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*[c] - completed [u] - underco [i] - incomplete

hello, i'm moon haeun

BIRTHNAME : moon haeun

— shortie ; most of her friends tbh bc that is a fact

AGE : 17
BIRTHPLACE : nyc, ny
ETHNICITY : korean
NATIONALITY : american korean

— english; born and raised in nyc

— korean; mother tongue + living in s.kor the past 5 years


dude, why do you smell like meat?

FACE CLAIM : wjsn bona
BACK-UP FACE CLAIM : wjsn luda


— long black bob usually stylized as such or this
— 6:4 hairpart
— 153cm, 45kg
— dimples 


i'm not always carrying meat!


kbbq generous, outgoing, carefree

stubborn kimchi boyish

tactless, short tempered, petty water

An extrovert who can never slow down, haeun is a hyperactive child who is curious about all that life has to offer. Always wants to try new things in life and can be foolishly naive and optimistic. The type who would follow someone to an alley if they said there was a puppy that needed help. Believes the good in everyone and that all bad things will eventually pass, she seldom dwells in the bad. Very carefree, taking everything as a joke because life is too short to be unhappy. She doesn't see the severity of situations and can be too oblivious to the things around her as she focuses on her own interests. She's a generous girl who just wants to spread happiness and help anyone who needs it but can sometimes be too lazy to act on her good intentions. Fond of meeting new friends, she can even chat up a storm with someone at a bus stop. An easy going and laidback person, she's open minded and very accepting of how everyone lives their life as long as they don't try to dictate hers and doesn't have malevolent intentions. Haeun is a very loyal friend - she will travel across the country for you if you need her help, moreso if she was close to you since she finds it hard to get close with just about anyone. Because she has no filters and only means well despite her tendency to cause trouble and see a rise out of people for the fun of it, she's generally well liked.

Hailing from new york, haeun has the spunk and freedom oriented mindset that many attribute westerners to have. Her stubborn and willful nature doesn't allow others to tell her what to do and closes her ears to advices that she should really follow. She lives life according to her own morals and thoughts, disregarding the rules of society as long as it was within reason. A free spirited person who doesn't care how others see her, says and acts however she wants, whenever and whereever she wants. Obnoxious and rowdy, you can most likely hear the girl from a mile away, especially with her rather tomboyish antics. Because the girl is rebellious as hell and hates having her life be dictated by anyone but herself, she automatically likes to walk on the never traveled path. She does her best to strive away from the expectations of a girl and says whatever the hell is on her mind, even things that girls should never say. Haeun has no filter and never lies so she can not read between the lines. This is why she gets along better with guys, only because she seldom has common interest with other girls around. Because of her boyish mindset, she also doesn't fare well in talking about her deepest feelings and likes to play everything off as a joke. Uses sarcasm has a defense mechanism. Since the girl sees the world behind rose tinted glasses, she gets angry easily at those who lack the basic manners in society or anyone who displays any mean qualities because she doesn't understand why anyone would think being a ing douchebag is okay. Tends to get loud when anyone tries to challenge her as well due to her pride that doesn't allow her to lose. One of her most notable traits is probably her vulgarity. There's a curse in every sentence she spits out and she'll drop the f bomb after every word if she's pissed off.

BACKGROUND : Haeun was born and raised in new york but moved back to s.Kor after her mom found a new man and remarried. She's been living in S.Kor since she was 12, living a mundane life of going to school, whining about school, making friends, and barely managing to pass her classes. Since she doesn't like to be alone or seeing other alone, tends to talk to those she sees by themselves or just anyone in generall really. People by themselves are just more prioritized. Due to her extroversion, she has friends in all nooks and crannies. They are also the reason she's doing fine in high school. Haeun was friends with many but the people she was closest to can be counted on one hand. She finds out about Rani's restaurant hiring after Rani asked her about the guys she hung around with, whether any of them are interested in working. Because she wanted to start working, Haeun thought it would be nice to work with someone familiar and signed up, dragging Sehun and a few other guys along. Haeun doesn't really give a about the rivalry between the two restaurants since she thinks everyone's just trying their best to make a living. She'll do most of what is asked of her in Pureuda. She does tell her friends and family to check out Pureuda but if Chingu kbbq caught their eye and they went there instead, doesn't mind ofc that is if Rani doesn't drag them all into Pureuda first.


— when she eats anything spicy, her nose runs and she sweats like cray

— gets cold easily but sweats easily as well

— obssessed with pork belly

— you could bribe her into doing anything with it probably

—terrified of snakes

— rani sometimes threatens to buy a pet snake if haeun doesn't start working

— always changing the tv channels to something she wants to watch / will bring cartoons to work so she can watch em

— can be sidetracked by kids and cute pets many times

— will hang around a table more if she hears gossip

— pranks everyone and everything, even if you just walked through the restaurant doors.

— adding more


do you like meat?



— friends : kim jonghyun (18) / barista @ a nearby coffee shop / kind, easy going, reliable / 6 out of 10
a frequent customer at pureuda, they became friends from there. he stops by when haeun is working, whether for a meal with his friends or making sure she had lunch/dinner before her shift. also tends to sneak a few pieces of pork belly to her when she passes by their table. haeun unintentionally becomes more conscious around him, although not everyone can realize it unless they're looking at her closely and sees her blushing when the two converse. her friends think haeun is in love but in actuality, she's just not used to a guy being so nice and constantly complimenting her. although the workers at pureuda joke around that jonghyun has feelings for haeun, he just happens to treat his friends exceptionally well. tends to compliment haeun when he sees her doing good or when she's whining and pouting like a child, he thinks it's cute. also the one who opens sehun's eyes to haeun's good side.



— friends : goo rani / pureuda's baby / hardworking, determined, stubborn / 7 out of 10
the two met during one gym class where rani almost had to get a new nose if haeun didn't jump in front of her and caught that football with her body. haeun was profusely apologetic for her friend's completely out of aim toss. rani laughed it off since nothing happened and the two continued to talk throughout the semester during gym class. or mostly rani complaining about stupid chingu bbq on the sidelines as haeun played sports with her friends. "how can i help?" was always haeun's response and rani finally had an actual reply the next year. the two are on close terms in the sense they joke around a lot, and always out to take care of each other, and tell each other most things. but rani wouldn't be someone haeun tells her deepest worries to knowing rani herself is a sensitive child with a lot on her shoulders right now. other times,  they're bickering like siblings trying to see who can one up the other. it's usually haeun honestly bc rani resorts to threatening to fire haeun or run away with tears in her eyes bc haeun couldn't hold her tongue.

pureuda's front runner : haeun may not have a big social media presence or be the smoothest talker but she's always willing to put herself out there for rani and pureuda. chingu bbq was offering samples? now so is pureuda. and haeun will shamelessly stand next to the chingu bbq worker and offer the meat to the people they offer it to, too. just so they can have a something to compare it to. if they decided that chingu bbq indeed tasted better, haeun would ask them 10000 questions about how. is it the marination? is the meat more tender? or bc  a cute dude handed them a slice? when custmers come in, haeun will always bounce over with the energy of the solar system, offering top notch friendly service cracking jokes and telling them to definitely order some pork belly if they only ordered beef bc she swears by it. or order some ribeye if the party only ordered pork bc god damn pureuda's ribeye must be illegal. so while haeun looks nonchalant to the rivalry between chingu bbq and pureuda, she is still striving her hardest to put pureuda's best interests in her mind.



— collab w inarizaki // best friends : ahn eunwoo / student, pureuda worker / logical, opinionated, independent / 10 out of 10
it seems unlikely that the largely contrasting girls could even get along but eunwoo and haeun have surprised people on numerous occasions with their strong friendship. yes eunwoo hates asking for help but haeun LOVES helping her friends, even if its against their will. eunwoo is the voice of reason and haeun is the voice of empathy in the relationship. it's not uncommon for haeun to sob to eunwoo about the latest fairy tail episode while eunwoo moves on to list 10 plot holes that happened within said episode. also haeun has frequently crashed the eunwoo x mingyu bestfriend dates, esp when they are set to watch a horror movie. haeun shamelessly keeps shoving eunwoo into mingyu when haeun gets scared af and this will continue until either the best friends kick haeun out or until haeun surrenders to the horror movie, running for her dear life. haeun frequently begs eunwoo for help when it comes to school work. eunwoo is astonished haeun even got this far. when they say opposites attract, they mean thisse two.



LOVE INTEREST : oh sehun


— A quiet guy if he's not close with you and tends to stick to his close knit of friends instead of venturing out to meet new people. Never does the initiative of talking to strangers due to his shy and rather timid side. He's a nice guy who helps anyone he sees and very sweet to those he comes across. The type to buy candy for a kid if he sees them crying. The closer he gets to someone, the more sass he displays to them. It's a sign of him being comfortable around them. Considerate of his friends but won't let them walk all over him. Honest and likes to do what he likes. Loyalty is the most important thing to him so if he really likes you, he will give you ten free plates of meat and six extra cans of soda on the house; he's a generous guy.


— No chill whatsoever, sehun can toss his bag over to haeun as he proclaims he has to go take a and haeun will roast sehun like he's kbbq meat on a grill. They're that honest and comfortable around each other. Of course, because of their proximity and sehun having a girl, neither had feelings or knew they had feelings for each other. Their friends 'know' they will definitely get together at one pt but since sehun later gets a girlfriend, their friends have let their nonexistent ship die down in respect for his girlfriend.

After his girl of 2 months broke up with sehun, he was a total mess. The kind to wallow in self pity, questioning everything that was wrong with him, cry himself to sleep without leaving his bed all week. Fed up by his loser antics and her being an insensitive jackass, haeun forced sehun into working for rani. "You could meet a lot of cute girls there. Just saying." "What's the point if she's not areum?" "Don't make me punch you in the face. Get your up and come to this restaurant by 10am or I'm going to trash your place."

from close friends at school to being co-workers, they spent a remarkable amount of time together both in school and outside school. They begin to see new sides of each other they would've otherwise never know about. Sehun sees haeun's softer side when she's around kids or how oblivious she is when she's eating, or rather how much more oblivious she is when she's preoccupied by food. How she tries to make sure the people coming in have a good time and leave the place happily. Whenever she sees someone looking awkward, will do her best to put the person at ease - even if the person was just nervous in front of their date or something. Haeun likewise, sees sehun's nice side towards girls that aren't her. She is jealous annoyed by this but isn't sure why. Haeun also witnesses his hardworking side or when he runs into the streets to help out someone in need, and she finds it absolutely adorable when he gets all pink around girls he finds attractive. She likes to about that and wonders if there would ever be any guy who'd blush around her. Haeun starts to take notice of sehun being an actual guy - when he easily carries thing she was so confident she had the strength for or when he helps her reach items on higher shelves, his bomb physique. She's become more aware that her friend is at the end of the day, an attractive guy. Since haeun doesn't act remarkably anything like a girl, sometimes even forgetting she's one herself, it's no surprise that sehun fails to remember that as well. He's never even considered her as attractive. But when someone makes light of haeun's good qualities or when he sees someone being interestd in haeun, he comes to understand why they would. And along the way, realize he probably started liking her at some point in time as well. Neither is aware of their feelings for each other though and continues resorting to roasting the out of each other so that they can keep their close relationship. They are more considerate towards each other but it's only the little things. Sehun purposely waiting for haeun to get out of work, haeun helping sehun out when there's a difficult or foreign customer. After working at pureuda, sehun will realize that his ex gf had left his mind as soon as he started working there and it was all thanks to haeun.

"Y'all aren't ducks. Stop roasting each other and get to work already."

Sehun was a crush that haeun eventually confessed to. When he rejected her, haeun waved it off and told sehun she'd still like to remain friends since her confession was an outburst she didn't expect. Sehun agreed but found it awkward to be around her - unsure how he should be acting in case it would be mistaken as something else. So eventually, the two just stopped talking. Now imagine when sehun steps into rani's restaurant on the first day of work - he was trying to help a friend out - to have haeun greet him at the doors, thinking he was another customer. Sehun was just about to high tail out of there only to be caught by rani and introduced as the new crew member.

As they work together, haeun was her usual easy going self while sehun is a bumbling mess - he couldn't walk past her without looking at his suddenly very interesting shoes and can't say hi without choking on his own words. He couldn't help but wonder if she still has some feelings for him. When she's playing around with the other guys, does she have new feelings for them? Having someone confess to him was new and he liked the feeling of being liked. He'll eventually take more notice of her, look out for her more, unintentionally leading her on. When he's being extra nice, it's hard for haeun to move on, blushing everytime they even exchange eye contact or daydreaming to herself when he complimented her shirt. She eventually gets frustrated enough with sehun - when she thinks there's someone he's actually interested in and he's still being so nice. She's extra sassy and hella curt around him - he wasn't used to her treating him like that when she usually has heart eyes always shooting at him. She eventually tells him to back the off and stop being so nice to her because y'know, it'd be nice to move on from him since he has someone he's interested in.

From all the times the two worked together and him paying extra attention to haeun - he has come to like the girl, just wasn't sure how to say it. So he just did things to keep her attention instead like ruffling her hair when she's cute or telling her not to fool around so much with other guys 'because she's being disruptive to the customers'. Haeun is an oblivious so even though sehun thought he made his feelings pretty apparent (I even complimented she smelled nice! How much more obvious do I have to be?), she really wasn't aware of his intentions. "I thought he said I smelled nice cause he wanted to know which deodorant I used." "That's why she gave me a deodorant the other day out of nowhere."


let me ask you about meat.

what is your ideal type like? : 

— A good hearted and funny guy, how difficult is that??? Jfc I'm almost 18 and still don't know what it means to have a crush.

why did you start liking sehun? : 

— Idk what you're talking about. Someone is obviously drunk. "Yes, you! Drunk in loooooooove!" rani, I hope you know nothing is stopping me from killing you. Considering your parents are the ones who pay us, not you

so why did you want to work for pureuda? : 

— Minimally paid is still something! Plus there's free meat on the house, I can't complain. But really, if any of my friends needed help, I would work here for free if necessary. PLS DON'T TELL RANI I SAID THE FREE LABOR PART THO

how do you feel about chingu barbeque? : 

— No hard feelings or feelings at all tbh? Everyone is just trying their best to make a living out here. "You're fired!" 

anything else you want to tell me? : 

— we really need to move the condiments to a lower shelf


spontaneity : vivian  :  turn in

COMMENTS : back with haeun lmao but i did make some adjustments. can you believe after all this time, i still can't decide which love story i wanna go with lmao. the ball is in your court once again if u choose haeun XD


— sehun and haeun have opposite shifts, but sehun stays to wait for haeun to get out. "Why is your ugly still here?" "I'm in need of money. Afterall, how can I get a girl if I don't got cash right?" "Whatever, you ."

— sehun and jonghyun end up waiting for haeun together. Sehun asks jonghyun if he's interested in haeun and they get into a talk about haeun's good qualities. "What do you see in her?" "Aren't you close friends with her because you realized all her good qualities?" and you know, sehun starts thinking back on their friendship and this is probably the moment when sehun realizes he likes haeun.

— haeun being extra sassy when sehun comes around after flirting with a table of girls. Neither realizes what it is, they both assume she's pmsing.

— sehun seeing haeun struggle with something on a top shelf and watches in amusement for a while before he actually goes over to help her. Haeun realizes sehun's height and body of a guy. Probs the moment she sees him in a new light and spends the rest of that shift staring at him. "Why don't you just record a video you creep"

—  sehun bumps into his ex early on in the story when he's with haeun. He expects haeun to tell him to get the over it, but when haeun saw how upset sehun got, even on the verge of tears, she just tried her best to divert his attention to another conversation topic and even sneaks off to buy him chocolate bubble tea to make him feel better. "I was in the mood for bubbletea."

— tense sort of atmosphere and haeun blurts out something random like who wants to watch spongebob squarepants

— sehun gets a new haircut and haeun resorted to admiring him the whole shift. When sehun said she should just take a pic instead, she shows off all the pics she has actually already taken of him.

— sehun asked haeun to the movies - after she has shouted enough times about the latest movie she wanted to watch - but the idiot invites the whole crew.

— sehun catching her when she was playing around the stairs and falls. She ends up hugging him. 'um, can you get off now?' 'can we stay like this. You smell really good. And you look even better up close.'
— here




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