a vague ramble about life

i stopped keeping a diary at the beginning of this semester because I was feeling like and now, I can't start up again. but so much happened today that i have to remember it somehow, so here's a vague ramble


today is wednesday, the only class of the week + 人大面试

class: i got there early to work and when zhaska+banu came early, they freaked out because 没想到会有人这么早来! didn't socialize because i was working. 发誓下周一定要好好socialize



i kept going on all the different fansites for BTS's pre-ordering of LY:T and somehow found out that bighit has an official taobao store. started 刷淘宝, but bighit was an and didnt put the album up until 3pm, so I was just freaking out and chatting with c-armys instead of studying

then went to arak's to go to 人大, and i was freaking out the entire time. i thought she was too slow, the bus was too slow, the traffic was horrible, i was going to throw up, i was going to cry, i was going to scream......

and the interview itself...怎么说呢……it was better than last time but still ajsdhf;iawe 她们说读书和不读书是有区别的,但竟然说我的课外活动太多?会影响学习?有这样的操作????

araksb不想面试,但我说服她去,说那个男的不在,结果她走过去...看到那个男老师,想走又被叫住 哈哈哈哈 我想她应该能被录取吧 我呢。。。不造。然后去她宿舍吃饭,聊天,聊了爱情和未来 哈哈


回家敷面膜,and plan for BUSANNNNNNNNNNNNN

airbnb took forever because made another acc for the discount (tried email, phone, weibo etc..) and then none of the payments worked... alipay, visa, etc, etc until finally the paypal option popped up thank ing god) and bought plane tickets

during all the crying over airbnb, emily said there's something important to talk about with jenny and now im feeling ed because wtf can there be to talk about? whatever, 明天最重要还是写论文,妈呀,毕不了业可咋整啊



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