I feel..,,...old _(:3 」∠)_




Today I got to meet up with two of my very close friends, we met up and had lunch together (to which I arrived an hour late because I'm always late ssdfgdg). After eating we started reminiscing about our secondary school days which were fun and less stressful of course. (*´-`);;

And it hit me that I've been friends with them for almost 10 years not only them but also 3 or 4 of my other close friends and best friends too and it's just like wow......,,....time really does fly....and it's kind of scary when you realise it. 

I got into kpop around 2009 thanks to my cousin who introduced me to big bangs lie & haru haru lmaaoo, then I got into my first fandom which was shinee!! I remember how I used to watch every show they were on almost religiously and I had every song of theirs in my iPod. Eventually I became a multi-fan?? I went from shinee > b2st > b.a.p > bts > monsta x (im slowly getting into them hahaa) tbh these were the ones that I actually immersed myself into

To summarise everything I grew up listening to the 2nd generation of kpop and it's just starting to hit me how newer bands are taking over and I feel like an ancient potato ㅠ ㅠ 

These days I only listen to maybe 3 kpop bands and that's it, I started listening to other artists like hyukoh, epik high, dean, crush, etc. Other than that I've just been listening to a lot of childish gambino & frank ocean (*´◒`*)♡♡

If you ended up reading all of this congrats!!!! and I'm sorry that you had to read all of this nonsense I've just been very emotional this week any ways I hope everyone is okay and safe~!!!♡

It's almost 3am so I'm gonna shoot a couple of messages to my friends on whatsapp & KakaoTalk before I pass out since I've basically been binge watching my love from another star the whole day since I got home and I haven't replied to them yet eeuugrrggshd ㅠㅠ 

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