svt quiz (stolen from chaewon1stshipper)

1. When did you know SEVENTEEN? How?
In 2012. At first, I was shocked with the TOTAL MEMBERS in the group which is 17 people. And that time I thought that WOW KPOP IS THAT HUGE! XD
2. At first, Who caught your attention?
Vernon. I don't know. Maybe because his mixed appearance. I thought it just somehow unique. But when they debuted, DK was the first one who caught my attention. PUBERTY totally hit him a lot.
3. Your First Impression about them?

Very unique! And talented. and yet CHILDISH AND FUNNY... They have same thinking as me! XD

4. What do you think of them now?
FRIENDS. Because they acted same as my friends in school. And you know? They have same thinking as me! They are really IMMATURE!
5. How well do you know them?
REALLY REALLY REALLY DEEP! I've watched every single backstages, MVs, Behind-The-Scenes, Variety Show. In One Fine Day, they showed their trueside a lot. The Seventeen Project showed me their fun personalities.
6. You are a fan of them for how long?
Ummmm... in May 2015? Because I wasn't interested at first but the "Adore U" song really caught my attention because of the catchy melody. WOOZI is TOTALLY GENIUS!
7. Have you done crazy things for them?
Umm... Nope...I have no time for that. I was just support them by downloading their albums, promoting them to my friends, even to MY FATHER. AHAHAHAHAHA!
8. Do you buy their items?
I just bought their albums. But I WILL BUY THEIR ITEMS when I'M FULLY GROWN UP ("Naega Oeureuni Doemyeon" *singing When I Grow Up)
9. What do you like about them?
Their music, personalities, thinkings, talents and Seungkwan LOVES ABOUT TROT SONGS! Because of him, I started to like them. I'm impressed with their talents by doing remix in Bindaettok Gentleman song that was totally an OLD SONG, then become A NEW CATCHY MELODY changed by them.
Who is the…
10. Most handsome?
Kim Mingyu. That's why the members called him THE ASPIRING VISUAL!!!
11. Cutest?
DINO. He was the youngest but he acted wanted-to-be-adult.
12. Kindest?
I would like to say NONE OF THEM ARE KIND!!! XD
13. Sweetest?
S.Coups. He tried his best to take care of his children.
14. Manliest?
S.Coups. His thighs is HIS PRIDE.
15. Girl like?
Jeonghan. Everyone knows that.
16. Best smile?
DK! I loe his teeth.
17. Best singer?
DK! He has man-voice. But Seungkwan also the best. I should choose BOTH.
18. Best Dancer?
Hoshi. He has creativity in doing choreography.
19. Nicest Body?
19. Love fans the most?
20. Loves and cares for the members most?
S.Coups ( The 'leader' charisma)
21. You want to be your Boyfriend?
YEAHHHHHHHH Kim Mingyu!!!!
22. You want to be your Friend?
What if..
23. You meet them?
my mouth definitely wide open and become speechless. I told them I'm one of the carats and asked their signatures
24. Accidentally you bumped into them?
my eyes widely open and freeze while move my head up (because they are tall) OMG!!! My heart thumping~~~~
25. You were asked to be his (Your most least favorite) girlfriend?
umm... I will asked him why and I rejected him properly. Sorry man.. I tell him my ULTIMATE BIAS
26. Least Favorite member?
I don't know. Cause I love them EQUALLY.
27. List of members from your favorite to least favorite.
1. Kim Mingyu Kim Mingyu Kim Mingyu.
2. Jeon Wonwoo
3. Lee Seokmin (DK)
4. Choi Seungcheol (S.Coups)
5. Hoshi
6. Dino
7. Seungkwan
8. Vernon
9. Jun
10. Joshua
11. Woozi
12. Jeonghan
13. The8
28. What do you want to say to SEVENTEEN? (Message)
I hope you guys be the BEST and COOL in all aspects. Ignore people that hate you guys. I love your musics, voices, raps and choreographies as well. I know that this time it will hard for you to be at the top as you have a lot of competitors in this KPOP industry. Just be the SELF-PRODUCING IDOLS who the CARATS proud of and live your life happily. Love you guys!
29. Your Favorite Song?
Rock My Head~ Rock My Head~ Rock My Head~ Rock Rock Rock Rock~~~~~
30. Your favorite dance step?
"Rock My Head~" part when the body swirls and they looked HOT. (Damn Hoshi!)
31. What do you like about SEVENTEEN?
32. What do you expect from them?
Their improvement from time to time.
33. What is your message to your bias?
Umm.... *shy* I would like to say, I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. You are my role-models, you're my ideal type and I would like to thank to your mother who MAKE YOU BORN IN THIS WORLD. Thanks for appearing in my life.
34. What do you want SEVENTEEN to do?
Appreciate CARATS. Please have GOOD REST. Stay Healthy.
35. What do you think is amusing about SEVENTEEN?
The Beagles!!! (SeungSoonSeok)
36. Your favorite SEVENTEEN single?
Mansae! Mansae! Mansae! YEAH!
37. Your favorite music video of them?
Mansae! I felt the 'leader' charisma when S.Coups appearing at the first second of the MV.
38. Favorite song in their album?


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in the members ranking you forgot jihoon lol