Read about the scandal?

Guys I don’t know if you’ve been informed about what happened but I’ll tell you the description. Seungri, Jooyoung, Jonghyun(cnblue) Jonghoon(?) (fti) and other people not named yet, had drugged women, them and filmed them. Well not everyone them as Junhyung from Highlight/beast well former member as of now, was in the group chat and had seen a video or two..... but he went to the police and confessed what he knew. While I was deadly hopping they would all get life sentences Seungri was charged with only 3 years prison! Only 3 when he is guilty for drug dealing, ion, filmography and what so ever! And when TOP was found smoking weed he almost got in for 5 years! How idiotic is that? And that’s not the only problem while we have all the evidence in the world they still keep on denying what they did do... and not to mention that some fans are still ‘protecting” and supporting them with the excuse that they’ve known them for so many years! Like many years my I’ve been fan of them all for straight 8 years but guys would I ever let my morals down and support a ? The hell I would, even if I was paid to do so! 

Am I disappointed? Of course. Mad even I really wanna knock them out... They said that this started at 2016! Ugh! I really can’t understand why the ing they did that! I mean they literally had everything and artist could want. They even had a group chat that they shared their ‘videos’ and they were ing laughing at women getting ! I am really so done with humanity. People like that are disgraced and nothing more...

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