This should be good..

Usually I spew bull in blogs, but today I'm informing you of the stories I'm trying to update:

Cinderellas Prince-chan [i know I haven't done anything with it Marusaeng!! >~< sorry. I'm working on it. Their shall be MaruXLadyHeeHee fruff soon! Promise!]

Chocolate Love [i updated early early EARLY this morning but I should have a new chapter up by next weekend for you DG.

Half Bloods...I need to start writing letters and including love interests and what not. Bria unni and I had the same idea so we're gonna run with the letter thing and the story will lead up to the girls debut. I'm glad Bria unni became my co-author, I might die if I try to tackle this by myself. And I get towork with unni!  *cheers*

AOM is sending out an SOS, I have the beginning of a chapter for this, I just need to finish and it'll be posted :)

I seriously need to finish the one shots that I started BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Once they're finished I'll open the Drama Llama one shot shoppe up once again, as long as Emi unni agrees. Then you can APPLY APPLY APPLY

Happy Family. I know you've been waiting for forever Mickey, sorry, I'm working on it.

I think that's it for now... Bye :D lolol


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AbriMathos #1
aha it's fine, i'm so freaking behind with updates also, it's killing me ._.