Right or Wrong?

I need some perspective/insight to this scenario. I can't promise whether it will be a future plot or not, but I really hope you guys can tell me what you think out of this scenario! Do help me out pleaseeeee!!!!


So imagine I'm a person who found out I've got some form of cancer some years ago and chose to not tell my parents about it because i was concerned that their reaction may interfere with my own healing/treatment and their well-being. And now the cancer is finally gone and only then i decided to tell them. But instead of being happy that I'm alive, they're more upset that I kept it a secret. Was I wrong?


It's a thought that actually bugged me for a bit, and having answers/responses from all of you will be gladly appreaciated!! I don't have much that I can give in return, perhaps karma points if you need any? Please help me out! There is no right or wrong answer, I just want your pwn personal perspectives! Thank you so much in advance xoxo

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