Happy Birthday..

Happy 28th birthday my love.

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I truly hope you are resting.

Did you see what happened with Onew? Did you see that he's finally free from his judgement time? Free from the scandal put upon him?

I know you did.

Have you been watching their concerts; Shinee World the Best/From now on? Did you see how they saved you a space? How they kept thinking about you?

I know you did.

Did you see them finally be able to smile sincere during the SMTown live in Dubai? That they seem to have found peace to the entire situation?

I know you did.

I feel like you have helped them throughout this, helped them find peace in their hearts.

Thank you so much.

You did so wonderfully well.

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You were a star while walking on earth, and you've become the brightest star in the sky. 


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Be strong in a beautiful place now
Happy birthday to Jonghyun.