Unpopular Opinion

I don't really like unpopular opinion posts for various reasons, like the fact that people CAN'T express themselves in a civil way, although I have to admit some of them are really entertaning.

I don't get why people feel the need to comment on every single thing they see or express all their thoughts about someone/something, especially when they don't like it. Personally, when I dislike someone or something I simply avoid it or try to see that someone the least I can. Now, that makes it quite hard for me to understand why people would ever feel the need to comment on a post in which they know heads are going to be rolling. 

Moreover, even if you don't like that group/person/video/concept/style, why do you have to insult those who like it? The opposite works as well: why do people feel the need to insult those who don't like the same things they like?

How is it possible that in 2017 people hasn't learnt how to properly express themselves without havign to fight about the most absurd things?

Can someone enlight me about it? I don't get it. WHY WOULD I CARE IF YOU DON'T LIKE A GROUP I LIKE? I can listen to it even if nobody else does. The fact that I don't have the approval of the rest of the world doesn't imply that I can't be myself and like or dislike whatever I want.

The most ridiculus thing is that they write "NO ARGUING", when everyone knows that it's the only thing that's going to happen in the comment section of the post -.-

Whatever, stupid people commenting about groups they don't even know just annoys me.

I'm going to write it here, because I don't want to write it in the stupid posts: B1A4 is one of the best groups I ever listened to, no matter what people say. I like them, I don't care if you don't agree or dislike them. I like them, and it's enough for me to keep listening to them. 

P.s. This is my really unpopular opinion: no matter how many visualizations a video has nor how many likes it has, it doesn't mean it's a better song than others that have less. It just means that the group or singer has more fans. The songs could or be beautiful, but the likes and visualizations only depend on the number of fans (and antis sometimes) they have.

Ah, I finally said it.

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