Hiatus and my idea

Hello guys!

Some of you have probably noticed that I'm not adding more stories or commenting like I usually do. That's because I'm on hiatus and I don't know how long will be on one. There is many things happening in my life now, that there is no time for writing or reading. Plus, there are some private issues as well.

The point here is, I don't want you to worry because the stories will be still updated, I just don't know when.

It's harder to write chaptered stories in tihs time, but hopefully I will be able to write at least OneShots and a chapter to my chaptered stories once in a time. It just won't be as frequent as it was till now. 

I know that a lot of you are waiting for updates, that's why I want to beg for your patience, because I have my real life outside of AFF as well. I have to worry about my school a lot now, since I want to get into a good college and marks are very important. Through this half of the year, I have really improved but it needs a bit more improvement. I hope you understand.

There is also this thing with me myself. I just started to have problems with myself and fighting with my inside ME. Which means, I have to refresh myself to be a better person. With this refreshing I also mean thinking more about my stories and make them as perfect as possible for you. Of course, there's no way, I would please all of you. We all have our own ways, but I will do everything I can. I promise!


While thinking about my fanfictions, I got an idea about a book as well! Well... It would be more likely a fiction book. I don't really know if it would be considered a book. I have already told my friend here and one of the best authors, according to me, since I love her stories. Thank you^^

You know all of us are wondering about things and have their own mini world inside of our heads. It's completely different than our current world. We just have in that world anything we want, we can date anyone we want and can be anywere we want, right? 

My idea for the story is like this. The main heroine is just like that, but she isn't an introvert, she isn't an extrovert either. She is just kinda adventorous girl who wants to try new things. And yes, she is a dreamer. A big one actually. All of a sudden, she has a dream at night. Some man, way older than her, he could be even her father, saves her in that dream. Well, word to word and they started to see each other. It's only in that dream! The moment she wakes up, she things she has gone nuts and just goes on with her life, because it was just a dream. But the dream comes again, it wouldn't be repeating, however, it would be continuing. It wouldn't take long and the main heroine starts day dreaming about it too. 

In her real life, she has a best friend, that could be considered a normal... fangirl... This best friend would want to know everything about these dreams and so on. Also, the main heroine would have a boyfriend. Just a normal life a usual girl. 

Well, it should be something like this. I won't say exactly how did she come up with this dream or who is who, or how will it end. I just wanted you to know about my idea. It's supposed to be a book, so it won't be an fanfic. 

What do you think about it?



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