Baekhyun updates

Well guys, it's that time again! Ta-da, new updates!!!! To Love and Protect has been updated and I know you're all excited to see what happening with it! Maybe not lol, but we're up to 5 chapters now so I'm hoping that you guys will take a look and tell me what you think while waiting for me to update my other fics. Currently working on A Silent Lover, Fate Maybe and Love Bites in differing stages of completion as I type this. Also guys...Let me know do you want the ending to my Jonghyun story? I know that I said I wouldn't complete it, but I've been missing writing as him, missing the depth of the story and his emotions. If you'd like the ending, let me know in the comments below. Also go here to check out To Love and Protect, my first action romance:


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Angel2love97 #1
I would love the ending to Jonghyun story. Maybe I'm being morbid but I want to at least fantasize the life he should've had. Maybe its just me but i think about him every time i hear his song in my playlist and I can't bring myself to remove it because his story is not complete so maybe the ending of story will allow me to rest him in my mind because he lived a full life in my mind. Sorry for the rambling