Lee Hyojung will be a Maknae Queen

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  lee hyojung  

birthname. Lee Hyojung

– Happy Girl :: She's always happy on stage and has a cute smile
– Little Miss J :: She's the youngest out of all members and dresses like a teacher sometimes

date of birth. April 19, 1997 (20)
birthplace. Cheongwon, South Korea
ethnicity. korean
faceclaim. LABOUM' Solbin
back-up faceclaim. Lovelyz' Sujeong
height. 1.61 cm
weight. 51 kg
language spoken. 

– american :: raised and born in the korean
– korean :: currently learning english at school


   my royal life in the castle

personality traits. 
(+) funny, cute, strong, tom-boy
(-) shy, scared, childish, annoying


Genie has firstly proven herself to be a variety queen. Genie just seems to be good at anything, and we do mean anything. She’s hilarious on “Infinity Challenge” and has numerously proven herself to be daring, whether it’s her catching chickens, rolling around in mud, revealing her real height or baring her face for all. Her honest nature makes us absolutely love her, and we adore that she has an “I don’t care” outlook on what others think of her. When people bashed Genie, the girl didn’t care, and kept doing the same gushy-mushy act on shows. Normally, we can’t stand aegyo, but Genie' is just so purposely exaggerated it’s hilarious. Granted, though we love the more “boy-ish” charm she’s been exhibiting lately, we’ve never had anything wrong with Genie' great personality.

She does seem like she doesn’t like being on camera, but it just might be her personality. I do think she needs to be taught what is appropriate and maybe be taught how to control her facial expressions. Even if she doesn’t like what someone says, she should still be able to control her facial expressions, and maybe try to make a joke out of it so she doesn’t seem like the bad person. But Genie has another personality on the inside of her, for instance getting scared of loud noises while perofming on stage singing the end of the song can be difficult for her because then fireworks would go off and bang her body twitches and her hearts pumps really fast. The next personality is shy, she can be shy on variety shows such as "Running Man" or in an interview alone but members of Majestic Girls would cheer her on or cheer her up so that she would be more comfortable with them beside them. The final personality is childish, she can be a bit annoying somethimes but also on stage she can be very annoying she would laugh at other people's mistakes or just play around with props.


Lee Hyojung also known as Genie is a South Korean singer born on April 19, 1997, in Cheongwon, South Korea. Her family consists of her father, mother, 3 sisters and a brother. While Genie was still an infant, her and her family moved to Cheongwon. As a result, Genie grew up being scared of loud noises the reason why is it was New Years Eve in Korea and fireworks were being set off in Korea, in Genie' house one of fireworks went wrong supposed to go up and not sideways this making Yebin cry. Once she grew up Genie tried to go to different entertainments such as Starship Entertainment. Last year at the age of 15 she saw some posters saying "Auditions" so this was her chance to be in an entertainment since she was 20 she can now join an actual anertainment an live her life as an idol.

As Genie made it clear she wanted to start acting, Genie would go with her sister once in a while to see how she was doing. During one of those trips, the producers asked her sister if Yebin would be an extra since a few of the children in the scene weren't going to make it. That was her first taste of being on a sort of stage which she can only remember now if her family points it out in the scene of the movie she was in. She started visiting her older sister, more on sets and realized how happy he would be when he'd be filming or just running lines with other actors. Seeing she is happy while acting made her want to persue something as well to make her happy. Her sister Lee Hyori signed her up for singing lessons as a start to see if she would enjoy it. That one  moment changed her life forever as she realized during her 1st year at dance classes, she loved dancing. She continued to dance when she was in school and got into k-pop through her sisters. One day, she and her friends decided to take part of a k-pop dance cover competition. After performing in front of an audience alongside her friends, Yebin realized that she wanted to become an idol one day like SNSD because she immediately fell in love with the feeling of being on stage.

   the royal family


 - Pinks
 - Puppies
 - Shopping
 - Chocolate
 - Winter

- Scary Stuff
- Bugs
- Heights
- Pranks
- Loud Noises

 - Going shopping with mates
 - Playing video games in dorm
 - Loves to go out-doors

 - Fake smile when lying
 - Bites lips when nervous
 - Distracted by props, bubbles etc

 - Former JYP Entertainment
 - Her sisnging skills are beautiful
 - Her blood type is B
 - Her sister is Lee Hyori
 - Is really flexible
 - Produce101 Contestant placing 17th in final rank
 - TWICE' "Like Ooh Ahh" MV as Zombie
 - miss A "Bad Girl, Good Girl" MV as music student


– relation :: name (age) / occupation / personality traits / closeness interactions

– relation :: name (age) / occupation / personality traits / closeness interactions

   royal is here

stage name.  Genie
persona.  here
plotline.  Maknae Queen
back-up plotline.  here
trainee years.  3 Years at JYP Entertainment and 2 Years at Cube Entertainment

trainee life.  

Having trained for JYP Entertainment, Yebin had some background for the training process. Her teachers in JYP praised her for her beauty and talent about singing and even praised for her growing dancing skills. Her trainee life was smooth because of being a former trainee at a well known company. but after a while  she had to leave JYP due to the lack of schedules and went to Cube Entertainment after a weeks later, her older sister Lee Hyori coming to visit her and see how she was getting on.

pre-debut experience. 
 - Produce101 Contestant placing 17th in final rank
 - TWICE' "Like Ooh Ahh" MV as Zombie
 - miss A "Bad Girl, Good Girl" MV as music student

scandals.  here



please introduce yourself. "Annyeongsaehyo I am the High Rapper, Main Vocalist and Maknae of the group Genie iminida"
how does it feel debuting under a 7 member girl group?. "it feels great debuting with the other girls because we get along really well and were all like sisters"

in the futre if you were to collab with someone who would it be and why?. "I want to collaborate with Jessi hoobaenim because I love her voice and we both ake a good duo"
who is your bias in BTOB?. "my bias in btob has to be sungjae becuase I just love him so much"

any final words to your fans."hope you all support us in the future, happy new year to everyone"

replace with fc 95*95
replace with love int 120*172

  kang daniel  

back up. Kim Hanbin

–  Daniel is just a sweet little dear but, sadly, he is too shy and introverted. His introvertedness is something really hard to get over, because we can’t help but feel it creates distance between him and his fans, when usually, fans want to get to know their idols. He is adorable, but in a shy girl kind of way. Daniel has proven himself sweet, and the other members usually comment on how much they want to take care of their dancing machine, and how he, in turn, also wants to take care of them. He is a strong character. Daniel, is also very easily brought to tears. Daniel' tears however, come from his sensitive heart and emotional being, while Daniel is just a wiener. (;. 

love story. 

– Once Genie went to her first school she first met Daniel when they were in school. She was seating right behind him in the classroom, she was completely in daydream thinking about him. Curious, he sat infront of her and smiled at her and said what you daydreaming about. She snapped out of her daydream and stared at Daniel for a few minutes. Both got to talking about the challenges and joys of training and their project groups, anticipating their debut dates. They soon lost track of time and had to part. They saw each other several times between schedules at different companies, falling easily into a long conversation each time. One day, just before Wanna One' comeback, he saw on social media that he read about Majestic Girls and their pending debut date, seeing that there were some 'new developments' in the matter. One of the fans noticed and asked his opinion on the matter. Since the group was talented, D.O. knew that these developments must be something good and exciting, perhaps an earlier debut. He smiled and agreed whole-heartedly, saying that he hoped to see everything come about soon. They starting dating after Majestic Girls' big debut and Wanna One' comeback.

status. just friends for now
ending. seeing each other on a variety show with a love line story :)

   kwonboah : liam

last words.  hello?

scenes requests.

– here
– here

password.  in the cheatsheet



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