Another set of questions (Original by LauLau95)

1- Which group(s) are you used to write about?

Only Exo, although I’m also starting female idols and OC fics. I’ve just done Irene’s and it’s not even close to being completed yet.


2- What do you think you are known for?

Angst, romance and some of my friends will say slice of life.


3- Which character would you say you are an expert to portrait?

I’m not sure really, I mean I think as long as they’re someone I like I should be okay with portraying them. My best characters include Surfer Chanyeol, Sassy Haerim, Romantic Yixing, etc


4- What would be your dream as an AFF author?

For people to tell me how much fun they’re having reading the stories! I honestly don’t care about getting featured and all that but I really wanna hear what they think, their likes and dislikes, their fav lines, etc.


5- What inspires you?

Life, I guess. Some of these stories have funny backgrounds. I might have seen an advertisement for an auction, read a book about flowers and their meanings, news about surfing, chatting with my friends about online dating or see a Harley-Davidson bike cruising along in the highway and BAM—an idea occurs. Pretty random, really.


6- Who do you think is your spiritual bias? ( The one you share the most traits with)

I think I’m someone like Xiumin in terms of personality. I don’t really join in conversations, but I enjoy listening to them. Not much of a talker, I only talk when I need to or when someone asks about something. The only difference is I’m not much of a sporty person, I usually just swim a lot xD


7- Do you want to make a career out of it?

Not really. This is very much a hobby, and I have a feeling if I start making it into a money-making hobby I might lose my original passion for it. Plus then I won’t be able to write about the members anymore (as in I have to change their names and all that ).


8- Which idol do you think you can't portrait well?

Hmm, hard question. Currently, I’m having difficulty thinking of another story for Chen and D.O, so them I guess…


9- Your Top 5 Biases.

1. Kim Jongdae

2. Kim Sunggyu

3. Kim Minseok

4. Kim Jongin

5. Changes everytime xD (Current one is between Bang Yongguk and Park Chanyeol)

And yes I do love my Kims ^^


10- What a day looks like in your life?

Lectures and tutorials from morning till about 6pm in the evening, then after that I usually stay at the library till 9pm. If I don’t stay at the library I go back home, take a shower, do my assignments and surf the net. I sleep around 12am. This is usually my schedule during weekdays.

Weekends I sleep in; typically wake up around 9am. Have breakfast, chat with the family and then I’ll be in my room completing assignments and revising. This goes with interruption from my sis in between, we usually chat with each other about random things. Then around 1pm is lunch time, then back to my room. Then I rest and surf the net, type up new chapters etc. Weekends are also when I might go out to the city with my friends and hang out plus dinner and a movie. Saturdays night I don’t have a fixed time but Sunday nights I’ll be asleep by 12am as well, sometimes earlier if I had a long day chilling in the city.


11- One secret your readers may not know about you.

It won’t be a secret anymore if I say it now will it? xD


12- How long does it take you to finish a story?

3 to 4 months. Depends on my time, the complexity of the plot and the response I get from readers. The more response I get the happier I am, and the happier I am the better flow for creativity thus faster updates.


13- What's the thing you are the proudest of as an AFF author.

I bet this is the answer most will give. When people read, subscribe, comment and upvote my stories. I’ve had a bit of a struggle at the start, not many knew my stories and it was tough to get people to give me feedback. Now it’s easier. I've even got an author I respect a lot to subscribe and upvote some of my stories which make me so happy and eternally grateful. I love getting comments; it helps me connect to the readers so I can understand what they really think about the stories.  Now my current stories garnered a nice amount of subscribers and after every update there will definitely be comments which makes me super proud and happy ^^


14- What types of fanfic do you feel the most comfortable writing?

Romance, slice of life and angst. I did try mystery and action before, and I am definitely thinking of doing those kinds again.


15- How well do you think you perform out of your comfort zone?

My readers who’ve read Vigilante, which is my only action and mystery fic, think I did okay. Definitely plenty of room for improvement~


16- If a zombie attack happens and you could save only one member of your favourite group, who would it be?

Kim Jongdae. Without question. As ridiculous as some rational people will think, I think between the two of us, we’re able to find a way to survive.


17- Who's your latest bias wrecker?

Kim Jongdae. Been that way for 2 years already ^^

Although I have this new category ever since I went to EXOLUXION. Kim Jongin: Concert bias. His Playboy dance is baby-making dance xD


18- What's your ideal type?

Someone who is also my best friend, partner in crime and the kind of guy who’d bring out the best in me. Not in a material sense, but in personal sense. And a person I’d want to see before I close my eyes every night. (Cheesy much right? LOL)

BUT if we’re talking about the physical sense; JAWLINE. I loveee jawlines. And I like dark haired men. Not too tall or muscular though.


19- Which authors do you admire the most here on the site?

Koreykrypta, taelighted, loviet, dbskgirl4ever & Tenka although now I think she calls herself Sabooo.

These are just some, there are many other wonderful ones ^^


20- What are the 5 sites you visit the most?

AFF, Youtube, Facebook, Gmail & My Uni’s LMS


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