Can you remember?

Can you remember who you were, before you were the world told you who you should be?

Things like this runs through my every day mind.

I hate who i am and who I became. It is frustrating to apease everyones expectations and perception of you as a person.

Maybe things like these are good. Maybe not.....

I hate that I hurt people's emotions, it truely shatters me. and i am so sorry.

No one knows me truley not even my friends.

But we can take things and use it to our advantage or turn it to unexplainable saddness.

Who we are excactly? Do we truely take things out of context and use it against others? To drive them to the edge of the cliff to just watch them fall?

I don't know...... but the question that I asked was not just for him but a question for... nevermind. You might take this and try to have taken down. I wont do it you know.... what you might be thinking. (the correct way of course.)

But knowing that a person (and God forbid a average person has the same thoughts) is struggling to find a place where she can truely be herself, can be the biggest struggle. What does the world have to offer with this hate flying around. I dont know.....

Each time this goes through the mind the more I loose my own true being. You gotta think that even an average outsider can feel like this (not just a famous person). You should help the people right next to you of the true world instead of cry for a person that doesnt even know you are alive. (sorry had to say that and I am standing my ground.) maybe half the reason that several of the people who are famous are so sad is that their life is being on blast and they have to hold up a personality just for their fans (just saying). so STOP hating on me and fudge off a little!!! One mistake wont hurt the world K? but the words and language will. And you never know, you might have killed a person with the coments made. How would that make you feel and also it would be on you..... just think of that before you comment horrible things on ones page.

Goodbye for now.....

"Life gives you enough scars, you don't need to manufacture your own." -Andy Black


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