Story 10 - The Brothers Who Made a Flute

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Story 10 – The Siblings Who Made a Flute


The Four Siblings


A long time ago, there were four siblings in one kingdom. Their parents died, and so they lived poorly, but now they are the most famous and well known siblings.

The first brother was a man boasted of his strength. He made a pond by elevating a stone bigger than the three leader dragons in the middle of the country, and carried the stone to the summit of the mountain. The king rejoiced greatly at the making of the pond.

The second brother was a man boasted of his tenderness. He made a sculpture of the stone that the first brother carried. There is not a one even until now that has not sighed at the beauty of it.

The third brother was a man boasted of his accuracy. Out of the beautifully made stone the second brother made, he made a castle by linking to make it sturdy yet easily used. What’s more, he made a clock of the leftover rock. Until now, the main part of the stone that was able to be made into a clock, its time has never gone out of order.

A sturdy and beautiful, and on top of all that a useful castle, the king praised it as the best in the world. The brothers greatly rejoiced, and full of confidence, stubbornly believed themselves to be the best men.

“After all is said and done, because I carried the rock, this became a splendid castle. Whether it’s beautiful or whether I made the form, it was the foundation,” the first brother said, then the brother said too, “After everything, since I beautifully adorned it, weren’t we applauded like this?” Of course, the third brother wasn’t inferior. “Because I shaved it accurately and lined it up, it formed into a castle. Since it’s not helpful just as a rock, beauty doesn’t have that much meaning.”

The three fighting brothers separated to live in the east, west, and south of the city.

Well, the youngest fourth child, unlike his three older brothers, couldn’t do anything. He was weak and unskilled with his hands. The older brothers made fun of the youngest child who couldn’t do anything, but since the youngest was meek in nature, without feeling the need to slander, worried over his scattered older brothers and visited them in turns.


Concealed by Mist


After a short time, calamity befell the kingdom. A mist completely covered the land, and a hundred days passed as it wouldn’t completely lift. Without growing crops, everyone was losing spirit. More than anything, when they were wrapped up in the mist, music completely disappeared. All over the country, it became as silent as a funeral, but no one knew the cause.

One evening, when the king was tired of worried and dozed off, he had a mysterious dream. It was a revelation that it would do well if they sounded the most elegant flute to dispel the mist. The king requested a flute to be made by the three brothers who made the castle. However, the three who were on completely bad terms didn’t want to cooperate, and separately began to make flutes.

“I will be the one to make the most worthy flute. The burden is too heavy for you guys.”

“It is you who cannot bear the burden. I will make the best flute.”

“What are you saying? My flute will be the best.”

And finally, the three, like a contest, finished making their flutes, and the time came to test them in the presence of the king.

On the side of the large pond that the first brother made, people from all over the land gathered.

The first brother played a big flute made of stone. However, no sound whatsoever followed. The second brother played the most beautiful flute in the world made with clay. This too made no sound. The third brother made accurate holes, and played his flute made of bone. Of course, this too made no sound. The king was angry and sent the siblings away.


The Finest Flute


On a day a little while after that, there flowed a wondrous sound from a flowed in the kingdom. The music was beautiful and seemed to wash the heart, and the king, cabinet makers, soldiers, and even the cats shed tears. When they suddenly noticed it, the mist lifted.

When the king, with great rejoicing, searched for the origin of the sound, finally arrived at the youngest child’s house. When he did, the brothers who were on bad terms were also present, and they were all crying together.

When the king immediately applauded them, the youngest child said this: “This is not my doing. It’s the power of the three older broters.

The youngest child told everything.

The youngest child went every day to his older brothers’ places, and persuaded them to combine their efforts like the days when they were on good terms, but the older brothers were stubborn and wouldn’t listen to what he said. So one day, the youngest child, who was trying to do the impossible, was defeated. The older brothers who knee that still thought of their brother well, and went to visit him.

Now first, the first brother went to go to the youngest child’s place.

“Is there anything you want me to do?”

“Big brother, well, can you cut the biggest tree in the forest and break it finely?”

Every day, since it was unpleasantly cold, they needed pieces of firewood. The first brother who thought that pleasantly agreed to grant that request.

“Ah, okay. I’ll go cut it soon.”

“Thank you, big brother.”

The big brother went home smiling.

The next day, the second brother came.

“Is there anything you want me to do?”

When he asked that, the youngest child said while taking out the tree that the first brother cut down, “Big brother, can you carve this tree beautifully?”

“Ah, okay. I’ll carve it beautifull.”

He wanted something beautiful to divert from his sickness. The second brother, thinking that, pleasantly agreed to grant his request.

“Thank you, big brother.”

The big brother went home smiling.

The day after that, the third brother came.

“What do you want me to do?”

Thereupon, the youngest child said as he took out the beautifully carved tree, “As my request now, I want you to make holes in this.”

“Ah, okay.”

He was bored while he was sick. The third brother, thinking that, pleasantly agree to grant his request.

“Thank you big brother. But I only have one more request.”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“I want you to call first and second brother.”

The third brother disliked that, but it was his sick little brother’s request. He was reluctant, but he called the eldest brothers.

Though they were gathered in the youngest brother’s home, the three couldn’t meet each other’s eyes.

Slowly, the youngest brother took out the flute and gently brought it to his lips.

In that moment, the older brothers shed tears, and realized their own mistakes. With the resounding music of the flute, the three brothers remembered. When they were poor children, when their parents died one after the other, and before they were recognized by everyone, the days when they were good friends and supported each other.

 Though any of the four siblings broke off, as the timbre of the flute continued to play, the three older brothers and the youngest child continued to shed tears. Those tears were the most beautiful in the world, the tears of love.

When the king finished listening to the tale, he gave the brothers a reward and praised them. From then, the four lived happily ever after.


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