I went with a friend last night to their show in Vancouver last night. It was fun. (Lol, ending that sentence with a period instead of an exclamation mark.) I thought it'd be a lot more crowded, but it was a Sunday and a show, so I expect people had work the following morning and since no younger fans were allowed, it was still a decent sized audience.

They were so confusing though. Dok2 would announce that they had a few songs left to rap, then both of them would leave the stage, only to come back a minute later and rap another 6 or 7 songs. Then the audience obviously called for an encore, so they came back out for another 3 songs to leave again afterwards...And then at the end, about half the crowd had left when they came out again to rap YGGR.

THEN the concert was over. At least, I think it was. I didn't stick around to find out :P
I thought maybe they'd take a crowd picture like they post on their IGs, but none of that here. I wonder why. Maybe the crowd wasn't "hot" (like enthusiasm-wise) enough or something.

Anyway, the friend who came with me last night brought another show to my attention: Dean is coming to Vancouver at the end of this month with a few other people (can't remember their names). I hadn't listened to his music before, but I like his sound. I really like Not Sorry and Bermuda Triangle, which he did with Zico and Crush.

Any concerts y'all have been to (recently, a while ago, planning to go to)?


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Dok2 ! Cool :) I actually went and saw B1A4 about three weeks ago :) It was amazing! I really wanted to get hi touch tickets to B.A.P. but they immediately sold out :(