The Importance of Routine Updates & Chapter Prep

This is purely my opinion and thoughts but also can act as advice for others too :)

(The things i am going to mention applies for full length stories and not oneshots!)


In my opinion, routine updates are really important. It can be as frequent as every day or every week. Being a reader on AFF, I realised that i have lost many interests some stories that i subcribed to because i got bored of waiting. Some authors have the tendency to update as an when they like without a schedule and I would never know when to expect it. Sometimes, they just never update and disappear from the plat form. By the time the story was updated again, i would have already lost a lot of interest or forgot the whole story line.

Therefore to keep the readers interested, it is good to have a routine update schedule. Not only will the readers have knowledge on the story plot fresh in their minds but it will also make them look forward to your story. This is based on experience as an author and a reader :)


Another thing that i think is important is chapter prep. What do i mean by that? Chapter prep means preparing multiple chapters before release. Personally I do that. I ususally have 60- 70% (or 100%) of the chapters written for the story before i publish it. This not only gives you time to write future chapters but you can also maintain a routine update schedule.

Also, preparing chapters in advance can also help you determine if you are really interested in writing a story. I feel that rather than announcing a published story going on a hiatus and disappointing my readers, i would just not post the story. 


Whatever i have typed is just my POV of the two topics. At the end of the day, it also depends on one's preferences. :)


That's all from me, thank you for reading this blog post and feel free to comment anything in your mind :D



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