Life Update: I'm not dead!





Indeed it's been a while since you've heard about me but... I've been so budy lately I barely have time to even read anymore.

I haven't forgotten either abandoned any of my ongoing fics - DON'T PANIC.

It's just that everything was thrown onto me all at once and it caused me to have a forced break.

Let me explain.


I'd signed into a professional course in february 2016 but was told I was put on waiting list since the course was full already since they had only 24 places avaible per year though they would call if any places would get freed... I wasn't their first filler though. So it was pretty clear to me that I would start on the next year... by August I'd still had no news about them so I was not thinking about that at all. On August 15th I was called by school, saying they had someone that had dropped out at last minute and that if I still wanted it, to call them as soon as possible.

Of course I called back and took it... I mean... the course I took was awfully scrutinized and not everyone could easily get in.

Though I currently had two jobs and there was a 400$ fee to pay within three days for the school material.

School was starting on the next wednesday.

So I had to have dad advance me some money that I gave back the next week, I had to go buy school material, drop one of my two jobs and fall on part-time for the one I kept because I had a full time and a part time.

On top of that, because of personal reasons, I ended up in colocation with one of my step-sister at the same time I started back school and having to pay my part of all the bills when my pays had had just got cut 2/3rd.


I can't handle change well at all. I have anxiety problems since I was a teen... it got better with age but I still have some troubles. 

All those changes had me have a panic attack and I did a very big mistake that now has dad call me every once in a while to check up on me and has my step-sister be careful of the things she says to me.

... ( to anyone keeping up with my rants... I barely see my mother anymoe so thats a plus to my good moods xD)


The course I have is an intensive program and needs an 80% to 90% grade to pass the courses. We have about... 21 courses. 

I'm scheduled to graduate in January 2018, the program is 1year and a half long and the half is training. So all of our final exams are coming up. 

So going to school full time and working part-time... I don't have any time anymore... I'm sorry.




I'm on work holiday right now and next week we have our school-off week.

I'll be able to update!

Our two biggest exams are tomorrow and next week so I'll have some time to breath from now on. I'll get back to writing!!


Thank you to everyone that's been patient with me!! It's very appreciated!!


(Le writer trying to cutely apologizing to her readers... awwwwkwaaard)




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Laesar #1
Oh...don't be so sad, I know how it feel when you have a lot of workload given to you...
As nasty as it sounds, i'm glad u r keeping up with this program.really hope we see the end of it and a very confident you graduating it.
no worries abt the writings, u'll have a spare time.
take good care of yoursef 1st.