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NAME : roh moyeon

 mo :: a shorter version of her name that she doesn't like to go by, but does allow kiseok to call her this.

 yeon / yeonie :: a nickname that moyeon's friends and occasionally kiseok calls her yeon, but be prefers the other nicknames that he has for her. 

 baby / baby girl / babe :: the other nicknames that kiseok uses when addressing moyeon.

 momo umma / momo mommy / mommy :: what hyemin calls her. hyemin calls her birth mom, mom and umma, but when hyemin refers to moyeon, she calls moyeon momo mommy or momo umma. 

 mora :: her english name that she adopted while in los angeles. it made life easier telling people her name was mora rather than moyeon because she'd had to explain how to pronounce her name one too many times.

BIRTHDAY : may 14 1987 (34)
OCCUPATION : business retail manager at yves saint lauren in seoul in lotte

PROFANITY : she doesn't cuss very much nor often when in the presence of hyemin. when hyemin is around she does cuss more, but is still subconsciously censoring herself. 


korean  :: fluent :: born and raised in busan, south korea, korean is her native language. she has adapted to seoul dialect, but every now and then (usually when she's angry) will her busan dialect come out. when asked to do satoori, she's more than willing to bring it out.

english  :: advanced ::  moyeon originally learned in college, but didn't use it too much so she never got much better than conversational. when she spent a few years in her twenty in los angeles though, she was forced to become better in the language in order to communicate with others. it's been a few years since she's come back, but she continues to brush up on it in order to not loose her english speaking abilities because she never knows when she's going to need it.

FACECLAIM : kim yubin
BACKUP : moon hyuna

APPEARANCE : she currently has brown hair, but has dyed it blonde in the past. she is considering dying her hair again, but is on the fence about it. she has a
lotus sternum tattoo and a koi fish tattoo on her right hip. she has four piercings on her left ear and five on her right ear.

STYLE : moyeon's closet
work outfits:

casual outfits:


positive. easygoing, warmhearted, patient, driven, reliable, loyal

neutral. independent

stubborn, indulgent, envious, possessive, fussy, resentful  

moyeon gets along with everyone she meets and draws people in with her warmhearted nature. friendly and kind to all unless given a reason not to be, these aspects of her makes her easy to befriend. her patience is another trait that stands out to people who first meet her. she's willing and capable of dealing with a lot, thus she's not one to give in or break easily. those who are closer to moyeon will describe her as driven and reliable. she's hard-working and will not give up on any goal that she has set her mind to. she always follows through on her promises and her words, so if she has promised you that she'll get something done, she'll get it done no matter how long it may take her. her follow through on her word makes her reliable and if you call her in the middle of night needing help, she'll be there to in a heart beat. 

when you've captured moyeon's fancy you'll quickly find out that she's a sensual person. she enjoys indulging in her senses and often actively seeks out actives to fulfill her needs. it's not always ual pleasure that she seeks out, though she does have an appetite for it, but good music and food are other things she seeks out. to some her sensual nature makes her a "hoe" because of her tendency to be touchy when meeting those of the opposite , especially those that she find attractive. on a plus side, her sensual nature makes her easy to please, give her some good food and she's all yours. but then again, if something is gross it's a turn off.

because moyeon likes to indulge her senses, she is inclined to self-indulge a lot particularly when she's tasted a bit of the pleasure. self-control is difficult for her often times. when it comes to being indulgent to others, she does cave at times allowing them to do what they want when they want. this is mostly true when you first form a relationship with her, however over time moyeon will learn to say no and set boundaries.

in addition to being sensual, moyeon is quite independent. she doesn't like to depend on others because she's been hurt and has been left hanging one too many times in her life. moyeon is very capable of taking care of herself and making her own decisions and doesn't like to be told how to live her life. when push comes to shove and she's struggling, she'll do everything in her power to avoid asking for help, even if it's blatantly obvious that she needs help. this tendency comes from her stubbornness. it's her way or the highway often times. she's unwilling to bend once her mind has been made up.

moyeon has a proneness to be envious, typically when others get things that she wants or has achieved things that she feels she should have accomplished first. over the years she has learned of her tendencies to become jealous and tries her best to not be jealous. sometimes she's able to catch herself and other times her jealousy will seep through. due to her envious character she also tends to be possessive. her things are her things and her people are her people. she has gotten better at being less possessive, but again there are times where her need for ones full attention and love get the best of her. 

it sometimes surprises people that moyeon is fussy, but to others it's a no brainer. she is quite particular about what she likes and how she wants things and will nag at you until you fix it. if you don't fix whatever she's nagging about she'll just fix it herself. lastly, moyeon is resentful. she will hold a grudge against those who have treated her wrong and it's only until they say their forgiveness will she try and let go of her resentment.

likes : dancing, spicy foods, hip hop, r&b, watermelon, roses, horror movies, ghost stories, alcohol, tattoos, piercings, traveling, routines, planners, calendars,

dislikes : k-dramas, lilies, coconut, blue cheese, techno, breaking routine, being told what to do, moths, spiders, dripping noises, being spanked, hot pink

habits :
- clicks her tongue whenever she disapproves of something
- rolls her eyes when she's "annoyed" (when she rolls her eyes it's usually done in a playfull manner meaning she's not actually annoyed she just wants you to think she is, when she's actually annoyed she gets extremely quiet) 
- tilts her head whenever she's thinking about something deeply 
- she draws circles on kiseok or hyemin bodies (usually their back) with her finger whenever they cuddle 

 she enjoys planning and has many planners
 she prefers having a routine and gets irritated when her routine is broken (unless she gets something nice out of it )
 she had her first kiss when she was 16 and lost her ity at the age of 18
 she's been in 2 serious relationships (where she considered marriage) and a total of 5 relationships before marrying kiseok. 
 she has a pretty good alcohol tolerance and enjoys pacing herself to last the whole night
 she doesn't really like beer, but will drink if it that's all that there is to drink
 lived overseas for 5 years in los angeles
 her first tattoo was her sternum tattoo
 she wants to get another tattoo something related to kiseok, but she doesn't know what
 she attended konkuk university in seoul and majored in business administration and is the graduating class of 2009
 she has her driver's license and drives a white 2017 toyota prius
 is a light sleeper and wakes up easily 
 is surprisingly a really good cook 
 she at baking
 has always been a dog person, but has lately been warming up to the idea of getting a cat instead
she hates it when water drips from the faucet
 leaving dirty clothes right next to the laundry basket drives her insane 
 will run and scream when she sees a moth or a spider and will yell at kiseok (who is most likely laughing at moyeon's reaction) to hurry up and kill it 
 has an instagram with the username @mo_yeonx, she posts maybe once every two weeks, sometimes more if she's on vacation or less if nothing exciting is going on in her life
moyeon was born and raised in busan, south korea. she is the first child to her parents and only has a younger brother who was born five years after her. her family was lower middle class and both her parents worked blue collar jobs. 

growing up moyeon was a pretty obedient child. she did what she was told and listened to her parents well. this changed in middle school where she started to try and think for herself (under the influence of friends of course). in middle school she was often tasked with taking care of her younger brother, dong-yeon, while her parents worked to make ends meet. she didn't mind it at first, but she did start to grow resentful in high school when she still had to look out for dong-yeon when she just wanted to live her best life.

because moyeon didn't want to have to continue to take care of and look out for dong-yeon (she loved her brother, but she just wanted to be able to do things by herself without having to drag him along), she decided to attend a university in seoul to get away from her family for a while. during her time in seoul she was exposed to the underground rap scene and made some not so smart decisions (doing drugs, sleeping around etc.), but all those decisions taught her valuable lessons. she did meet life long friends from her time exploring that life style. 

as she neared the end of her college life, she decided that she wanted to go to los angeles after she graduated. she wanted to experience more of life and because she knew she wouldn't be able to afford traveling, she opted to travel and then work in whatever place she landed in. in los angeles she worked many different jobs, sometimes two are once in order to make ends meet. 

after five years overseas, moyeon only came back because her father got into a car accident and her mom needed help with bills. dong-yeon was working along with her mom, but they just weren't making enough, thus moyeon came back. once in seoul she reconnected with those old college friends and with a few connections she landed a job with a luxury brand where she would be making sales commissions. she liked selling luxury brands and eventually worked her way up at ysl to business manager. 

a ball of energy who knows when to settle down in times of seriousness, hyemin although a single child surprisingly isn't bratty. hyemin is kiseok's and jungha's daughter. jungha being kiseok's ex, more information about their dynamics below. moyeon met hyemin for the first time when hyemin was two years old. she feel in love with hyemin (as almost everyone does). despite having fell inlove with hyemin moyeon did find it to get over her feelings and the reality that kiseok will forever have a tie to his ex. she loved hyemin, but every time she looked at hyemin she could see fragments of jungha. it took moyeon lots of time to come to terms with her feelings and now it's nothing but love for hyemin. 

moyeon and hyemin over the years have grown very close and now have a mother daughter relationship. hyemin spends 80% to 90% of her time with the two of them (moyeon and kiseok), so the two spend a lot of time together. hyemin is a huge daddy's girl, she nearly always gets what she wants unless it'll be bad for her (i.e. candy too many times a day etc). that said, hyemin does love moyeon and has days where she will be clingy, preferring to stick close to moyeon over kiseok. hyemin will nearly always open up to moyeon first about "school drama" and boy issues because kiseok will freak. 

hyemin stays with moyeon and kiseok full time. she goes and stays with jungha every other weekend. during school breaks she'll stay with her a week to two weeks depending on jungha's wants. 

moyeon and jungha met a long time ago when they were young through kiseok. at the time moyeon met kiseok, jungha and kiseok were just about to enter a relationship. they had been in the "talking phase" for a while. jungha was a nice girl, at least from the few interactions they had. however, once kiseok and jungha officially got together moyeon distanced herself and eventually left to los angeles.

jungha and kiseok were together for five years and although kiseok wanted to get married, jungha wanted to focus on her career first before settling down. kiseok respected her wishes and didn't push the topic too much. hyemin was unplanned. jungha didn't want hyemin because she was just taking off with her career (she had just started a restaurant and had no time for kids) and to be frank, the two of them were drifting apart. however, kiseok insisted that if she didn't want hyemin he'd take her and he secretly hoped that the child would bring the two back together as a couple. a part of jungha hoped the same, thus she went through the pregnacy. during her pregnancy, they did grow closer and hyemin was born in 2012. however, after hyemin was born jungha didn't feel like she could be a full time mom and due to issues from before having hyemin came up, they  decided it would be best to split ways. they stayed together for another year for hyemin's sake while they figured out what co-parenting would look like for them. 

upon returning and finding out that kiseok and jungha had a child, part of moyeon envied jungha for being kiseok's marriage and for having carried kiseok's first child. however, kiseok's love for her and her love for him washed away her jealousy. moyeon and jungha's interactions pretty much nonexistent, but when they do happen to run in, whenever jungha picks hyemin up or kiseok and moyeon drop her off, they're both courteous. jungha is happy that kiseok found his happiness and doesn't have any ill feelings towards kiseok and moyeon, but at times will get snappy with moyeon when it concerns hyemin. kiseok no longer has an ill feelings towards jungha nor does he feel romantic love towards her. he still cares about her and loves her as a friend, but even if things were to go down hill with moyeon (god forbid anything happen) he doesn't think he'll ever go back to jungha romantically. 
aecha is an outspoken and loud woman who will get whatever she wants when she wants. since their first meeting they've gotten along very well. aecha adores moyeon and moyeon returns the love. his mother always showers moyeon with compliments and doesn't seem to have anything negative to say about moyeon. aecha always reaches out to moyeon and kiseok on watching hyemin incase they want some alone time and many times moyeon and kiseok have taken her up on her offer to watch hyemin. every time they get together moyeon is all smiles and giggles with her and together they love teasing kiseok.
seokmin is a quiet fellow who prefers showing his love and affection through his actions. moyeon is always worried that kiseok's father doesn't like her, but kiseok always makes a point that if he didn't like her, he wouldn't always make sure to set the table for five when they have family dinners, wouldn't make sure to bring moyeon's favorite drink on family outings and wouldn't ask she needs help with whatever she's doing when they're together. they don't talk a whole lot when together, but moyeon always brings him his favorite snack when they're going to get together.

jaehyun is a reserved man who quickly becomes a ball of energy the more he warms up to you. if hyemin is kiseok's daddy's girl, moyeon is jaehyun's daddy's girl. moyeon knows that whatever she asks of her father, he'll say yes and will do everything in his power to make sure he follows through. his wife, moyeon's mom always shakes her head whenever jaehyun gives into moyeon, but jaehyun always just smiles sheepishly and shrugs. they normally don't disagree because he gives in to her, but there have been times where they have argued and moyeon is always the one to give in first. 
eunhye is a calm and eloquent woman who is firm in her decisions and actions. moyeon and her mother had a close bond. it's different from her relationship with her father. moyeon typically goes to her father when she's happy, but when she's sad or struggling she goes to her mom for emotional comfort and support. eunhye is someone who enjoys showing affection, so moyeon is the one who initiates almost all affection and skinship. her mom always gets shy when moyeon hugs her and kisses her on the cheek and moyeon loves seeing her mom get shy because she's usually always composed. 

dong-yeon like his father seems quiet and calm when you first meet him, but as soon as he's comfortable he's a ball of energy who's always cracking jokes and making people laugh. surprisingly moyeon never grew resentful of dong-yeon and having to take care of him. she knew that he didn't know any better. when together dong-yeon is usually annoying moyeon (she secretly finds it cute) by teasing her or trying to pull little tricks on her. as much as dong-yeon likes to annoy moyeon, moyeon likes to do the same when he's least expecting it. telling all his embarrassing stories if what she does best to get back at him. 
youngmi's an outgoing yet fiesty woman who isn't afraid to put her foot down if she feel she or someone else is being mistreated. youngmi married dong-yeon in 2018 and has happily been apart of the roh family since. moyeon and youngmi get along swell. they talk often and enjoy many laughs. moyeon finds it amusing that youngmi will often take her side when dong-yeon is acting like a child. 

a cocky "" who only cares about those that are close to him. hyun to many appear to be a boi, and that he used to be. moyeon met hyun in a club and shockingly the two didn't never managed to sleep together. the was there, yet something within moyeon told her it wasn't right sleep with him, so she listened. hyun was one of the two friends she kept in contact with when she was in los angeles. hyun finds enjoyment in teasing moyeon and kiseok, since he was the one that introduced the two to each other and he accidentally walked in on them having once. the three of them bicker a lot, but it's all fun and games. 
dohee is an enigma to almost everyone besides her close friends and family because she likes to keep to herself. she appears a bit intimidating, but is friendly once you talk to her. moyeon considers dohee her best friend. they met in an advertising class in college and have been friends since. moyeon will usually go to dohee first before going to her mom for advice and trusts dohee with her life. dohee easily sees through any facade moyeon puts up and will always gently call her out on it. moyeon likes to say that dohee is her sister from another mister. 
byungho, a chill and carefree guy who likes to take life one day at a time. some people would also describe him as living in his own world because he zones and and then zones back in to only say the most random things. moyeon met byungho when she came back to korea. hyun introduced the two as byungho joined the squad (squad being hyun, dohee, kiseok and byungho). the two get a long well and moyeon finds byungho adorable and amusing at times and other times just down right odd.  

hyemi, the nosy in-law that neither of them have. both thought they would be annoyed with such a character, but surprisingly they both kind of enjoy her being around, popping in every now and then. of course, they both can't let her know that they enjoy her being around. also, since finding out that moyeon and kiseok have been trying to get pregnant, is all about sharing tips, tricks and advice to help them successfully get pregnant. hyemi also adores hyemin because they share almost the same name. if kiseok isn't sneaking hyemin snacks and sweets, hyemi most likely is. 
maise, the girl who definitely knows how to your ego just enough to get you to move into a new apartment. that said, maise is actually a kind girl that moyeon and kiseok enjoy having around, though her cursing is at times a bit of an issue when around hyemin. 

sehun, the other half to maise that moyeon and kiseok have only met a few times in passing seems liek a good guy who balances maise out. they have a difficult time finding time to talk with sehun, but whenever they see each other both parties says hello and if time permits has the smallest small talk possible before they're off to their needed duties. 

"if you have chemistry,
you only need one other thing.


moyeon met kiseok through hyun. she was at his birthday party and hyun insisted that she just had to meet his friend and that they two would "totally click". hyun was right, the two did click. moyeon and kiseok hit it off. anyone who looked at the two of them talk could tell that they were attracted to one another. despite the chemistry kiseok put up his boundaries because he already had a girl, although it was not official when they met. moyeon understood and applauded kiseok for being faithful despite not yet being fully committed. 

the two became friends, considering they ran in the same crowd, and remained friends. they got close rather quickly even though kiseok entered a relationship with jungha. she did try to keep her distance, not wanting to step on any toes, because jungha was apart of the same crowd and jungha had been friends with everyone much longer than moyeon had, but kiseok insisted that they still talk and be friends. moyeon agreed even though deep inside of her she knew she was catching feelings for someone who was taken. kiseok was head over heels for jungha, but at the same time he felt a connection with moyeon that he hadn't felt with anyone. he just brushed it off as having found the perfect friend who understood him. both of them pushed their feelings to the back of their minds. 


2009 - 2014

once moyeon graduated, she stayed in seoul for a few months to save up some money so she could buy a plane ticket to los angeles. a friend of hers had moved out there and was living out there so she would have room and board for a while before deciding what else and where else she'd like to go. her parents were onboard as long as she'd return home when they called.

she had two reasons for the trip. one being she wanted to travel and the second being wanted to get away. the more she talked with kiseok the more she was falling in love. wrong, yes. but she never made a move and was always careful of not stepping over boundaries. she wanted to get over her feelings for him and the only way to do that was to get away and hopefully meet someone new. 

once the plane ticket was bought and her leaving date was set, she told all her friends except kiseok. well technically she did tell kiseok, but it was a week before she would leave. she didn't mean to not tell him for as long as she did, but she was in love with him and having to say good bye to him was something she didn't want to have to do. kiseok was shocked and hurt that he was the last to know, but moyeon promised that they'd stay in contact. 

for the five years that moyeon was in los angeles she kept in contact with hyun and dohee consistently. she stayed in contact with kiseok for a year, but in order to try and get over her feelings for him she slowly stopped replying. every now and then he'd send a message and as much as she wanted to reply she never did. the only exception was on their birthdays. she'd always reply or always reach out. 

while in los angeles moyeon did get into a relationship that was pretty serious. they were talking about marriage before they had a falling out due to lifestyle differences and a different want for the future. 


moyeon came back unexpectedly due to her father getting into a car accident. she had only let dohee know that she would be returning a few days prior. dohee knew that the reason for moyeon's wasn't a great one, but she still wanted to welcome moyeon back. so, dohee being the great best friend that she was arranged a welcome back party two weeks after moyeon returned. dohee let hyun in on the party and well it was a welcome back party, but also just a party for party sake for hyun.

flash forward to the party, it started small with only moyeon's friends. moyeon was disappointed to not see kiseok's face among the ones who arrived to welcome her back. then again, she doesn't blame him, she did promise to keep in touch but never really did. after an hour or two a second wave of people arrived, many being friends of hyun and others being friends of friends. kiseok arrived in the second wave of people and boy oh boy the way their eyes and whole demeanor lit up when they locked eyes, it was more than two friends meeting again. it was like lovers finally seeing one another again. the rest of the night was spent catching up and apologies for not staying in contact as they had agreed. 

their friendship quickly resumed and everything that happened in the five years was quickly on the table. moyeon learned about his and jungha's relationship as well as hyemin early on. as fast their friendship resumed, so did their buried feelings for each other resurface. this time however, they didn't have to hide it from each other. kiseok was the first one to confess. kiseok had asked moyeon on a date and confessed that night after dinner while taking their sweet time walking around eating ice cream. 

"hey, mo. can i tell you something?"

"of course you can, seok. what is it? is hyemin okay? are you okay?"

"hyemin is fine and me? i think i'll be okay." 

"what do-"

"mo, i like you."

"i like you too, seok. you're my friend."

"no. i mean like as in i love you."

"you don't know how long i've been waiting to hear that."

"so you love me too?"

"i've always loved you kiseok." 

after that fateful night, the two entered a relationship as all people do. when they told their friends everyone just exclaimed "finally". 

2017 & 2018


their relationship continued steadily for four years before kiseok popped the question. kiseok and moyeon took hyemin and her parents on a family outing to the beach. kiseok had received the blessings of moyeon's parents parents and both of her parents were in on his proposal. it was just another outing, at least that's what moyeon thought, but kiseok was nervous as hell while her parents were excited to finally see their oldest child get married. while on the beach they discovered a little cliff like area, the perfect place for a photo and a proposal. hyemin (who was only told minutes before the proposal) urged her dad and moyeon to go "take a photo together" while standing on said cliff. kiseok pushed moyeon to walk first while he secretly received the box with his ring from moyeon's father behind her baack.

"do we want to-" moyeon began to say as she turned to face him, but the words were stuck in as she watched kiseok get down on one knee. her heart was pounding as it registered in her mind that he was indeed on one knee and that must only mean one thing.

"roh moyeon. the love of my life. you have always been the one for me. i was just too blind to realize it when we first met, but now i see. i don't and can't lose you again, so moyeon. will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?" kiseok asked, looking up at her while he opened the box to relieve a dainty and beautiful engagement ring. 

"yes. yes!" was all moyeon could exclaim as she teared up in joy.

moyeon and kiseok got married a year later on june 8, 2018. they had a small ceremony with only those who meant a lot of them. immediate family and friends only. they didn't want and frankly put couldn't afford a super expensive large wedding. however, neither of them wanted a large scale wedding with people they didn't know anyway. hyemin was the flower girl of course and was excited for moyeon to finally become her mom. the two had their wedding at a flower garden and their reception was help in a tent outside. a simple yet meaningful wedding. 

an excert from kiseok's vows: 
"...you may not have been my first love, but i know you will be my last love. i'm sorry it took me so long to realize that you are the one for me, but now that i know and now that i finally have you, i will never let you go. i love you, roh moyeon. forever and always.

an excert from moyeon's vows:
"i knew from the first day i met you that you were the one, but fate just wasn't in our favor at that time. my heart aches every time i think about all the time we spent apart, but without that time apart we wouldn't have our beautiful hyemin in our lives... now that i finally have you, i'm never going to let you go. i love you, jung kiseok. forever and always.




moyeon and kiseok's relationship only got more intense and filled with love after their marriage. they love having their hands all over each other whenever they get the chance, which is rare with hyemin around because she's usually clinging to one of them. when alone with hyemin out of the house best believe they're taking the time to relish in each other. it's hard to believe they're as ually active as they are considering how long they have been together, but because they are now actively trying to get pregnant kiseok likes to say, "the more the merrier right?" 

when they're not acting like teenagers, kiseok enjoys pushing moyeon's buttons. purposefully suggesting things, saying things and doing things that he knows will annoy and irritate moyeon. he says he thinks she's cute when she gets angry, but she knows he does it because it turns him on. of the two kiseok surprisingly has better control of his urges and needs. 

moyeon does get annoyed at kiseok whenever he doesn't stick to a schedule or when he gives hyemin things he knows he shouldn't be, i.e. a second round of ice cream after she has already brushed her teeth. kiseok always tells her to relax and sometimes it works, but other times it leads to an argument. normally the argument ends pretty quickly, but there have been a few rare times where kiseok will say something insensitive and mean (eg. i'm her father) and moyeon will shut down and give him the silent treatment. when this happens kiseok will leave her alone for an hour or two before sliding into bed with her and apologize. moyeon almost always forgives kiseok, but there have been times where she's been genuinely hurt and kiseok will have to be nicer and more carring for the days that follow while talking about her feelings and his feelings. 

in terms of communication, they're very open with one another. if moyeon is feeling even the slightest insecure or jealous she'll tell kiseok and vice versa. they've learned to not take it as an attack of their character. they know that they both feel emotions differently and have learned to not feel attacked when the other opens up to them. they used to argue and accuse the other one of not trusting them many times in the past, but over time they learned it wasn't healthy and part of communication is also being able to understand each other. 

in terms of hyemin, moyeon is pretty much hyemin's mother figure. yes hyemin still goes and visits her birth mom and what not, but because hyemin spends pretty much all her time with kiseok and her, moyeon fits the role better. moyeon has been in hyemin's life since she was two, so she has seen hyemin's growth over the years. despite being in hyemin's life as long as she has, moyeon still at times hesitates to make major decisions. moyeon may be hyemin's "main mom", but on paper jungha still has parental rights to hyemin. every time that moyeon feels this way, kiseok urges her to not feel like she can't make decisions because she's still hyemin's mom, maybe more than jungha is. 


both moyeon and kiseok work full time and hyemin is enrolled in elementary school. school for hyemin starts at 8am and kiseok starts work at 8:30am. moyeon starts work at 10am, but she commutes further.

6:00am: moyeon's first alarm goes off. she normally hits snooze once.

6:15am: moyeon is up, freshening up and then is on her way to get breakast ready and get's all their lunches prepared.

6:30am: kiseok and hyemin normally wake up around this time and both are getting ready. if moyeon doesn't hear them, she'll go check up on them to make sure that they're getting up and getting ready.

7:00am: kiseok and hyemin are all dressed and should be eating breakfast by this time. everyone is eating and enjoying breakfast together. typically they don't take longer than 15 minutes to eat, so kiseok likes to help moyeon clean, but sometimes they're on a time crunch and moyeon is left to clean.

7:30am: kiseok and hyemin need to leave by this time or hyemin is going to be late. kiseok always drops hyemin off at school unless he's sick. hyemin's school is about a 10 minute drive, 15 minutes if traffic is really bad. kiseok's work place is also in the direction of hyemin's school so it works out the best if kiseok drops hyemin off.

8:00am: hyemin should be dropped off by now and kiseok is on his way to work. moyeon should have showered and is getting ready.

8:45am: moyeon is normally all ready for work and if there are dishes left to clean she's cleaning. 

9am: moyeon's out the door and off to work. she drives since it's faster than taking transit. rush hour is typically over by this time so the drive should only be 30 minutes give and take some time. she is alway at work by 10am. her store doesn't open until 10:30, but she likes to get there early to check inventory and make sure that everything is ready for the work day ahead.

work, lunch, play, work for the three

4pm: hyemin is "out of school" but stays after school for extra curricular activities. she wanted to join an art club and choir so her parents said okay. 

5pm: kiseok is out of work and on his way to pick up hyemin from school. once she's picked up the two go home, or go grocery shopping depending on the food situation at home. 

6pm: kiseok is getting dinner ready and is helping hyemin with her homework. moyeon gets off work and on her way home. her store closes at 8pm, but a part-time manager comes in and takes over closing duties.

7pm: moyeon should be home by this time and dinner is normally ready, depending on the dish kiseok is cooking. they always eat dinner together unless moyeon has to cover for the part time manager that comes in after her. after dinner moyeon helps get hyemin ready for bed while kiseok cleans up. 

8:30pm: hyemin is in bed by this time. moyeon and kiseok are getting ready for bed themselves. they talk about each others day or whatever they feel in the mood to talk about. they almost never have while hyemin is home, but if they're feeling particularly needy they'll wait a good hour after putting hyemin to sleep before quietly help each other get off.

the two of them normally go to sleep around 9:30 or 10pm on a weekday. 

when it comes to the weekends, what they do depends on the weather and if they have hyemin or not. when they have hyemin they like to go out to give her different experiences since she's more capable of actually remembering where they go and what they experience. of course if they go out depends on the weather. when they don't have hyemin for a weekend, they like to have a date night on saturdays. sometimes it's them staying in having a romantic dinner, or kiseok planned something for the two of them. there are occasions where kiseok has to go to music events on the weekend and during the weekends when hyemin is with them, moyeon is in charge. there are times where they saturday date nights don't happen and they're going to one of hyun's parties, moyeon is having a girls night with dohee or kiseok is having a boys night with hyun and byungho. they always keep track of hyemin's friends birthday parties and play dates and those take priority over less important things like a girls or boys night out.

they got married on july 21, 2018
 they went on a five day honeymoon to jeju island
 they decided they needed a new apartment with 3 bedrooms since they're trying for a baby and they want a change of scenery
moyeon did get pregnant in 2019, but she had a miscarriage and that put a halt to trying for a baby for a few months
they are a fairly pair who likes to explore different kinks and positions in the bedroom. hard no's would be anything that has to do with bodily fluids
kiseok loves to grab moyeon's whenever hyemin isn't looking and when they're alone 
 kiseok loves caching moths and spiders to tease moyeon with, which typically involves moyeon screaming her head off before she cries and begs for him to stop 
moyeon, kiseok and hyemin often have movie nights on fridays. they'll cuddle up together, eat popcorn and watch whatever hyemin wants to watch
moyeon likes to stick her hands under his shirt or jacket whenever her hands are cold (which is often)
whenever the three of them go out on a family outing, kiseok always drives.
whenever kiseok has successfully pissed moyeon off, he'll always buy her roses and chocolate
when they argue they often times switch back and fourth between the busan and seoul dialects
moyeon and kiseok have talked about getting a pet, but they've put it on hold to after moyeon gets pregnant and gives birth
moyeon normally isn't a picky eater, but whenever she finds something she doesn't like she'll give it to kiseok to eat and kiseok doesn't mind unless it's absolutely disgusting 
kiseok always gives moyeon a forehead kiss and a kiss on the lips before going to bed. he claims that whenever he doesn't he has a crappy sleep 
moyeon has a tendency to shoot glares at girls who check kiseok out when they're out and about
moved into eden hall in march 2019


BACKUP : kwon kim / lee sunghwa (gray)
seok :: a shorter version of his name that moyeon calls him sometimes. he refuses to be called seokie and every time moyeon tries it ends in a tickle fight.

babe / baby :: petnames that moyeon calls him. she prefers babe over baby, but sometimes she finds that baby suits him more. 

daddy / appa :: hyemin and hyemin only ever call him daddy and appa. 

BIRTHDAY : march 9 1984 (37)
OCCUPATION : music tutor & teacher @ sounds of life
PROFANITY : rarely cusses unless he's in the bedroom or extremely pissed off

positive. charismatic, selfless, loyal, compassionate, romantic

neutral. independent

cocky, private, moody, sensitive, clingy  
kiseok when he was young was always considered a ladies man. he was charismatic and had a way with women, he had a way when men too but less so. he was never a casanova, though there were claims. he's still charismatic, but is less of a ladies man. he is always loyal to the one he is committed. he's willing to give up everything and anything to help the people he loves and cares about. he's compassionate to everyone he meets and will do what he can to help those around he (he's less likely to give 100% his all to strangers, but he still likes and wants to help them). 

kiseok, like moyeon, is very independent. he doesn't like to depend on others, but he wants to be depended on and in the past it has hurt him because he spread himself too thin at times. he's capable of doing a lot of things by himself and it showed the most when he was a single father. although he struggled at times and was forced to receive him from his parents, he still managed to keep his head afloat 95% of the time. in addition to being independent kiseok is frugal. he likes to save money whenever and where he can. he often time gives into hyemin's requests, but he can't help himself. despite giving into hyemin's requests, he'll spend less money else where. his frugalness helps when he and moyeon are looking for a good deal, but there are times where kiseok  takes it too far and is bargaining on an already good deal. 

kiseok's major down fall is his cockiness. he's come to realize his habit of being arrogant, but at times he's still overly confident about his abilities. kiseok is also a private person. he's always been difficult to get to know and although he's opened up more about his feelings and emotions, there are times where he's still too closed off. in addition to being cocky and private, kiseok is moody. he's learned to control his emotions more, but again there are times where his mood will do an 180 only to do another 180. two things that surprises many people who get close to kiseok is his sensitive and clingy behavior. his moodiness is attributed to his sensitive nature. he tries hard to not let what others say about him affect him, which is probably why he's as cocky as he is. his cockiness is a cover up for his sensitivity, but at the end of the day he still has a sensitive heart. kiseok is only clingy to those he cares about deeply. wanting to be close 24/7 and needing to know at least where you are. his clinginess is something moyeon and him have worked on, but he still has bad flare ups at times when moyeon i out longer than expected. 

BACKGROUND : kiseok was born and raised in busan  and had a relatively normal childhood. he was the only child so he often got a lot of attention and love. he was a mommy's boy and often also always got what he wanted. after graduating high school he planned to attend university in seoul. his parents (mainly his mom) decided to move the entire family to seoul so that she could be closer to him. kiseok originally majored in law, but found it not for him and instead he switched his major to music education and business. is sounds like a random switch, but he had learned how to play the piano and guitar when he was young and to make extra money on the side while in college he tutored people and taught people how to play either the guitar or piano. after he graduated he became full-time music tutor. jungha was kiseok's third girlfriend and first serious relationship. he had met jungha a month prior to having met moyeon and although he felt a connection with moyeon, he also felt drawn to jungha. their relationship didn't go as kiseok would have hoped, but he was still thankful to have been in a relationship with jungha and he was more thankful that hyemin was born. 
likes : seafood, beer, , traveling, disney movies, horror movies, music, strawberries, sunflowers, sleeping in, cuddling, pandas, phone calls, basketball, soccer

dislikes : k-dramas, celery, pineapple, overly spicy foods (where you can't even taste the dish it's just pepper tasting and spice), worms, golf, artificial cherry flavor (chapstick included), small dogs, stuffed animals filled with beads, old dolls

habits :
- clenches his jaw whenever he's irritated
- his lips when he's deep in thought
- before he officialy goes to bed he'll double check that the doors are locked and that hyemin is in bed before he lays in bed
- drums his fingers on the nearest thing to him (even his leg) when he's waiting and/or when he is bored
- hums when he's in a good mood 

 moyeon is his third relationship
 kiseok has tried to keep to a gym schedule, but every time he has failed to keep up with it
 he doesn't play video games, though he does have an xbox 1 for when he does feel like playing (which happens once in a blue moon) 
 he wants to get a tattoo that incorporates moyeon and hyemin somehow, but he's still trying to make up his mind on if he wants the tattoo to be of both of them or if he should get one of each separately
 he's a heavy-weight and can handle his alcohol very well
 he adores beer and if moyeon would let him, he'd drink a beer or two a day. moyeon says no and only lets him have a beer or two on the weekends because he'll get a beer belly since he doesn't work out
 he drives a light grey 2015 Honda CR-V
 he's a really good cook and likes to cook for moyeon and hyemin
 he has no clue how to even go about baking even if it just involves following directions
 he never imagined he'd be a music tutor and teacher, but he's happy with his job
 he prefers medium and large sized dogs over small dogs and is very much a dog person
 his favorite disney movie is moana
 has a private instagram with the username @kijseok and many of the posts center around music, moyeon and hyemin
ACTIVITY RATE : medium-high
COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, SUGGESTIONS : i've finally finished! i went through two ideas before coming to this one. ;; i hope everything makes sense and this app isn't just nonsense word vomit. i didn't want to go the clique route of kiseok having a child but the child's mom died, so i went with this route of co-parenting. i don't have any experience writing a relationship like that before so i hope it's somewhat realistic and believable? also all he play buttons are linked to the songs listed beside it!

 moyeon and kiseok trying for a baby but getting a few negative results before moyeon finally gets pregnant (it's be cute if she was pregnant with twins, but i'll settle with just a baby boy too! i'll leave what she has up to you :) ) 
 moyeon, kiseok and hyemin going to the zoo or on a family outing
 moyeon and kiseok asking maise and sehun to babysit hyemin for two-three hours because their baby sitter bailed and none of their parents can baby sit and they have dinner plans that have been months in planning


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