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Feel free to follow me on my social media! :)

Instagram: maddymoonchild

Livejournal: maddymoonchild

Tumblr: maddy-moonchild

GTOP Tumblr: gtopismyworld

Twitter: MaddyMoonchild maddymoonchild

If you ever want to chat, send me a PM or comment on my wall! :) (I like talking to people. I'm lonely)

Please note I only write gay//malexmale fanfiction and that is essentially all I read (Sunsky and Chaera being the exception)

About Me

Been into KPop for a few years but got back into it in 2013. Just a silly girl from Central CA who wants to be a writer :)

I basically like almost every boy group and only a hand full of girl groups

Top 3 Bands: BIGBANG, EXO, SHINee

YG Stan

Major GTOP shipper

Chankai is my guilty pleasure

Jongtae Forever~

I write a ton of GTOP and EXO so if that's what you're looking for, you're in the right place

I write a lot offline and never post it, because I have the habit of not finishing anything. Updates take a long time. Sorry!