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FULL NAME shin eunyi 'eunice' + 신은이
NICKNAMES kirby - called by sehun when she's going ham on food
BIRTHDATE 02.09 (25)
BIRTHPLACE seoul, s.kor
HOMETOWN seoul, s.kor
FACECLAIM sonamoo d.ana + sonamoo nahyun + kim chungha
APPEARANCE eunyi went from being 153cm tall weighing in at 80kg to 55kg after 2 years of hard dieting and working out. she walks with a strut in her steps and definitely beams with more confidence than before. still usually adorned with a smile on her face and dimples, she continues to give off a young vibe. her eyes have always been big and round but now that her face is slimmer, those eyes are more enhanced. she can easily pull off being a 17 year old. she also has a minimalistic tattoo of the galaxy on her left forearm and a sleeping hedgehog on her right wrist. her hair is currently purple and reaches up to her waist. has 3 lobe and 1 tragus piercing on her right ear but she has miraculously lost all of her earrings except for one. she uses that earring for other piercings every now and then just to prevent them from closing.
STYLE being so comfortable with her body now, eunyi is not shy to cropped tops and mini dresses. she's worked hard for that body so why not show off her and s? although eunyi doesn't mind dresses and skirts now, her style is still not exactly girly. firstly, she never puts on makeup bc she's been confident in her looks since the get go, so imagine her confidence now when she's also satisfied with her body. she still does prefer the simple style of jeans and a reg tee, crop top, or a pullover hoodie if its cold out. she's not one for handbags, but does have a couple of mini to medium sized backpacks that she uses. most of her clothing are in neutral colors and a dab of pastel every now and then. eunyi really digs caps and hats, especially the minimialistic single colored ones with a small logo or cartoon. she blindly grabs clothes to wear from her wardrobe so for the most part, her everyday style is relaxed and casual. as a recruiter though, she does wear professional attire - always black pants, different colored blouses or sweaters, and a blazer on top. she does not like pencil skirts and prefers going to work in pants. she climbs straight out of bed without even combing her hair since she did a straight perm so her hair is always straight or tied in a high ponytail if she feels that her hair looks/feels oily. 
"if you're not satisfied with yourself, then do something about it." for a child who grows up in a family filled with love, they are brought up with the confidence to be themselves and no one else. this lays especially true with eunyi. being spoiled so much by her family and friends where they almost never said no to her, eunyi grew up to be someone who was not afraid of voicing her thoughts or losing people who did not play a good part in her life. bc even if these people left, she still has many others in her life. she's ok with people not seeing eye to eye her, what she values is open mindedness. she understands every person is raised differently with different personalities so as long as you're not a 'bad' person or a hater, you can get along with eunyi just fine. not afraid to be the center of attention or being the class clown, eunyi revels in her ability to get people to smile. laughter is like music to her ears. she was raised with so much happiness in her life that she really can't stand seeing someone sad or by themselves. the type to walk up to people who were by themselves in her classes or chatting it up with strangers at the bus stop, eunyi is no stranger to taking initiatives. she's generous with her time and money when it comes to people in her life. she wouldn't mind staying 2 hours after work to help a coworker if they needed help, before they even asked for help. she's also constantly going out of her way to help people around her, even if it is something as small as giving her umbrella to a child or feeding abandoned animals. eunyi has a strong and good social sense, she understands social atmospheres like reading a children's book. she's also constantly looking for ways to contribute back to society. which is no wonder why eunyi is popular friendwise. she accepts everyone as they are and with an altrusitic and even somewhat naive mindset, eunyi walks through life full of compassion, without any pretenses, and the wanderlust for good times. eunyi is willing to lend anyone her help as long as the person is willing to help themselves first. she's here to be a booster, not a babysitter.
"you have to love yourself before others can love you." with the curiosity of a 2 month newborn, eunyi is always up for a good time and trying anything at least once before she makes a decision. the type to try every single combination of sauce and entree to see which one shes like the most. she is easy going in the sense that she never says no to trying new food or activities. lives pretty spontaneously, eunyi is just looking for a good time so she doesn't really like to take things seriously. she can be walking home one day and suddenly wanted blue hair. so she will purchase hair dye impulsively and dye her hair that same night. an unpredictable person as well, yes eunyi has told her friends a bunch of times she'll be getting a tat. no one expected her to suddenly show up at the next gathering with said tattoo since she's been all talk for 3 years. she'll laugh most things off unless they are directly meant to hurt someone. the girl is also pretty vulgar and crude. she's not shy with cursing her heart out or rolling around in mud for a quick football game. she's the type who prefers to play the sport rather than watch idly so you can imagine why she typically gets along better with guys. she does have a lot of close girl friends of course, but generally speaking, most of her friends are dudes. 
"just bc you're satisfied with yourself, doesn't mean u can't still improve" eunyi sounds like a jolly ball of sunshine but her temper is just as hot as the sun. she is especially arguementative when people critize how others should live their life, if they tried to control her or offer her advice she didn't ask for, and all around lack of consideration for others or impolite actions. she can be quite aggressive as well, since she's not afraid to voice her opinion. although she has never gotten into any physical fights, and she'll most likely lose if she ever does get involved in one, she'll still fight. she's not a keyboard warrior, but she'll be damned if someone wants to bully a coworker in her face and get away with it. although eunyi has a strong moral sense of justice, she's not the type to follow rules or established laws. there's always smarter people who use the law as their leverage so she doesn't really trust it. she lives life according to her standards and if you can't accept her for that, then exit her life on all sides. eunyi can be quite unemotional in that aspect. she has a lot of friends and she's always trying to help raise people to the best they can be, but she won't bat a second glance if someone wanted to leave her life. life is too short to put it on a stand still for one person other than herself. and honestly, she has a big social life to not be worried about everyone who can't take her blunt nature. she's not the type to walk on egg shells around people nor is she the type to explain herself if someone misunderstood what she meant, unless they asked about it directly to her face in a noncombative manner. mainly bc eunyi is as direct as it gets. like she can't even read between fine lines sometimes. this is why eunyi is so hard to control or even tell what to do bc her rebellious will not pay attention to one word you say. eunyi is also impatient and fickle as hell, jumping into loads of activities or ideas bc she can't stand not doing anything. she loses interest quickly though, almost never being able to finish what she starts. even for dramas. in short, eunyi is very happy with her life and herself as a person so she tries to help others reach that level of self love. but if people can't accept her for who she is, she will never beg someone to stay in her life. to her, she doesn't want people to change for her, and she def will not change for others.
BACKGROUND normal upbringing in a normal family as the middle child. eunyi was spoiled by her family and friends growing up and she let herself be indulged by it. she grew up being a chubby girl which didn't all that matter to her since her family and friends still love her. but at one point, when she got curious about relationships 2 years before graduating college, she decided to lose weight. she didn't feel comfortable entering a relationship with her body size at the time because she wants to fully love herself first before asking for someone else to love her. she's always been confident in her looks even when she was chubby so can u imagine her confidence now when she worships her body as well? she's still the same eunyi but she definitely has a strut now and revels in the attention that guys give her. she's also had more admirers after shedding weight and that definitely gets to her head sometimes.
LIFESTYLE eunyi still lives with her family bc why move out when you can have a free roof and food right? her mom has asked her to pay rent but eunyi usually rebukes it by saying she'll pay for groceries instead. eunyi wants to work hard, play hard, save hard for now so that she can make sure she can provide for her parents when they get older. they can still provide for themselves at this point so other than helping contribute to bills every now and then or paying groceries, eunyi wants to save up so that she'll have the ability to pay for trips for her parents when they retire. eunyi is currently a recruiter at a middle sized staffing company. a lot of her day is interviewing people and trying to find the right jobs for them, working the 7am - 4pm shift from monday to fridays. she's not always in the office as she does meet her clients throughout Seoul, and scope the areas for many any job listings that might not have been found online. after work on tues, thurs, and weekends, eunyi does go work out for an hour. nowadays, she's more into taking classes like pole dancing, kick boxing, pilates, aerobics, etc, just to try new things. she's happy that she's now fit and will work out an extra hour or two if she ate too much. she generally does not limit her food intake though. she also prefers to do active activities on the weekends like hiking, rock climbing, biking, etc rather than work out. eunyi is the definition of a social creature so she uses every chance she has to hang out with friends. going out 7 days a week is not foreign to eunyi at all and she does spend quite heavily on food but she's pretty frugal with other things so she still manages to save slowly but surely. she buys clothes like once a year and shopping is a ing chore for her.
- sensitive baby when it comes to animations/cartoons. she easily bawls her eyes out whenever there are loyalty values being shown
- is trying to learn american sign language. learned the alphabet so far.
- fave movie is white chicks
- fave color is purple 
- her alarms never ends in 0 or 5 digits (ex: 3:21, 7:28, etc)
- obsessed with pandas, galaxies, stars
- horoscopes are just for fun, she likes talking about them but tends to take it with a grain of salt
- tone deaf // pls don't let her near the mic if u know whats good for you
- nonexistent alcohol tolerance. 0.1 cup soju wonder. also despises the taste of alcohol, she's the type to drink pina coladas over others lol
- can be easily bribed with food. more excited to see the food than she sees u 
- occasionally ghosts everyone for a few days bc she's tired of receiving texts. unless she sees that its an urgent matter.
- waxing > shaving
- can not write cards for , pls dont torture her with them during birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
- a complete direction goof. 
- has plans to get her masters in HR Management
- can not take spicy things but doesn't mean she won't die trying
- hates the taste of wasabi, parsley, cilantro, and the texure of raw things so she does not eat anything not fully cooked
- the type to start a coloring book and give up 2 mins later
- thinks kids are cute when they're far away
- her only available relationship advice is "just break up"
- a cuddly drunk, she'll latch onto anyone like a koala
- very sensitive to perfumes, she has only used 2 her whole life
- sensitive ears so she must wear 18k+ silver. she will never in her sane mind wear anything gold. its tacky af
- playlist consists of random . she has mexican songs all the way to indian songs. she listens to whatever sounds good. fave music genre is house or edm rn
- prefers cdramas over kdramas. has yet to finish a 3rd drama up to date
- can not watch horror movies for . she's a scaredy cat.
- fears: snakes as in she can't even see a pic of em without freaking out, large bodies of water (bc she can't swim)
- generally good at all types of games - video, board, sports, cards, etc but at soccer.
- fave board game is rummikub or catan, fave videogame rn is overcooked, fave mobile game is candy crush
- fave past time is playing games with friends
- first question she asks any guy who goes up to her is whether they smoke, that's a dealbreaker for her. she doesn't mind her friends doing it as long as they don't force it on her. same with drugs. she'd prefer not to be around tho, esp for the ones that has a scent.
- works part time as a hostess at a restaurant every saturday to earn some more bucks from 7am to 7pm
- treats her friends to a meal whenever something happy in their life happens whether its landing a new job, passing an exam, even getting a car. so in return, a lot of her friends like to treat her to food as well. she might spend money everyday for a month straight to not having to spend any on dinner for a month after bc of her friends treating her.
- only cries when she's really frustrated (outside movies)
- black pens over blue pens
yoon boram // eunyi is on the hunt for boram's next opportunity and hits up the girl almost everyday, if they didn't see each other in person. seeing as boram has a more mellow personality, was from the countryside, and just went through a breakup, eunyi just wanted to make sure boram has friends she can turn to for anything. eunyi constantly makes a joke out of herself to get boram to laugh bc boram's laugh is something that doesn't happen often. eunyi pesters boram about the countryside and everything about it, constantly asking boram to give her a tour of her hometown. she's also frequently trying to introduce hot guys to boram, in hopes to help her move on. boram hasn't been interested in any of the guys she offered though. the two are on friendly terms but not the closest among everyone in the group. like they can def chill just the two of them, no problem, but that thought hasn't crossed either of their minds. 
2017 - eunyi's first boyfriend, lee jaehoon, was when she was 22. fresh out of college at her first corporate job, he was a sunbae at the company and a year older than her. she was friendly with everyone and he was no exception. he thought she was cute so he asked her out. eunyi said yes simply bc she wanted to know how it felt like to be in a relationship and it didn't hurt that he was a looker. the two broke up 3 months later and did not go beyond kissing. jaehoon's attention was quickly on another pretty girl and eunyi never developed feelings for jaehoon.
throughout the rest of 2017-2019, eunyi's had a couple of short lasting parters that never went past 2 months. all of the guys found her unaffectionate, she never expressed any feelings for them, and sehun was a big problem in her exes' eyes. most of them prefer to stay friends with her. she has had a couple of one night stands with guys she has met at the bars but those are strictly one night stands. below are a few mentions (hover over pic for info). 
LOVE INT oh sehun
NICKNAMES skyscraper - eunyi bc he's a fricken whole foot/30cm taller than her
FACECLAIM exo sehun + xiao zhan + monstax shownu
PERSONALITY sehun is a patient guy with the good and wise soul of an 80 year old grandpa. all he seeks to do is help everyone and enjoy his life while he does that. he volunteers at orphanages and soup kitchens whenever he gets a chance. he's a hopeless romantic who's fave past time at home is watching romcom kdramas with happy endings reveling in the fact that love always conqures all. he's a loyal guy to his friends and sensitive when it comes to their feelings and cricitisms but turns that into motivation to do better in the future. he can be shy at first but anyone who has cracked his shell sees that hes playful and even sassy if he's comfortable around you. the mind of an alien, sehun's thoughts are not usually understood by his friends and even when watching movies, his interpretations makes it seem like it was 2 diff movies. competitive when it comes to games and not great at voicing his opinions, he'll sulk to himself in a corner if he lost a game but come back into the circle when he knows to be a good sport. doesn't talk a lot and kind of lacks expressions but once he does start talking, it's about random questions like what would you do if you chanced upon a mermaid civilization 95% deep into the ocean?
there's a fine line between being a leader or a loner.
eunyi never really understood the scoffs she gets whenever people find out sehun is nothing more than her best friend. yeh bc you cake off his hands and sit on his lap with his arms around your waist bc he's your bff. no one believes for a second and honestly, eunyi is sick of clarifying. it wasn't her fault that sehun's touches were ones that she actually likes or that she feels like the safest baby in his hold. also, they be sharing cans of coke and even clothing sometimes so why can't she cake off his fingers when he's taunting her with it? it also doesn't matter if he's the only one she listens to obediently bc as her bff, ofc he would know whats best for her so ppl can it with their stupid assumptions. yeh its true that partners on either end always find their best friendship unacceptable and if they didn't accept it, these best friends have no trouble dropping said partner out of their life in a second. bc for them, loyalty for their friends far outweigh loyalty to their partner. but really, they are truly just best friends.
in all honesty, sehun had a crush on eunyi one year into meeting her in her freshmen year of college, when she was still a chubby girl. he still found her cute and occasionally beautiful, but he really adored her smile, her laugh, esp her personality. he remembered she aproached him first for a group project and for the shy guy, he just said yes. surprisngly, she made him feel comfortable enough to spill his whole life story if she asked within ten mins of talking to her. he caught himself watching her for a good 5 mins when she was yapping to a friend of hers one time, smiling like a fool in love and gradually realized his feelings for her. the two got pretty close from the group project and even took some courses together when it was possible. sehun admired eunyi's direct nature and her altruistic actions and eventually started to fall in love with all her little quirks and even the 'bad' parts of her personality. she was casual with all guys around her though so he never bothered to say anything. only bc he can't handle a rejection and up to date, he's never made one. he sees the transformation eunyi goes through and sees her now profound confidence in herself. every time he thought maybe he should confess before she really gets snatched by another dude, the girl is already dating again. granted, they've all been short term relationships so he hasn't really considered it a crisis yet. he's still struggling to find the courage to confess. until then, he'll just pray that eunyi won't fall in love and by the looks of it, eunyi most likely won't. how quick eunyi breaks off her relationships is also the biggest concern sehun has about confessing. can he risk a 7 year friendship for a 3 month relationship? 
"seriously, this is the 8th one to break up with me bc of you!!" eunyi chugged the nasty beer in her hand, half scowling at sehun.
"and that's my fault bc?" sehun rolled his eyes, also taking a sip of rosee. "i wasn't the one who hung onto their best friend bc it was cold out when their boyfriend was standing there the whole time. i still remember when you shook his hand off your arm!!"
"it was just instinct! also i really did not like how it felt when i touched him. also don't try to make it seem like its my problem. what about you when your first date ended with the girl throwing water in your face?"
"that would also be your fault for crashing my first date!" sehun raised his voice slightly, annoyed that this lil had the nerves to even bring this story up.
"it's not my fault you fed me like i'm a baby."
"you took my hand and shoved that food into your own mouth!" sehun was exasperated that eunyi was trying to shirk herself of all responsibilites when it came to the outcome of that first date. and honestly, this wouldn't have been the first time but she's lucky she's cute. so he'll let it slide.
"sehun!!!" sehun turned around just in time to have a shortie jump onto him and they would've both ended up on the floor if not for his strong footing. eunyi was panting as she looked up to sehun with the widest grin ever - like a child who just got ice cream. but why were her eyes wet? " i heard you got accepted into x company! i'm so happy for you!" eunyi wrapped her arms and legs around sehun even tighter and she burrowed her head in the crook of his neck. sehun could hear sniffling. sehun was laid off from his old company bc they went bankrupt and to put it shortly, job hunting for the past 5 months has not been kind to the young man. eunyi knew about the situation and honestly she didn't think she would end up in tears, latching onto her best friend from the joy of it. she knew snot was getting into his shirt but she didn't care. and neither did sehun as he laughed, patted her head, and walked down the block with her still latching onto him.
sehun was every reason she was always a leader
- obv secretly feens over the fact that people mistake them as a couple 12344 times a day and has never made any efforts to correct it
- christian, goes to church every sunday and prays for the wellbeing of his family and friends before he sleeps everynight
- dream date is a candlenight dinner at a rooftop restaurant
- moderately understands chinese
- scared of animals besides cats and dogs
- very sensitive to smell, he's only used 2 colognes his whole life
- currently works at x company as an accountant
- rented an apartment with a friend
- alcohol tolerance of 5 bottles of soju
- fave movie is a cinderella story
- eunyi typically reserves weekends for sehun but she's also an easy girl so just ask her to chill on those weekends and she'll say yes lol
- when eunyi is not with the squad at the bar, she is with sehun
- they like to work out and partake in active activies together. he's also the one who first brought eunyi to the gym. 
- the two love love love watching action movies so she frequently crashes his place for a chilld night
- they like to steal each other's clothes
- when they watch animated movies together, he always has his phone in hand ready to snap pics of crying eunyi since that doesn't happen often
STATUS best friend
COMMENTS one of the l/i's backup fc is chinese so i'll make the appropriate adjustments if he's chosen as the fc. also im a weak asss ing hoe for best friends turned lovers so here we go all over again lmao. i was tryna make a wholesome, feel good type of character so here is eunyi lol. enjoy ig? also i had the hardest time trying to attach the url to the iframe but the song i wanted to put was itzy's wannabe. oh and i just wanted to write so i didn't really spend any effort on the layouting, hope you're ok with that. in addition, i do apologize for the long read lol. once i got into it, i just couldn't stop.
SCENE REQUESTS the gang goes on a blind date event to help out a friend that arranged it. | cooking competition, an outing with the gang. | roadtrip | the gang having the damn time of their lives by talking mad about their bosses/company and one realy unlucky bread's boss shows up at the bar. | gang tryna set up someone within the gang with their love interest | the gang crashing one heartbroken friend's place to cheer em up | pulling pettty pranks altogether on a friend's love rival
specific requests pertaining to sehun and eunyi specifically: sehun cutting fruits for eunyi, deboning fish for her | the two going for a workout together and end up discussing all the eye candies around | sehun telling eunyi she was still beauituful when she was chubby but he's happy that she's so happy with her current self | sehun's latest date took advantage of him by making him pay for everything, which sehun honestly didn't mind at all since he expected to pay anyways. when eunyi finds out though, she's pissed the hell off that made him spend a good 1.5k for ONE day, and gives the girl a good piece of her mind for taking advantage of her best frined, | the two cooking together + grocery shopping in preparation for one of their parent's bdays | 
CHARACTER SONG itzy wannabe / nive who i am


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