Story 13 - A Girl's Notes

Legendary Stories


The stories from old are written here.

Remember them well, and pass them down to the next generation.

While truth does not change, every day does.

Story 13 – A Girl’s Notes


An old man who had traveled the world, in the corner of a street in some country, was telling of his adventures. All the while, there was one who was listening with interest to the stories and inquired this:

“Up until now, what’s the most mysterious thing you’ve seen?”

The old man answered, “I think some notes that I’d found in some secluded region. At the base of a strange and rugged mountain range, where there were storms so bad, light wouldn’t shine through. A place where it seemed no ordinary person could reach. There did fall some notes. When I looked inside, I couldn’t believe even more, for it seemed to be a girl’s handwriting. It was always on my mind. This girl, I wonder what happened to here. Could it really be…”


---Where did he go? Though I keep searching for him, I just don’t know where he went.

---Today, I heard a rumor in some village. Circumstances seem to have changed somewhat, but I’m sure it’s him. They say he went towards the north. I’m going to go after him soon.

---What happened? That guy cast his own body into the Lake of the Dead. What in the world happened to that special person? What am I to do now…

---Today, I found someone who told me about “The Lake of the Dead.” From a long time ago, it’s been regarded as an ominous place, and when you peek into the lake, the ghosts called “the evil spirits” call out to the person looking in. Only those who have lost all hope cast themselves into the lake. Did he do that too?

---I finally understand. About the Lake of the Dead. And what I’m supposed to do.

---Normally, for people who live in this world, there is someone who has the same spirit in another world called “First Country,” that is to say, someone who has a “Spirit Bond,” and those lives influence each other, but when people cast themselves into the Lake of the Dead, that bond is severed, and in exchange, it seems that they are possessed by evil spirits. Even supposing that they are liberated of the evil spirit, if they are unable to establish the bond with the person from First Country that they are connected to, they cannot return to ordinary humans. Well, the traveling magician told me. Then, he also gave one more piece of knowledge. I am now thinking of what I’m supposed to do.

---I have decided to become a magician. So I could save him.

---Since I’ve written my last journal, several years have passed. I have received the title of an advanced magician, and I learned magic to control time, and I am going to soar to the other you. I may not be able to return here, but I have no regrets. In a new world, as soon as I find the wandering soul who was connected with the former you, I intend to win him over. When I do, the soul that was connected with yours would be born as my child.

---In order for me to obtain the life that could save you, I go on a long journey. I can do that, it’s the least I could do to repay you.

Someday, I believe that I will return your soul to you and the day will come when we’ll meet once more.

To you who has saved me…

To you who has lost everything for me…

I sacrifice everything in my life.

I want to see you once more.


When the old man finished reading the notes, everything was dead silent.

After it was told beside the notes that a single staff, perhaps it’s what the girl used, was left, the old man once more left for an aimless journey.


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