4th Anniversary Giveaway ♡

Hello~ (・∀・ ) 

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚ Today marks my 4th year maintaining this account here on AFF! ✧

I've gone through a lot here, from starting out with just GOT7 Markjin one-shots and handling a No Rules graphic shop, to slowly slipping into the diamond life and basically restarting my passion for both writing and designing. Since then I've had a bunch more stories (and finished ones!) and one-shots overall for various bands, which I'm really happy and pretty proud about. Along with that, I've been steadily managing some more graphic shops and really eventually found stress relief in designing (despite dying in university thanks to my arts course rip my love for design). I don't normally do this and I don't know if anybody would actually be interested or not, but I decided I wanted to do something special to mark my 4th year! So if you checked this out, then I hope you'll be okay with what I'll offer! The sets are limited to just 4 people who have subscribed to any of my stories / shops. The small amount of people is since I wanted to make sure I'll be able to do what I set out. 



Story Graphics Set (MAX 2 PEOPLE)

Completely free graphics from bliss graphics inclusive of both regular request material and extra material, meaning you can request for anything under the sun (poster, animated poster, background, banner, character charts, character posters, icons, etc.) and it'll be done for free! Yay! You'll still have to fill up the form(s) to make sure that I'll be able to provide the best that I can, although the time limit option isn't available in this case (so please tick the "no time limit" box when filling up the form). It also doesn't count in the shop slots, so no need to worry about that. More details and specifics will be provided once you're the chosen winner! 


One-shot Set (MAX 2 PEOPLE)
Disclaimer from the very start: please give me time to finish the one-shot since if ya'll follow me and my stories, you'll know it takes me a while to write stuff unless magically completed inspired. That said, and if it's okay with you because I promise I'll complete the one-shot, this set is pretty self-explanatory! It provides a one-shot of at least 2k+ words for any boy band and pairing under the sun, along with one poster for any of your stories, if any and if you want, but the main thing is the one-shot. I would offer it to all bands and pairings, but I do write boy groups more often especially under this account, and personally feel I'll be able to provide better work this way, especially if it's pairings I've already written about before, but I don't mind writing something new. Details and specifics can be provided once you're the chosen winner!


First come, first served so again the first 4 who comments "Wen Junhui is great, I want the _____ set!" down below gets to choose their set by filling in the blank with either Graphics or One-shot! Remember you have to be subscribed to something of mine (prior this blog) for it to count, too, since I really want to give back the most to those who have supported me ^^


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Congratulations ❤❤
Happy anniversary^^
uwu happy birthday to your account! <3
"...to slowly slipping into the diamond life..."
omg i can relate

and happy 4th anniversary! :D
Happy anniversairy <33 as A big fan of your graphics I immediately flew here haha ❤ you're doing amazing hun! Keep up the good work!! (which I know you will ;) )
Happy Anniversary dear! I hope you will have many many years on aff.❤❤❤
Wen Junhui is great, I want the Graphics set!❤
Happy anniversary :)