Dragon Of Chaos's Butterflies! AND big decision!


Hey guys!

Some of you may already know that I am CRAZY for tattoos and piercings as well as makeup.... but writing/reading is my lifeline.

Also... I consider ' Dragon of Chaos' as a reliever for any frustrations and... it's my baby really! ^^ 

Lately I've been thinking a lot about it and... I decided that THAT story would be the first one I would rewrite and make into an official story and will try to get published.

I've been considering it since a while but after a talk with my father... I decided that YES... I would make it into a book. I've also decided the characters new names and the book's new name

( spoiler alert, GD's characters stays Korean)


On another note... The Viceroy and Monarch became really important to me and now... They kind of hold a personal meaning to me.






The darkest on MY left is the viceroy and the one on MY right is the monarch
( I know it misses some colors but I'm going back in two weeks for touch-ups ^^ )

And for the readers of 'Dragon of Chaos' Please be patient with me ^^'

I know I take a long time to update but I have a lot of work... I'm getting some lease these weeks so I'll try to be more productive *^*

I've already started the new chapter and will work on it tonight. 

Thanks for being so patient with me OTZ




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Wow, that's great! good luck with the book!
I love your butterflies they are gorgeous, make sure to use sunblock when you go out in the sun to keep the colors vivid like they are now. I know it's a hassle (I've got a color half sleeve on my right arm) but it's worth it, especially with all the small lines and details.
fingers crossed!
i so hope u get published, it'll be so uplifting 4 u.
it's nice to have ur dad back up-ing u!
and u r so cute(idk if u dig the comparison, since u r such a lil' devil)!!
Karenkitty1092 #3
That`s amazing and I wish you the best of luck on your book.