I finally attended my very first kpop concert!!!

So a month prior I think I made another blog saying that im gonna see my Baby Jeup!!! And I ing did!!! Imma say my experience.

first and foremost the group I saw is Imfact! and I had a gold vip ticket, which gifted early entrance and high touch and photo with the group.

im gonna say I was the luckiest yesterday! 

First of all at the time of the concert let’s say it lasted about 3 hours for 1,5 (combined) I held countless eye contacts with Jian and I was so freaking shocked that I got noticed that I was widening my eyes. He sent me a wink also. Later on I saw Jeup and I screamed so loud that he looked at me and he smirked (of course kindly). When he came closer to the audience and they stretched their arms of course I was no idiot and I stretched mine too and he actually grabbed my hand twice in this situation but I was so adrenaline-thrilled that I didn’t realize and I was sad like “I’m close to cutting my hand so I can extend it more why doesn’t he notice” but he did and my friend told me so because my hand was on top of her head xD and I got so shocked at the reveal lol we were laughing so hard at my fail.

I have Taeho looking at my camera for more that two videos and I am so happy and he stood in front of me countless of times. And he smiled at me!!! And he sent me a heart (attack) too lol not only he sent that finger heart... 

Lee Sang was amazing af and his stage performance slaughter the living out of me I swear. He jumped off the stage once and I got to touch his shoulder and then he came too at my side and winked at me and I was so in red that if it wasn’t for the lights I’d be so embarrassed of how much red I am. Ungjae was such a tease I swear he played a lot with the crowd but did not grab any hands that lil piece of lol

In between some songs my throat was almost damaged of how much I screamed that I coughed endlessly (since I was sick the previous week and have not healed yet) and Taeho must have noticed because he saw me and we shared a look but when we did I did a hand gesture as to say to my friend who turned to see if I was still alive that I’m dying and that’s when we eye contacted with Taeho and we both laughed. He laughed at me chocking to death 😭


Later on when I was about to do the hi touch I actually intertwined my fingers with them all. And because I was so shocked when I intertwined my fingers with Lee Sang who was the first we just shared a 5-sec eye contact and then I woke up and started telling him what I had in mind since he was the only fluent in English and I wanted them to understand what I was saying he told me thank you and he smiled sweetly but when I passed to Jian I was still finishing my sentence to Lee Sang and I could feel my face burning as Jian kept staring at me face and cause I wasn’t looking at him he started to rub the back of my palm with his thumb.... but since I feel rude I finished the sentence looking at Jian who looked straight at my soul with his eyes pinning mine and told me a sweet thank you!!!! 

Taeho and Ungjae got a sweet compliment from me since I had to hurry the hell up cause I was taking mush time with the other two and I wanted to save time for Jeup. At my baby I told him that his voice is inspiration and he smiled shyly while telling me thank you and he squeezed my hands heartily! ♥️♥️♥️🥰 

after that was the photo time and I was next to Jeup cause he was the last but I wanted to lean closer to him but I was hesitant and he must have felt that cause he stepped closer to me as saying that it’s okay you can so that! 


Later her later later on me and my friends sat at the backdoor that we were sure that they’d exit from there and Sang noticed us and looked us from the window and cheered us with his drink he held. And then two members that I couldn’t exactly see who they were played peekaboo with us xD..


When they actually entered their van their sweet manager came and thanked us personally (he is the sweetest manager of the history of managers I swear) and then I told him exactly that “Yo, bro we're not some crazy fans. As you see yourself we just sit here peacefully and we just want to tell some last goodbyes” then he smiled at me and half pushed me towards the bus and told us that we could talk to the members and of course we did we’re not idiots xD 

Lee Sang noticed it first and he waved at us before he and I played hearts shots and he laughed over my clumsy self when I almost dropped my signed merch, I believe my face must have been hilarious. Taeho wrote in his phone I love you and he showed it to us while acting cute, my feels, and then Jian looked up from his phone for a moment to wave and that was our last eye contact and that moment I felt like all the gods were blessing me for being a descent person my 19 years of life. After that I was body languaging Lee Sang telling him to “come again” and he thumbed me up and then I showed him my pinky and he crooked his pinky as if we were pinky promising and then blew me a kiss which I returned. And then I gestured Taeho to take a picture of him and he posed eagerly but before I clicke the button the crew turned off the lights and I laughed so hard at our fail that he must have heard me lol. Then they took off but met a red light and my babies still stared at us through the window.



i mist say I never ever even dreamed bout things like that happening to me but yesterday was so real that I’m still in that day..... Guys it must look fictional but I swear on my life everything happened. 


The  moment I felt especially special was when my friend told me that Jian never looked at someone specific but we held so many eye contacts that I lost count.....


sorry for the rant I had to for the sake of my heart! ♥️ love y’all for listening to me! 

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