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I'm sorry but I just need a place to rant. so ignore this whole mess if you want  ´д` );;;

This week has been hard on me ever since it was official that Hyunseung would be leaving beast to go solo, even when deep down I knew it was going to happen it's still upsetting that it did. And at the same time it made me realise that wow I've been in this fandom since 2009, even the first kpop album I ever bought was fiction & fact (which is personally my fave album ♡!!). In the end I'll always be supporting beast and Hyunseung earnestly, they were and still are one of my biggest inspirations and motivators. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have been writing at all or I wouldn't have gotten back into doing art. 

I just want to sincerely wish all the best for them in their future promotions and thank Hyunseung for growing and achieving with Beast through all their milestones not to mention all of the happy memories they've shared together with B2utys!!( ;´Д`)♡♡

I've always felt bad for not giving 100% of my attention to beast because I keep getting into all these other kpop boy bands that keep popping out of nowhere and just getting distracted really.

If anything I'm just mad at myself for crying for the first time this year over this asksbcsshgjsj ㅠ ㅠ;;;;; I even had a junseung ghost/reincarnation AU chaptered in the working but I'm not ready to bring any more angst into my already open wounds lmaoaooss. I'll still be writing Beast fics since I have a lot more I want to write and share even if at the end it's just me left writing, I'll always be here.



To everyone else Beast might just consist of 5 members now but to me it'll always be 6. 

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