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"John Tucker Must DIE" Kpop form~

  • Kim Jonghyun Must DIE
  • Woo Jiho Must DIE
  • *different kpop star* Must DIE
  • this is your stupidest idea yet

Personal Message

KPOP is my addiction. Thats right. It's no longer an obsession. It's an ADDICTION.

There should be a sign: WARNING; extremely addictive. Keep away from small children. and teenagers. Rated 18 and up.

P.S.-- I would like to thank all who subscribe to my stories, to those who read and comment on my stories. It may seem like I don't appreciate you because I don't thank you personally. But it's not because I don't appreciate you. I really do. Whenever I get a comment from a new reader i automatically click on that person and tell them thank you for reading. My first thoughts are "OMO i have a reader!!" So if I don't get to thank you personally i'm sorry. But thank you for reading♥ i'm just so scatterbrained that I can't remember who I have thanked and who I haven't thanked for subscribing to my stories. So I'm going to say thank you to ALL of you♥

"Hello? Mother Nature?

I'd like to cancel my monthly prescription.
...I can't? For another 40 years?
...No, that's okay, I don't want the 9 month plan."   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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About Me



Annyeonghaeseyo, LeeJynx-imnida, but you may call me: Lucy[ Lu-Si ; 루시], Jynx, LID, or whatever you see fit.

  I am a Jersey girl, but I'm NOTHING like the Jersey Shore. So don't ask. I'm (as you can see) pale as hell, blond, I have blue eyes and I'm about 99.99999% German. Hmm...lets see...whats there to know about me?

I have a puppy named Kai who is about 5 months old and we got him in the beginning of January. A week after we got him I found out about Kai from EXO-K...awkward coincidence. 

I C a difference. lol


Don't EVER compare me to the "Jersey Shore" because then I love hope the zombies eat you 

I'd rather be from the ghetto of Asbury Park then be compared to the Jersey shore. I freaking love Asbury Park. I hate Seaside, or as I like to call it, Sleazeside. 

I like to pretend that I can be ghetto. But its hard for a nerd to be ghetto. I end up making fun of myself because it deflects others from making fun of me if I do it myself. I tease EVERYONE. I joke about EVERYTHING. and I love LAUGHTER. Laughter is my life source. I work my magic and make everyone laugh, if I can't make you laugh I feel like a failure. 

I have a habit of saying: "can we not and say we did?" "I see what you did there" "do not want!" "why you fail so hard?" "I feel " and all sorts of other things. Another habit of mine is constantly quoting movies or TV shows that I love, such as: That 70's Show, NCIS, M*A*S*H, Space Balls, Blazzing Saddles, History of the World Part 1, Monty Python, The Fast and the Furious, Live Free or Die hard, Armageddon...

I also love the bands: Tokio Hotel, Paramore, Avenged Sevenfold, Dead by April, Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, The Who, John Denver, James Taylor, N'SYNC, Backstreet Boys, Evanescence, Falling Up, Flyleaf, Fireflight, P!nk, and others. [But I really only listen to Tokio Hotel and KPOP]

I am biased: Bumist [Jaebeom], Shawol [SHINee], an MVP[Onew], a Flame [Minho], VIP [Bigbang], BBC [BlockB], HOTTEST [2PM], A+[MBLAQ], B2UTY [B2ST], Aff(x)tion [F(x)], Cloud [Rain]

I also like: BoA, T-ara, KARA, FT Island, CN Blue, TeenTop, TRAX, DNT, ZE:A, U-Kiss

My Ultimate Bias is: Park Jaebeom [but because of the 8 year age difference, I'm trying to move on...its REEEAAALLLYYY hard...especially when I see him...everywhere...]

Jay's MTV:K Interview  ♥♥~!

Art of Movement at Project Korea III

AFF Familie~




DragonG: "Say hello to my little friend." Aha♥ thank you Scarface quotes~ ara, this girl here is my leader. G2T leada-sshi, I don't know what I would do or where I would be without you. I love you♥ I don't remember how we met. Most likely through a common friend. We became extremely close after my 16thbirthday and almost inseparable since. We had fun making those videos last year for our first contest, and wehad lots of fun with bloopers. I'll never forget that "you spiked my drink" while your "feet  were in my knees" cause you and I have lots of fun♥ love you Toni, The DragonG to my P.O.T.

Bling_GirlxSharona: this is my Ddal♥ I am her Umma and Onew is her Appa. She gets her ulzzang looks from my yeobo. lol not-so-surprisingly, I don't remember how I met her either. I know we becameclose in Hangover Hennessey's English Classroom of DOOM. [i just found an alcoholic beverage called "Hennessey's" the other day lmao] Mickey is the first to ever call me Lucy. I love Mickey tons♥ she is my G2T Maknae and I'd be lost without her~

Jessiicup: the sourse of my kpop total takeover xD I know how I met Jessii!♥ we met in tech class in 8th grade!!! We sat next to each other and she got me into some jpop. I love Jessii♥ in 9th grade we had gym together and when she moved I was sad...luckily she stayed in the county and just switched schools. We don't hang out as often as we should but I really love hanging out with her cause she's really fun~

xBloodyxMoonx: and I'm back to not remembering how I met my friends. Lol I think we met at a party? Anyway, this is ONE of the G2Tmanagers. Das rite ez, we so speshal we got TWO managers. lol she is extremely smartand very friendly~ she is the Gir to my Zim.

BriaNoelle: this is my unni♥ I lve my unni♥ you piss my unni off? I kill you ^~^ you see how this works, yes?Well, I'll kill you if unni doesn't get to you first kekeke~ my unni is amazing~ you should love my unni to~

Tita_50: this is my other unni♥ I haven't talked to Tita-unni in a while. I miss youuuu Unni!!!!! But I hope I will talk to her soon♥

Emi_martini: this is my third unni♥ Unni and I run a one-shot request shop together and Unni takes very good care of me. She's an amazing writer and very caring♥ I love my unni ^^♥

RedB2styRabbit17: SAY HI TO MY UNNI. We has lots of stuff in common and and and we both love Supernatural many much because its many much awesome. xD We're Dean biased together. lol 

[[derpy Dean face♥ This is...Scarecrow episode! I think. Because Dean is eating pie while trying to convince a couple to leave town before sunset so they don't die.Theydon't listen of course but Dean and Sam still save their stupid asses.]]

erfaptastic: this is my Marusaeng. Hurt him and I kill you ._. dead serious I love him. We live halfway across the world from each other but if I could, I would hug him to death. He's too cute for words♥ 

Hellsrainbow: this is my gay . I'm his hag. I love him♥ lol I would also hug himto death if Ievermeet him. He's adora---*freaks cause he doesn't like to be called '"cute" or "adorable"* ---Handsome! lol He's too handsome for his own good lol

Okay. T-tpb-t-that's all folks<3