4 Years With EXO

EXO's not my bias group but I respect them a lot so this post is dedicated to them. Heh.

While SJ, my bias group, is already in their ten years, EXO is slowly reaching the peak of their career. Today is the fourth year mark. Later on it will be their fifth year. Time surely rolls by fast. Next thing you know EXO finally passed the five year curse mark for every idol group. And that will mean more than today could mean to you later on. 

But seriously, for sure more things will be in store for every EXO-L. You know how this group has a lot of surprises in store for you. They already made tons of surprises that tested your love, faith, loyalty, and belief in them. Many walked away. But when that happens just think of how many you still are. You're a freaking huge army, that has many rooms for growth. Once you were just a baby fandom, but now you're getting older. Next thing you know, your fandom is already a legend too so remember to protect your name and give lots of importance to who you represent. They say, the fans are like their idols. You're a mirror image to what EXO is, so be those cool people for them. 

I think I'm a fan since the moment you started. In 2012. At that time I was quite closed up on the idea of EXO appearing while I was an SJ fan. My bias group already made a mark then, and I think they were just at a point where they are trying to maintain a stable position right on top. People said EXO waa a flop then, but I think it wasn't just really their time. And I was right. A year later they are finally making a mark, and it's faster than how the second generation groups earned that kind of mark. It was really incredible and sometimes infuriating for some. Because we'll ask, how did they even do that? And people will think 'ah, EXO had it easy because it's SM'. I used to think like that too. And though this might really be a strategy for every debuting group, I guess it is inevitable when the sunbae group is used to help promote the rookies. I think it's an SM thing. And now isn't that happening to EXO with NCT debuting? But really, come think of it, you need not fret over them taking over exo's spot because if they were bound to become popular it will happen in time. EXO, however, is a different group. They have their own charm and style that may be unparalleled. And perhaps those things can take them to as long as 10 years later on, and maybe more. And really, since when did a group take over another group's spot in hallyu? People keep referring to that thing as that, but seriously, no ones going to ever replace EXO. Or remove them from their spot. Wherever they are now will always be theirs until the day they are already old, with white hair, wrinkles, and canes to support them.

So fret nothing. And just cherish every moment you have with EXO. Live the moment. So, when everything's finally said and done, and you're old enough, with a family, still a fan or not, you'll have something to look back in and something to tell your own kids. Great stories about great people who once touched your lives and made it possible for you to cross oceans and move mountains. People who once made you fall in love over and over. People who made you cheer with all your might, go to every concert, and made you the wonderful person you are right now.


Happy 4th Anniversary EXO!

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