"I am 31% a jerk"

[] Peed in a pool 

[] Left the toilet paper in the washroom empty

[] Cut the line in amusement park by saying "Sorry, my friends/mum's up ahead"

[] Pretended you didn't get the text/call from someone you didn't want to talk to

[] Take a picture of someone without them knowing, so you can make fun of them with your friends

[] Yell at a telemarketer 

[] Burp and blow the smell towards your someone

[/] Thrown someone in a dark room and close the door, and start to whisper through the door 

[] Putting gum under table

[] Write nonsensical status via your friend's facebook  

[/] Throw plastic bottle into the garbage bin instead of the recycling bin just cuz the garbage bin is closer

[] Leaving a small amount of milk in the milk carton 

[/] Purposely killing innocent people in video games

[/] Open a new item and leave the broken item behind

[] Purposely asking for a sauce at the last second through the drive-through and hoping that they won't ask for the extra cost for the sauce

[] You put your car's window completely down even though the person beside you is struggling with his/her hair flying all over

[] Did something stupid/inconsiderate, and your reasoning is "YOLO"

[/] Ignore those people that are selling things on the street 

[] Completely slack off with a group assignment and blame it on something like 'family problems' 

[/] Lose a game and claim that you let the other person win

[] Break people' snowman without them knowing

[] Reply "Sorry what did you say" to someone when they wanted you to do something you don't want to do, hoping that they just do it themselves instead of repeating it

[/] Someone offers you candies, and you just take your favourite flavors

[] Somone ask you to take a pic of them, but you took a selfie instead

[/] Playing with food after you're done eating at a restaurant (eg, putting pepper in pepsi)

[] Ignore people's phone call, and one minute later you text them with a 'sup' with no explanation of why you didn't answer 


Add the points up! Take the number, divide by 26, and times 100%!

Repost the blog with the title, "I am ___% a jerk"


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