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ok since I'm finally free from uni I now have free time to write up more fics!! TT TT its been so longgggggg and it's good since I have a loads of stuff that I really want to write up!! also majority of my friends are still stuck in uni and im the only free one atm lmaoo 

not only that but I also need to go back edit some chapters of my older stories, just thinking about it makes me want to cringe to be honest eugghhhdfgf but it keeps bothering me that I need to edit them and finally there are some fics that I might even delete because I'm not really proud of them. / n \ );;

other than that this a list of things that I need to write up:

​Complex (kiwoon) [x]
Kikwang hates how short he is and dongwoon counters that
i'm 80% finish with this!! even though this was suppoused to be birthday fic for kikwang lmaoo i'm overdue by 2 months TT TT however!! I'll upload this before saturday since tomrrow I got relatives coming over

Enamoured (junseung) [ ]
Junhyung dotes over hyunseung like a mother duck to it's baby
I've decided to write a sequel for Home~ This is going to be filled with fluff & gross lovey dovey junhyung 

Feline?? (junseung) [ ]
Junhyung is positive that if hyunseung was reincarnted he would be a cat
(temporary title) Inspired by a gif I saw of hyunseung having a photoshoot and there was a cat too therefore this came a long lmaoo

Honeydew?? (junseung) [ ]
Hyunseung wakes up with petals on his pillow.
(temporary title) this will be hanahaki disease verse! probably be angst but it'll end happily of course! bc i can't handle angst hahaa

White?? (kiwoon) [ ]
Kikwang isn't used to having someone constantly hovering around him.
(temporary title) guardian angel verse! this'll be interesting to write heuheue

*Dooseob prompts (dooseob) [x]
okay this'll be different compared to the rest i'll basically put up a list of all my dooseob prompts that have been living in my phone since forever and I'll write up one of them depending on votes through the comments, I'll be putting this up straight after complex has been uploaded!

8am?? (dooseob) [ ]
Doojon and yoseob always see eachother on the same bus but they've never talked. yet that is.
(temporary title) bus ride au I've always wanted to write a bus au i have no idea probably bc I enjoy long bus rides or something 

Message (kiwoon) [ ]
Someone keeps leaving sticky notes on the blackboards
high school teachers au I don't think i've ever written high school verse but this'll be fun too~

Annoying (dooseob,kiwoon,junseung) [ ]
“your best friend and my best friend think we’d be really cute together and keep trying to set us up i am so sorry” au
haven't written all three of them together in a while :')

Literary (dooseob,junseung) [ ]
of course doojoon reads books if he didn't why would he be always at the bookstore then?
heyy looky! a book store au :^)

Inseparable (dooseung) [ ]
hyunseung gets lost easily so doojoon always holds hand
ofc i have to add in dooseung hahaa

Chicken soup (dooseung) [ ]
Doojoon couldn't stop sneezing and now he's facing his neighbour with tissue up his nose
sick au! :^)


[24/05] updated the list! added two more prompts which is dooseung bc i lowkey love dooseung a bit too much & to show that i completed each one off the list did a little checkbox next to the title with the link to it!!
p.s I won't be doing this in order it'll depends if i have the plot planned out or not :^)

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