Thoughts on Seoul City Vice and Upcoming Fics

Okay, sooo...I don't really do blog posts but I figured I'd post one now since, well, why the hell not? lol

Anyway, onto Seoul City Vice first:

I went into it thinking it was going to be a distraction from all the darker stuff I've been writing and it wasn't going to be very good at all (I've never been good at comedy or light-hearted stuff, or really straight-up action either) and I thought it would reflect in the support for it. BUT...

It's gotten such amazing feedback so far and it's been such a blast to read all the comments and stuff. AND I've had so much fun writing and editing it. Seriously, like...probably the most fun of any fic I've written for AFF (or at least since, like, Stargirl or something). It's just been so much fun so thank you guys for the support <3

Onto other fics:

I know it's a bit early to talk about what I'm gonna be writing after the New Year (I've got exam preparation and stuff to do the next month so if I post it'll probs just be one-shots until after they're done). However, I've had a bunch of ideas floating around my head and I've been basically writing them down and plotting stuff ready for me once I've finished revision and exams. So here are my main two:

1.) 'Ganglands' - Crime/Thriller/Romance/Mafia AU - [M] Rated

The idea of this is basically a Seulrene fic with a ton of other idols (all of RV, Mamamoo, Blackpink, probably some of EXO and SNSD and stuff) set in a sort of seedy criminal underworld. Probably would have some comedy on top of the gang/mafia interactions and Seulrene romance at the core. It would also be quite long and oncoming and feature a bunch of different interwoven storylines and stuff. I've been really inspired by a bunch of crime/hitman movies recently and I've never written anything properly crime - Seoul City Vice and Under the Neon Sun are the closest but not really gang-related stuff.

2.) 'Replicas' - Fluff/Angsty Romance/Dreamworld AU

This would be a non-violent Seulrene fic where they meet each other in a dreamworld that keeps repeating itself differently every time they fall asleep - so they remember each other vaguely in the dreams (but not properly, sort of like images seen through dusty glass) and they spend each night in these dreams trying to connect with one another. It wouldn't be M-rated and probably wouldn't have but lots of romance at the centre. I dunno whether I'd call it Fluff or Angst since it'd be more a sort of philosophical look on life and living and daydreaming and stuff, rather than having any sort of central tragedy/drama. Also when I say it would be "dreamy" imagine something inspired by songs like this (which is in amazing btw omg stan)


Anyway, that's enough of me rambling. If you guys have read this far please please please let me know if you guys like the sound of either of those ideas, and if not what you'd like to see. I write primarily stuff I want to write (obviously lol) but with such a dedicated and amazing readerbase I wanna see what you guys think as well!

Thank you for reading <3

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