♡ svt member who... (stolen from ChaeWon1stShipper)

The SEVENTEEN member who...

is my ultimate bias: Kim Mingyu... (Fangirling)

is wrecking my bias list: Jeon Wonwoo (He is my definitely my bias wrecker!)

is my bias in hip-hop unit: Must be Kim Mingyu

is my bias in performance unit: Junnieeeeeeee~~~~

is my bias in vocal unit: Dokyommieeeeeee~

makes my heart flutter even if he's not my bias: S.Coups (he has the 'leader' charisma... XD)

was once my bias but still owns my heart: DK!!!

is my secret bias: still Kim Mingyu.. XD

compose my favourite ship: SeungSoonSeok (The Beagles! XD)

should do more skinship: The Meanieeeeee~~~

i'd love to marry: still Kim Mingyu

is my ideal guy: still Kim Mingyu.. AGAIN? XD

i think i'll pass as his ideal type: HOSHI~~~~ AHAHAHAHAHA

i'd love to be my boyfriend: JEONGHANNNN~ Please take care of me like you take care of the members! XD

i'd be most awkward with: Woozi... Sorry man...

i'd love to have as my brother: S.Coups (the 'leader' charisma XD)

i'd love to be my best friend: Vernonnnnnnnn and Seungkwan (my age-mate.. KYAAAA XD)

i'd love to go out on dates: still Kim Mingyu~~~~

make/s my hormones explode: Jeon Wonwooo (He is HOT.. 

i'd kiss: still Kim Mingyu~~~ XD


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