Please Help Out My Friend

Hi, friends!

it's been a long time since I have posted a blog post. I've been surprisingly busy this last month.

I've come to ask for a favor from you who have friended/followed me, etc.

One of my best friend's ultimate bias is Taeyang, but unfortunately we are too broke of college students to pay for his LA tickets. (The cheapest ticket with fees is 149 USD.)

We ended up entering the touring company, KPOPME's, cover contest and managed to get into the top 8 for LA. Unfortunately, this next part is basically a popular contest based upon likes.

If you have Facebook and have it in your heart, could you please watch our video and give it a like? I would be immensely grateful!

A little more info on why this means a lot to me:

3 of us banded together just to help out this one friend to make a cover video. She learned the choreo to Wedding Dress and learned the proper Korean words and pronunciation for 3 different songs' lyrics, which I had to quickly tutor her in with my limited Korean skills. We actually shot most of the video over the course of 2 days, but it turned out that our camera shot too low of quality and we reshot the entire video in a day in the right quality! We did everything--sang, dance, and acted. I also learned new skills for this project just for my friend, which involved learning to cut and edit music, as well as live record her vocals for 2 of the 3 songs, and learned a ton of video editting just to put it all together. What I'm saying is is we worked incredibly hard on this video and I think it shows in our originality of our cover having a story. I don't want to lose simply because it is a popularity contest.

This would mean the world to my best friend and if you could support us, it would be really awesome. Thanks for reading.

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