehun's snoring as his ringtone if he didn't treat her like a goddess for a week lmao
✤ the couple has zero ing respect for locks so they usually don't even bother locking the bathroom/bedroom while using it anymore
sehun is in charge of cutting fruits
whenever they eat fish, sehun has to debone everything bc maisie is a baby who doesn't know how to eat fish without killing herself
✤ tends to wear matching outfits thanks to sehun while he stubbornly exclaims maisie copied him or it was a coincidence. matching in the sense that they wear similar tones, maisie cringes at the very couple-y outfits
✤ has matching everything from bath towels to mugs and even toothbrushes
✤ they watch cartoons and action movies mostly. horrors are a big no no bc they'll both cry and not sleep for the night
✤ sehun has 2 ig profiles - one is his public acc where he uses to post derp pics of maisie and of shark, and a second one (maisie's abandoned ig acc that he knows the pw for) where he posts the actual ig quality pics of her
'if i can put up with maisie repeating and singing the same song as if she's the next beyonce 30 ing times, y'all can survive each other.' - sehun's most useful advice to a fighting couple, probably
✤ the type of couple who will either cling onto each other like they're the last source of oxygen or shove the other into a serial murderer
✤ maisie has been trying to convince sehun to get couple tats with her but he has refused everytime bc he knows she's a fickle lil
✤ constantly fighting over her referring to him as bruh/bro/dude
"that's not how you pronounce babe. and you're making us sound like we're in an uous relationship"
✤ has a full storage of sweets, esp chocolate and ice cream
✤ sehun got sick of maisie's 'teenage wardrobe' so he's usually the one who picks her outfit for the day. has also gotten her more colorful clothing instead of all the white/black she originally had.
✤ they fight for ownership over shark, esp when they are in a cold war
✤ fight to be the big spoon
✤ works out together every weekend. maisie can't be persuaded to work out during the week
✤ there's a wedding picture hanging in every room
"who tf decided it would be nice to have one in the bathroom?"

✤ always blowdries maisie's hair
✤ their pin # is always 4129 - combination of their birthdays. they use this for nearly everything
✤ uses her wide knowledge of languages to talk about sehun but he has learned all the curse words in those languages thanks to her
✤ they have a 1ft / 12 in / 30cm height different and reminding maisie of her height, even moreso in comparison to his, is one of sehun's all time favorite hobby
✤ ends the night with something they love about each other
✤ more


BACKUP : n/a

✤ babe - the most 'affectionate' way maisie will refer her lover without cringing in disgust
BIRTHDAY : april 12, 1994 (27)
OCCUPATION :  events coordinator 
PROFANITY :  yes, not nearly as much as maisie ofc
kind + considerate + honest + innocent
hubby stubborn | sensitive | introvert
ex petty - self conscious - materialistic
boy aries sun, taurus moon, taurus venus, pisces mars / infp-t / hufflepuff / phlegmatic / bloodtype : o / neutral good
bf actions speak as loud as words to sehun so he consistently shows everyone he comes across, his polite manners and good will. worries easily for others and tend to think in their perspective as well, he's all about giving back to the world the love he has received growing up. very loving, very caring, he doesn't shy away from voicing his love even if others might find him too cringy or cheesy. he loves what he loves, loves who he loves. being able to love is such a blessing afterall so why hide it? his good nature leads him to believe his love will always be returned, never taken advantage of or at least his sincerity will change someone to become kind back to him. he doesn't waver in his feelings for his friends and family, he'll be there for them until the end of time. loyalty is his biggest trait and the word he's constantly shouting to the point some people assumed his name was loyalty. he believes his neverending loyalty for those he believes deserves it, is his biggest good point and he'll remain loyal even if all else goes to . quite playful and mischievious, sehun just wants to have a good time and make sure others have fun once in a while too. can be like a cheeky lil kid who just keeps bothering others for some entertainment.

hubby although generally very relaxed about everything, once he does have his own opinions, he will never listen to what someone has to say. so while he's not really the type to fight back when provoked, he will attack if it deals with things that are very important to him. like if anyone disrespected his friends and family, he'll swing his fist faster than you can say ho. because his self esteem isn't as high as he would like though, he can be pretty sensitive and hurt over others criticizing him. because he doesn't like to feel hurt, he's also sensitive of others' feelings. if he realizes he has hurt someone's feelings, would do everything to cheer the person back up. because he has had a blessed life, he's kind of innocent when it comes to how evil the world can be. he has ofc read about murderers in news and other criminal activities, but a part of him still has trust in humanity and that everyone is born good. he shows how comfortable he is with someone depending on how much sass he displays. the more teasing and snark he showcases, the more comfortable he is around that person.

ex being optimistic is cute, but he's now a grown man who has seen some and finally put reality into perspective. doesn't bother feeding himself and others false hope, he'll pull anyone's head outta the clouds when need be. of course, that's only to those he feels most comfortable with because sehun is actually pretty timid and dislikes making a scene or causing conflict with strangers. not really the type to fight back either, he's more likely to be the bigger person and walk away from a brewing fight. despite how sehun carries himself in public, or how others perceive him because of his pokerface, his feelings get hurt easily. his self esteem isn't as high as one would assume, he's shy about anything that can make him seem like a loser in public, he wants to keep up a good image. follows fashion trends and likes the finer things in life, sehun definitely builds up his self confidence through the price tags of his luxury items. as loving as sehun is though, he doesn't really like when those he adores, showers other people besides him in affection. he can be pretty selfish about this, easily getting jealous when he feels he's not being treated as well as he treated the other or that the other isn't showing him as much love as they are to others. doesn't like sharing what he really loves unless it's with someone he loves more than the item. so if he doesn't like you more than he likes his chocolate bubbletea, good luck. stemming from his jealousy, the boy can be very clingy, refusing to give the other person some personal space because he just really loves being with those he adores every moment of the day.
BACKGROUND : Born and raised in a nuclear family with an older brother of 3 years, Sehun lived an average life being the baby of his family. Nothing spectaular happened, he didn't have a fate turning moment where he found his passion. He just breezed through classes, school, life, enjoying what he has rather than putting his all into reaching for the moon and potentially breaking his neck during the fall. He went to college studying marketing, interviewed for an events internship where  he ended up being promoted to an events coordinator after the internship period. He was a hardworker and received praises, eventually dropping out of college to work FT. He has plans to return to school to continue his studies but it's hard having erratic hours everyday.
✤ hobbies : reading, playing videogames, watching movies and anime
✤ has a motorcycle and car license
✤ christian
✤ scared of bugs
✤ knows mandarin and korean
✤ sensitive af when it comes to scents
✤ very particular about his cologne, he's been using 2 of the same cologne all these yrs
✤  at math
✤ emotional wreck when watching romance dramas and movies
✤ scared of bugs, among other things 
✤ favorite type of movies are action and chickflicks
✤ writes poems once in a while, whenever inspo hits 
✤ not a big eater, he has several little meals instead of three actual meals.
✤ enjoys trying new things from skateboarding to scuba diving with sharks
✤ can't do haunted houses for
✤ his obsession with bubbletea has toned down, he now enjoys drinking "white girl" drinks from starbucks (as maisie likes to call em)
✤ fave food is sushi and meat
✤ fave colors are pink, black, white
✤ fave ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip

NICKNAME : vivian
COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, SUGGESTIONS : thanks for applying! lemme know if u wanna know anything.
"not sure if she married me or my "
✤ "stop putting my contact lens on the top cupboard!!!!" "i'll get it for you if you smother me in kisses. compliments work as payment too."
"is that my shirt?" "yeah because you're always stealing my to wear."
✤ sehun returns home from work late to see maisie fell asleep waiting for him. and she actually made dinner and cute fruits!!!


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