I’m gonna see my Jeup

Guys! I wanna fangirl and right now this is the most suitable way\place. 


So on 21st of April Imfact are coming in Greece for a concert and the inside me can’t calm her !!


i got the golden ticket which includes photo, early entrance and high touch—— I’m gonna see my Jeup and touch him and I’m so not ready mentally. I might pass out... I’m talking about him cuz he is the reason I got to meet, like meet meet, imfact. 

His angelic appearance on “ICSYV” with my most favorite ballad from Korea “Wild Flower- Park Hyoshin” and I fell completely under his spell. (If you haven’t watched it, go now :))


And on one hand I can’t wait but the other I’m not ready. But I assure you I’m so ing happy and extremely excited. I wanna scream every day till the d day comes..... and it’s around the corner.... ahhh 


okay babyluvz that was it...


lol I swear I’m mentally stable! 

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