New Banner, Story Updates, and More!

Okay so I don't do blogs often and twice in two weeks is crazy for me lol but here goes:

I realised recently that I've got so many stories now that adding links to them at the bottom of every Foreword has become really long and a bit of a hassle (since I've got like 16 or something now lol) so I took the liberty of making myself a handy new banner. Now you can just click on it to go right to all my stories. 

This is mainly for myself I guess but hopefully it saves some people a bit of time. I'll link it at the bottom of this blog so y'all can see it. Now:

With Our World is Blood and Seoul City Vice becoming way more popular than I thought they ever would I figured I'd be getting a ton of new followers and subscribers, which seems pretty accurate (love you all). Sooo...I never do this, but I thought I'd go ahead and do a quick personal ranking of my stories so far, in case you guys wanted to read some more of my stuff but didn't know where to start. Yeah this might sound a big egotistical or w/e lol but oh well. 

I've separated my work into three categories - Read, Maybe Read, and If You Have Time. Read are the ones I consider my best, Maybe Read...well, you get the idea lol



  • Seoul City ViceProbs my fave I've written so far. I just had way too much fun with it haha
  • Our World is BloodMy best example of flowery/baroque prose, which is what I tend to write
  • When I'm With You (Clouds and Daydreams)Probs the best thing I've written on AFF ever, and only 5k words!
  • Darkest Before DawnThis is by far my most underrated fic I think lol. The prose is a lot simpler in most places and the plot moves along nicely.
  • LustI really like this lol, even if it is a bit excessive
  • Neon NightsSimilar to Clouds and Daydreams, I just really like how it reads



  • The FountainA little dodgy in places, but still overall one I recommend (although it is very sad/depressing)
  • BabelThis could've been better but I rushed the ending a little bit, it's still a decent read just not great I don't think
  • The Longest NightMy first "big" fic on AFF, it drags quite a bit in the middle and is repetitive but still pretty good
  • StargirlOh god, I dunno still how to feel about the fact that this is literally twice as popular as everything else I've written. Like, I feel bad because whenever someone reads it they're gonna think it's basically all I'm capable of and it feels a bit ty because Stargirl is wayyyyy overwritten and long-winded and the prose is jumbled and the plot goes nowhere. I saw someone call it not very skilled and stuff like that and I was just like: Yeah, sorry, but not all my stuff is like that! I honestly think it's still alright, it's just not by best by far lol
  • I Don't Know You But Would You Like Some Coffee?Quite good (and I've good gotten feedback) but it suffers the same problem as Stargirl, in that the prose is really overwritten and self-indulgent in places where it really doesn't need to be. It works in Our World is Blood (describing the vast landscapes of nature), it works in Babel, but it doesn't work here or in Stargirl, sadly.



  • Child of GodA bit of a mess, 10k words, dunno where I was going with this one. Also overwritten :/
  • Station ChatterMy first thing posted on AFF, very unfinished, very rusty prose, I wouldn't recommend lol
  • Under the Neon SunRidiculously overwritten (I mean ridiculously lmao) and unfinished, probs not gonna go back to it for a while or do a complete rewrite if I ever do, sorry!


So, there you have it. I know you might be thinking it's bad for me to trash my own stories but I think the opposite - I think it's good that authors can identify faults in their own work and fix them - most of my best stuff is my most recent.

I've also got a -ton of ideas floating around my head so in between revision for my exams don't be surprised to see a bunch of stuff pop up (mostly one-shots until my big Mafia/Crime story next), and sorry if you think I'm oversaturating lol.

Anyway, thanks if you've read this far <3  Click below to browse all my stories directly:


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