Commissions (or Coffee?) ♡

Commissions (or coffee)

hello, my name is bernice! 

I'm been writing and designing for a little over 5 years now, but this will be the first time I've decided to open commissions (or even just simple donations, like buying me a ko-fi!) since I really want to save up for a lot of things: anxiety meds, condo rent and food since I'll be living alone soon, concert tickets, other general life and fandom life stuff. A little would go a long way in helping me out, but it's not something I'm going to ask for without giving anything in return.

That said, I'll be opening both fanfic and graphic design commissions here on aff!
i understand these are also things i generally have been doing for free,
but I hope I can still gain some support one way or another! ♡

For a list of all the fanfics I've written here on aff, click here!

I've also hosted a few design shops as well, namely:
ayographics, Lost graphic studio, and bliss graphics

Click here for my full portfolio

For my actual credentials, I'm a graphic design graduate based in the philippines. So although my portfolio shows mainly the work I've done here on aff, I'm also open to any kind of graphic design work: posters, illustrations, print, layouts, etc. i do freelance work in general. although my fanfics have been up for just 4-5 years, I've been writing for around 8 years now or so. i can also do work outside of the kpop fandom

COMMISSION PRICES - written work

  • Drabbles (1k words)— $1
  • 5k+ words — $4
  • 10k+ words — $8
  • 25k+ words — $15
  • Prices are negotiable! The prices listed are general and can change depending on the total length and quality of your commission.


  • asianfanfics, wattpad, web based fanfic poster — $1
  • 5k+ words — $4
  • 10k+ words — $8
  • 25k+ words — $15
  • Prices are negotiable! The prices listed are general and can change depending on your commission.

> If you are interested, dm me here on aff or over at twitter @stilljunhui!
> International payments will be done through paypal since idk how else tbh...
> local payments for PH based commissions can be done through other means
(lbc, cebuana, meet ups, etc.) but paypal is still preferred if possible, thanks!
> conversion to philippine peso is a flatrate of 1usd = 50php, we can discuss other currencies!

> in general, my writing hard passes include: /non-con, parental , suicide
> for anything work commissioned, i do have the right to refuse for good reason.

You can email me at [email protected] for anything else!


If you don't want to commission, but would still like to support me,
please consider buying me coffee instead!


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