never thought i'd leave aff but bye

i remember when i joined aff in high school, i was like "YES i'm gonna be a popular author with a bunch of friends and get featured and life'll be aweSOMEEE"

that didn't happen lol and i never really felt any changes to this site until i looked back and just realized how inactive everything is. i mean, i'm not writing for anyone but if i'm posting online, i obviously would like feedback or some kind of reader interaction, which there is none (lol i sound petty and gross like i'm leaving here because not enough people satisfy my praise kink anymore or gives me attention)

and am i getting too old? it feels awkward to socialize lol

so anyway, i'm heading over to ao3 where i'll quietly read and post fics. i'll continue updating the fics here that i've already published but i won't be readying any fics

i've made some great friends here but y'all have my other contact info so this isn't much of a goodbye to anyone heh


edit: also gotta thank aff for letting me get into the first online storm fight lmao i'm never going to get over that


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