End of Year Fic Meme: 2016

Well that went by fast.....

The Stats

Number of fics written (published): 34
Total word count (including WIPs and fics for fests that have yet to be published/revealed): 411,000 give or take

Chronological breakdown:


Made and Meant to Look for You [Showxing, 4.3k w. AFF * AO3 * LJ]
The Fifth Son [Showxing, 9.4k, AFF * AO3 * LJ]
Three Days [Xiuhan, 5.2k, AFF * AO3 * LJ]


Adventure Bound [Xiuhan, 754 w.,A03]
For All to See [Xiuhan, 957 w., AO3]
Show Some Skin [Xiuhan, 304 w., AFF * AO3]


Let us love like chaos [Xiuhan, 418 w. AFF * AO3]
Why it Snows [Xiuhan, 1.2k w., AFF * AO3]
I Laugh You [Xiuhan, 1.8k w., AFF * AO3]
Man in the Mirror [Sesoo, 851 w, AFF]
An Autumn Sound [Xiuhan, 1k w.,AFF * AO3]
The Finder (started) [Showxing, 4.8k w, AO3]


Benevolent (started) [Xiuhan, Krisho, Showxing, 100k ongoing, AO3]
Leverage [Seho, 12.8k w, AFF * AO3 ]


Until Next Time [Xiuhan, 4.9k w., AFF * AO3 ]
The Fault in Our Starboard [Xiuhan, 33.3k. w. ,AFF * AO3 ]


Two Scoops of Friction, Hold the Sprinkles [Baeksoo, 6.2k w., AFF * AO3]


GO-ing to Get Lucky [Xiuhan, 3.7k w.,AFF * AO3]
Love in a Hot Climate [Xiuhan, Baekxing, Seho, 7.8k w., AFF.* AO3]
Don’t be SAD [Showxing, 12.8k w., AFF * AO3 * LJ]


I’ll be your medal, baby [Xiuhan, 7k w., AFF * AO3]
Class Pet [Showxing. 14.4k w, AO3]
Roommates are a Chipmunk’s Best Friend [OT12 platonic, 4.8K w, AO3]
Let Me Forget About Today until Tomorrow [Chansoo, 30.1K w, AO3]


The Sky Above the Rain [Krisho ,23.2k w, AO3]
First Comes Baby [Sesoo, 7.3k w, AO3]


Best in Show [Chansoo, 12.3k w, AO3]
Strangers on a Train [Xiuhan, 3.2k w, AO3]
Something wicked this way comes [Xiuhan, 2.5k w, AO3]
I only want to have PHHUN with you [Krisho, 8.5k w, AO3]


[Redacted] for Monster Fest


[Redacted] for SNCJ Secret Santa
[Redacted] for Seokmonsters
[Redacted] for Yeollie Pop Day
[Redacted] for Let Out the Baby

Slept like a log….woke up in the fireplace [Xiuho, 4k w, AO3]

Misc. WIPs that have yet to see the light of day (but I worked on this year):

Sesoo Body swap AU [1.6k words]
Xiuhan mafia AU [35.7k words]
Chansoo figure skating / YOI fic [2.5k words]
Krisho hybrid undercover AU [2.5k words]
Seho hybrid firefighter AU [500 words]
One shot add on to Let Me Forget about today [1k words]
Xiuhan island survival Luhan only brings a watch AU [2k words]

Overall Thoughts

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

Definitely more! At the beginning of the year I thought I would write very little. I started a new job and didn’t know what to expect, but assumed my free time would be nil. Thankfully that hasn’t been the case and I have had time to write.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January?

Chansoo. This pairing kind of came out of nowhere for me and I haven’t looked back. I am absolutely in love with writing them now and I could never have seen that coming. Chansoo slapped me – sums up my writing year, quite frankly.

What's your own favorite story of the year?

Gahhh, it is a tie between Let Me Forget about Today until Tomorrow and The Fault in Our Starboard. I am extremely proud of Let Me Forget because I took a lot of risks and wrote out of my comfort zone. The amount of research that went into that fic was enormous, combined with the editing and revision period it was a feat to write. Also, I have a soft spot for the characters.

The Fault in Our Starboard was so much fun to write. I had a blast with that fic, the sheer fun of writing it makes it a favorite.

Did you take any writing risks this year?

Yes! Let Me Forget about Today until Tomorrow and The Sky above the Rain were both far more melancholy stories than I normally write. And Benevolent….well that is probably the most complex fic I have ever attempted *laughs nervously*

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the new year?

I have to finish Benevolent! There are probably fifty thousand or so words left and I really need to buckle down and finish it. I got lost in fic fests and exchanges this year and ended up neglecting this fic. I really need to sit down and do it justice, because it is near and dear to my heart. After Benevolent is complete I do have a historical au I would love to write, assuming I don’t get lost in fic fests again *ohhh more nervous laughter*

From my past year of writing what was...

My best story of this year:

Let Me Forget about Today until Tomorrow. Personally I think it is probably the best fic I have ever written.

My most popular story of this year:

Best in Show. Who knew people craved a Chansoo dog hybrid show AU? I never expected it to be as popular as it is (I’m not worthy gahh).

The story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

Hi, I am a broken record – Let Me Forget about Today until Tomorrow. I think a lot of people probably are turned off by the historical aspect, or maybe how sad it seems at the beginning.

The most fun story to write:

The Fault in Our Starboard. Imagining rich dumb Exo on a yacht (and their subsequent misadventures) was never boring.

The story with the single iest moment:

Best in Show's ending *cough breeding kink cough*

The most "holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:

I am starting to think that sentiment doesn’t exist haha. I wrote some ty fics this year but I don’t think any of them were beyond the messed up stuff I normally write. Okay, there was no Listless-esque fic this year, but still, nothing too surprising.

The story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

Let Me Forget about Today until Tomorrow. I had an idea of the character's and their motivations / feelings, but as I wrote the fic they surprised me. The unexpected hope that occurred, it was something that I didn't perceive at first but happened during the writing process.

The hardest story to write:

Redacted] for Seokmonsters. I have been in a major slump for over a month and I don’t see an end (aside from the deadline rush) in sight. The cut scenes from this fic were longer than what I kept until a few days ago, if that tells you anything OTL

The biggest disappointment:

That I let Benevolent fall to the wayside. I am usually more diligent when it comes to chaptered fics but this year I stumbled.

The biggest surprise:

Leverage. I honestly didn’t think anyone would like that fic and it ended up getting a lot of love.

The most unintentionally telling story:

There was a piece of me in Let Me forget about Today until Tomorrow. Of course I don't have the same trauma the characters do, but I understand what it is like to be hopeless and depressed.

Favorite Opening Line(s):

“If I see one person hug a tree, I’m out,” Yifan grumbled as he clicked submit. – I only want to have PHHUN with you

“What is that?” The way Sehun accentuated the question told Kyungsoo it was much more an insult than an actual query. – Best in Show

So he didn’t really need a $1,000 dollar watch, a pair of maroon vintage loafers or a signed Miranda Kerr beauty bible. - Leverage

Favorite Closing Line(s):

It was more fun to be wicked together, after all. – Something Wicked this way comes

Kyungsoo would have made a smart remark in return, but he couldn’t. Not with Chanyeol’s fingers in him, making sure nothing escaped. Best in Show indeed. – Best in Show

1:05 AM
Minseok: Wait what
– Chipmunks are a Roommate’s Best Friend

Luhan missed Yixing’s last words, his attention drawn in by the self-declared love of his life. – The Fault in Our Starboard

Favorite 5 Lines from Anywhere:

“You are...me?” Yixing gasped as his chest tightened, his world spinning.
“No Yixing. You are me .” The Director smiled.
– Benevolent

“I will kick you in the brain!” Yifan screamed, trying to shake the man off of him. – I only want to have PHHUN with you

“I am sure you get asked this all the time, but were you the inspiration for Alpha Over Flowers because I could almost swear you look exactly like the most handsome member of A4.” Baekhyun flirted shamelessly. – Benevolent

“Thank you, for putting up with me.” Junmyeon whispered into Sehun’s ear. For a second he considered that maybe his first assumption had been right, that Junmyeon was some master of and lies and- “But please don’t come on my Star Wars comforter again. I forgot to change it before we started.” – Leverage

“I can’t be a dad, I’m still a baby!” He whined more than once. “She said there are snakes and wild hogs in Texas! I can’t deal with wild hogs I’ve never even been around a not-wild hog!” – The Fault in our Starboard (Honestly like 90% of The Fault in our starboard has my favorite lines. The entire confession on the island scene makes me crack up).

Top 5 Scenes from Anywhere You Would Choose to Have Illustrated:

When Yifan and Junmyeon reunite. - The Sky above the Rain

Chanyeol and Kyungsoo walking along the road in winter. - Let Me Forget about Today until Tomorrow

Luhan, friends, and Minseok on the Jade Monkey. - The Fault in our Starboard

Minseok meeting Luhan in the palace. - Chapter 1 of Benevolent

Baekhyun and Kyungsoo in the ice cream stand. - Two Scoops of Friction, hold the Sprinkles

Fic-writing goals for 2017:

I have to finish Benevolent! I think I need to be more disciplined when it comes to joining fests and exchanges in the coming year so I avoid letting my ongoing fics fall off the radar. Also, I need to learn how not to turn a story that could be told in 5k words into a 30k fic. I need to figure out how to shut the hell up.


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Xiuhan island survival Luhan only brings a watch AU
Seho hybrid firefighter AU
Wow! It's amazing to see how much stories you have worked on this year. What a productive year for you! I really love 'The Fault in Our Starboard' a lot though, it truly deserves the awards it got (congrats!)

Thanks for compiling all these stories dear, makes it easier for us to find quality fics to enjoy. (It how few I've read from the list, I'm ashamed but I'll definitely get back to this sometime soon. And don't be too worried about shutting up, the longer you write, the more I like it tbh)
I didn't get to comment on AO3 because I'm shy as and all that but - I love The Fault in Our Starboard. Immediately bookmarked it as a fave. Thought you should know. ~ ^^ (Even if I'm too shy on AO3)