Stockholm Syndrom



Namjoon is a young  wealthy businessman that has a  bunch of slaves. He gains one more, one that might just make his blood boil a little more then it should. One that may even be his match. 

Spin of it:

The atmosphere of the room remained a gloomy and terrifying environment. Kim Namjoon looms over a couch, a pretty fancy one as well, but a new man was now slumped on said couch. The rest of his boys sat behind Namjoon on another lavish couch, their hands in their laps and their heads bowed respectfully. None would dare to look at the new recruitment without the permission of their master. 

‘Jin, wake him.’ Namjoon commands, dressed in his well tailor suit and hair slicked with just right amount of product. 

The eldest of the bunch stands up wordlessly, moving over to the stranger and shakes him lightly. His movement light as to not hurt the newest addition in the process. When he doesn't wake from that, he shakes him harder, but mostly out of not wanting to fail the task that had been given to him by his master. The person began to stir from the pain due to the circumstances that led up to them being there. Kyuhyun felt the shaking getting more violent by the second that he couldn’t help but open his eyes. 

His throat hurt like a but he managed to muster up some words, ‘Where am I?’

Jin ducked away from the stranger and stood behind Namjoon, looking up at him before looking back at the ground. Namjoon kneels down in front of the newest member to join them and tilts his head. An eerie smile on his face.

‘You must have put up quiet a fight,’ He comments, noticing the bruising on the new mans face. 'Hopefully it won't scar,' Namjoon e tuts, reaching out to gently touch the strangers cheek.

Kyuhyun winced at the touch even though it was soft in pressure. The persons hand were soft but his face felt as if he had been rammed into a solid brick wall. He couldn’t remember how he ended up in his current situation but he vaguely remembered the struggle that got him into it.

Sitting up slightly from the couch, the auburn haired man backed away once his eyes fell onto the others face , ‘W-who are you ?’

'Mm, my name is Namjoon,'


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