Redo Series ☆

Last Updated: April 8, 2018

Nothing much, just some posters that I made years back (mostly around 2015 I think) that I decided to re-do to see how I'll make it now / in my current style. It's still based on the requests I got since I took a look at the forms, too, although I may have taken some details and changed it since I didn't have to follow everything on the dot anymore, so liberties were made! This will probably be something I do in my free time to practice whenever there's no requests over at my shops and my writing juices just won't flow. I'll update it every now and then. Hovering over the old posters will show you the year it was made.







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Wish I have that skills T__T I envy you
O____o they're so gorgeous~~~
OwO i dont have to tell you that you’ve improved for you to know and my fave is escaping paradise!! The mood is so y
Your posters are so awesome!! Keep on doing!