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mejustgotlucky here! I have been in constant back and forth hiatus since I opened my wordpress blog. I truly regret it, but want I don't regret is being able to write what I want to my heart's content. Truthfully, it has been hard on me to identify what I really wanted to write. I thought I can talk about everything without being frustrated, but being all knowing and thinking that I can do everything really put a toll on me. However, after opening my own blog, being able to write drama and movie reviews or even talk about the places I want to visit someday in Korea, made me think I must be good at just doing that. 

I am not closing my doors to writing fan fictions, but it just gets old. I'm having a hard time being able to keep up with writing one and sticking to it in the long run, so I can only do so much. From here, I also want to apologize if I may not be able to keep my promise and update my old ON HIATUS stories. I can tell that you really like them and I am grateful for that, but it's just hard for me to continue them. I honestly want to remove those stories from my profile to start anew, though, but decided against it. I will leave them alone so that you can go back to them or if I decide on continuing or improving those stories, then at least I have something to go back to. I shall return though with new ideas, just no promises this time. I will write to my heart's content and write only for my own, not just because people are reading it. That's one thing I learned from writing a blog. You write but you don't expect everybody to read it.

Anyway, all these stories are going to be as original as I can think of. I stopped reading others fan fictions for a long time now and I just sometimes read fiction stories on wattpad as a past time, so I hope to make stories that has its own novelty and flavor. I will not look back and just move forward while feasting on my daily K-drama series and listening to my every day K-Pop playlist. I can't promise to update daily or on a regular basis since I am more focused with my blog now, but hey, I don't forget. I'll post if writer's block doesn't visit me. :)

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