End of Year Fic Meme: 2017

Where does the time go....

Past Years may be found here: 

The Stats

Number of fics written (published): 24

Total word count (including WIPs and fics for fests that have yet to be published/revealed): 366,647 give or take


Chronological breakdown:


How Bazaar [Ghost!AU, Chansoo, 3.1k w. AFF AO3]

A Knightly Occurrence [Crack/ Mpreg, Xiuhan, 6k w. AO3]

Used to be Snow White but We Drifted [Sci-Fi/ Royalty, Xiuhan, 41.8k w. AFF AO3]


*I wrote nothing. I was a bum, it was wonderful*


Benevolent (finished) [Every genre ever, Xuhan / Krisho / Showxing, 120k w. AFF * AO3]


You Dirty Dog [Humor, Fluff, Krisho, 5.5k w. AFF * AO3]

Beauty is in the Eye of the Bee-Holder [Humor, YOI Inspired, Krisho, 13.2k w. AFF * AO3]

Voices Carry [Vampire / Supernatural AU, Xuhan, 40.7k w. AFF * AO3]


The Art of the Deal [PWP, A/B/O, Seho, 3.3k w. AFF AO3]

The Secret Language of Flowers [Hanahaki AU, Xuhan, 20k w. AFF * AO3]


My Swag is on Fire [, Humor, Medical , Xuhan, 6.7k w. AFF * AO3]


He says hello when he leaves, goodbye when he arrives [Humor, Demon summoning, Baeksoo, 10k w. AO3]

Love in a Temperature Controlled Climate [Animal crack, Xuhan / 2ho, Sebaek, Chenyeol] 10.7k w. AFF * AO3]


Heaven Help a Fool Who Falls in Love [ Roommates, Angst, Chansoo, 22.8k w. AFF * AO3]

The night is a tunnel…a hole into tomorrow [, , Xulay, 5k w. AFF * AO3]

September (the month I killed myself with fest fics)

Undercover: A Love Story [Humor, Mobster, Chansoo, 17.2k w. AFF * AO3]

A Shot to the Heart [ Werewolf / Vampire AU, Krissoo, 4.3k w. AFF * AO3]

Pour Some Sugar on Me [ Myth AU, Humor, Seho, 9.2k w. AFF * AO3]

Drowsy Science [Time travel AU, Xuhan, 21k w. AFF * AO3] with Shinealightrose

In the Still of the Night [A/B/O, Xiumin / Daniel, 3.8k w. AFF * AO3]


You Can’t Go Home Again [Model / Photographer AU, Xuhan, 7.1k w. AFF * AO3]

Best.Day.Ever [Tentacle / Alien AU, Chansoo, 6.7k w. AFF * AO3]


Redacted for Exonaut

Future Days [Chansoo,A/B/O, 15.7k w. AO3]


Redacted for Bottom!Soo fest

Solstice Selection [A/B/O wolf AU, Chansoo / Xuihan / Seho, 11.7k w. AFF * AO3]


Misc. WIPs that have yet to see the light of day (but I worked on this year):

Chansoo gilded age AU (6k)

Xiuhan historical fic (dropped out of fest so I don’t lose my mind) (1k)

Xiuhan Boys over Flowers AU (3.4k)

Unpublished Voices Carry chapter (1k)



Overall Thoughts

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

About the same. I wrote a little less this year than in the past, but I go into every year kind of knowing I am going to be driving myself nuts with fests and churning out sudden ideas I have. And really, I love writing, it is an amazing hobby. I also seem to love signing up for too many things though haha.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January?

*Nervous laughter*. I wrote some pretty ty things this year, so there are a lot of genres I didn’t think I would write at the start of 2017. I never would have guessed I would write a Xiumin / Daniel fic either, but hey that is a given since Daniel wasn’t famous in January.

What's your own favorite story of the year?

I finished Benevolent this year, so I am going to say that is my favorite. Forever my baby, I am so proud of that fic.

Did you take any writing risks this year?

I did. I tried to be smarter about how I plan and sometimes, quite honestly, it didn’t work. I hinged everything on outlines that were slaves to pacing (to the stories detriment at times), and I rushed some things. I was risky with signing up for 4 fests due in September. I took risks writing new kinks I knew nothing about. It was a relatively risky year for me.

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the new year?

Finish Voices Carry before someone sends me a mail bomb.

From my past year of writing what was...

My best story of this year:

Benevolent. It was so self-indulgent to write, quite honestly I am surprised how many people like that fic. The storyline let me go wild and portray a world that I had crafted using my love for history, my constant ersion (I mean wait what) and my favorite genres. All meshed into one. I love it so much.

My most popular story of this year:

Heaven Help a Fool Who Falls in Love. Honestly I struggled writing this and it wouldn’t be half as decent without the advice I received from my betas. I love you guys.

The story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

Used to Be Snow White but We Drifted. I poured my heart out to that fic. It was a huge struggle to write it and yeah, I am probably being super selfish by thinking it doesn’t get enough love.

The most fun story to write:

Voices Carry. Imagining a supernatural nightclub and Minseok, struggling with his “children”, was a blast to write.

The story with the single iest moment:

Heaven Help a Fool Who Falls in Love, the epilogue. I think it was very y to see Chansoo married after so much angst.

The most "holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:

Hmm. Well, this year I wrote fics featuring s, tentacles, egg laying, lactation, medical es, multiple knots, non-con role playing, cross dressing, Cristiano Ronaldo cross dressing…so yeah, I think I am well beyond the holy crapmoments.

The story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

The fic I am currently writing for the Bottom Soo fest. I thought I had it all figured out until the characters decided it made sense an entirely different way haha.

The hardest story to write:

Undercover: A Love Story. I really tried to write this as a serious gangster fic. I wrote and rewrote and wrote some more. Seriously there is probably a good 30k that was cut from all the different versions I tried. Nothing clicked until I added humor. I was ready to tear my hair out for a few weeks over this one.

The biggest disappointment:

The Secret Language of Flowers. I wanted this fic to be so much more than it ended up as. I feel like I didn’t do the story (or Xiuhan) justice.

The biggest surprise:

The ending of Benevolent. I didn’t have it nailed down until the last few chapters.

The most unintentionally telling story:

[redacted] for Exonaut fest. Once I finished writing it an entirely new meaning and understanding was there, something I didn’t set out to write. It just happened.

Favorite Opening Line(s):

Lu Han sat on his carpeted tree, his long white fur splayed out against the maroon carpeting. ~ Love in a Temperature Controlled Climate

Minseok couldn’t tell a geranium from a tulip and that was perfectly fine with him. ~ The Secret Language of Flowers

Chanyeol had called him crazy, Jongdae wholeheartedly agreed. Junmyeon...well he had said something about going to hell. ~ He Says Hello when he leaves and goodbye when he arives

Favorite Closing Line(s):

Arirang, a paradise on earth. Praise the Benevolent Director~ Benevolent

Best.Day.Ever. ~ Best.Day.Ever

Favorite 5 Lines from Anywhere:

“S-sorry, oh my god I didn’t…. I don’t know how tents work.” ~ Solstice Selection

Sehun deduced that a man like Kim Junmyeon could probably be found at the most depressing place on the human plane AKA Whole Foods. ~ Pour Some Sugar on Me

“For the love of ball sports, please don't do that ever again!” King Ronaldo, replete in his favorite floral dress, held his manicured hands to his chest as he caught his breath. Luhan realized he must have caught him mid dress up, since the king only had lipstick on his bottom lip and his eyeliner wasn’t done. ~ A Knightly Occurrence

“And here is where I keep my collection of Furbies, including the ultra-rare 1998 special edition royal Furby and Elvis Furby, both editions fetch upwards of five hundred dollars on the Furby collectors market.” Chanyeol stood in front of the glass case, pride shining in his eyes. ~ Undercover: A Love Story

“I dreamed we were having a with Cristiano Ronaldo.” ~ The Secret Language of Flowers

Top 5 Scenes from Anywhere You Would Choose to Have Illustrated:

Chanyeol and his furbies ~ Undercover: A Love Story

Minseok and Lu Han in the palace ~ Benevolent

Pandora (the night club) ~ Voices Carry

Seho in a limo ~ The Art of the Deal

Minseok’s ballroom laboratory ~ Drowsy Science

Fic-writing goals for 2017:

Finish Voices Carry!! I would also like to write original fiction this year (but I say this every year so who knows). I think the last year has taught me to put more time into my longer fics (ignore that VC is unfinished *nervous laughter* Mostly this applies to fest fics). I need to be more regimented with outlines and ask for feedback sooner, so I don’t end up with 20k of cuts halfway through. 

The Fics that Gave me Life this year (AKA fic recs):

Defenders of the Faith by kyleworthington [Chansoo, Mafia AU, 23k, Rated M]
Written in the Water by vicaniyun [Krisho, College / / Student Professor, Rated R, 209k ongoing]
Someone Call the Doctor by Shinealightrose [Xiuhan, A/B/O, Rated PG-13, 4k]
Empire State of Mind by Liyussi [Xiuhan, Mafia!AU, Rated NC-17, A bazillion words]
(ELE)Mental by jumpthisship [Chansoo, Twitter/ fanboys AU. Rated PG, 74k]
Written in the stars: the science, the history and the magic of mating by brujadelmar [Chansoo, A/B/O, Rated NC-17, 134k]
Fantastic Wizards and Where to Find Them by xol (firetruck) [Xiuhan / Krisho /Taohun /Chansoo / Chenbaek / Kaixing, HP AU, Rated G, 9k ongoing]
Taken by alphabot [Chansoo, A/B/O, Royalty, Rated M, 45k ongoing]

Thanks to (AKA the sappy part)....

A huge thanks to everyone who read my fics in 2017 (and well, every year before that)! ILY guys. Thank you to everyone who commented, left up-votes, or kudos - they help me know what you like (or don't) and give me a big motivation to write more. 

I owe a lot (this year and years past) to my BCF Sara AKA Shinealightrose, who has acted as a beta, a test reader, and an overall sounding board for all the crazy ideas I come up with. She steers me in the right direction and yells at me when I need it. Oh, and she also does all of it while taking care of a tiny human. Amazing. Thank you, chingu, I really appreciate it. 

Thanks to Yuki, who was an amazing beta this year. You have helped me on short notice and always provided very constructive feedback that helped me as a writer. I really appreciate it! You have such good ideas! I know whatever you write in the future will be wonderful. 

Thanks to the fam (YuniMargoKate, Debby, Neo, Josie, Rina, and Aki) for teaching me what is really important (and how to be less of a two-headed snake). You are all such good kids and I am very proud of you. *wipes tears*

Thank you Ness for always hearing my voice a thousand plus miles away and agreeing with me on the evil towers. ILY.

Thanks to the skype crew for listening to me ramble about fics and being there at random times (and not blocking me for being annoying hehe). Steph, Cata, Sam, Larry <3

Shout out to Kathryn. ILY and you know what, I am going to kick 2018 in the balls for you if I have to. 

Now on to the next (probably filled, Xiuhan / Chansoo) year! Huzzah!



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