Notice and School


Some of you may know that in february, I had signed in to be on a waiting list for aesthetics classes...

In my mind, it was clear, I was not making it in this year.

So I just continued on, working over 40hours a week and juggling between two jobs, having 2 to 4 free days a month.

My boss at the resto asked me a lot about this, wanting to know if I had had any news...

I always ended up giving her a negative answer.

Which kind of upset me, because for a year already, I've been desiring to go back to school, learn some more.

Heck I'm turning 21 and all I have in my pocket is a high school diploma.

My step sisters always used to look at me with jealousy when we were in school, I was always the one having 70-80% in every classes, helping my elder step-sisters with their homework when I was not supposed to know the subject... yet here I was, 20 with only a high school diploma while one is having paramedic internships and the other two work as auxiliary nurses...

While walking home yesterday, I was looking in front of me and telling myself. '' The best christmas present I could have would be a letter from school, saying that I'm starting in January''


I think the sky didn't hear my wish well!

When I got home earlier, I took my phone out to check it up and saw two missed calls from an unknown number and a voice message. 

My heart sunk down to my toes when I heard the message: A person had bailed out on the class and they had now a free spot that I could fill.

Here's the thing: 

1. I never even IMAGINED I could make it in this year.

2. I have two jobs right now.

3. The classes start in one week.

4. I have no damn material for this.


Still I called them back, damn my school comeback was served right in front of me, I would be mad not to take the chance.

So I accepted their offer...

I did...

but now I'm actually wondering whether I did the right thing or not.

Ever since I hung up with the woman, I have a lump in my throat and I feel like running out of the house, go anywhere and just scream and cry.


I now have a week to do everything!

- Four days to find 411$

- Quit one of the two jobs

- Tell my new schedule to the one that I'm keeping

- Find the supplies and uniform

- Take a bus card because the school is some miles away from home.




It's almost been 3 years since I got thrown out of college!

I've changed ever since but...

I just feel like my anxiety is coming back and I know that I'm freaking out for small things but I can't help it.

I'm so scared of failure and all I can focus on is what could go bad....


Well... I just felt like I needed to tell this to you.

I'm going back to school.

... apparently.

it's 8pm right now and I've been trying to calm down for 4 hours so...

I'm going to get back to my stories, the only things that ever manage to relax me.




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i think you made the right decision.. you are going to be awesome, just believe in yourself and your dreams ^^ fighting!♥
Wow.. Congratulations.. I know that feeling when I also not get an offer after diploma level to cont my degree level.. I'm depression that time.. But right now i'm in 3rd year... You just cont your work tht have least thing to do.. Because u know u will getting buzy then. Or talk to them.. Ask your manager opinion.. Goodluck!!!
Karenkitty1092 #3
You can do it.
Congrats and I know that feeling.
I went back to school after 2 years and I missed it. But I am so glad I went back.
You can do it!!!!
Congrats finally heaven hears ur wish.
Fighting xoxo
Take a deeeep breath. Read/write smth down that gives off pisitive vibe and sleep . Tomorrow u will start a new road u've been wishing for. Doubts don't define the feisty bunny ,they're just reminding u what u could lose if not taking the opportunity.
I really wish u best of luck.