Story 11 - The Machine That Flew in the Sky

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Story 11 – The Machine That Flew in the Sky


The Man Who Dreamed


In one place, there was a man who dreamt of flying in the sky.

Since he was a child, he begged to magicians, and would have rejoiced if he could stroll through the air, but he had no talent for magic himself. He even hated to practice alone, so he couldn’t possibly have become a wizard, but in spite of that, he wanted to fly freely through the sky himself, and wouldn’t give up on his desire to do that.

One time, the man traveled to First Country. In that time, since there was a hole connected to First Country, anyone from Second Country could go to the other side whenever they liked.

Because there was no magic in First Country, the people of the other side couldn’t fly through the sky. However, the man heard a rumor. They said that there were artists who thought of flying by their own power.

When the man tried to go find them out, they were always absent. As the result of entering at his own convenience, he found sketches. In a drawing of a device with the form of a strange whirlpool, it seemed he’d be able to fly if he somehow made it. The man was surprised from the bottom of his heart. For the people of Second Country where the existence of magic was natural, there were no conceptions of making things to make the impossible possible.

The man transcribed the drawing on paper and returned home to Second Country with them.

Then, after several years, he completed a device with the sketches as a basis, and the man, without using magic, was able to gently float in the air. That was a happy moment for him. Although it was only for a few seconds, it wasn’t too different from flying through the air.


The Wise Man and the Young Wizard


A little while after that, one wise man came under the man.

“Abandon the knowledge you came with from First Country.”

The man was surprised at the wise man’s words.

“Why? I just want to fly through the sky as I want.”

“If you implement the power of a machine to do what you should with magic, then you endanger the way things ought to be in Second Country, and you will corrupt it.”

“How would I corrupt it?”

“Magic is held by true hearts, and by training with their whole hearts, they can make it for the first time. I borrow a small fraction of nature’s power in my body, and I manipulate nature for the sake of humanity. That is a deed that is permitted only to those with pure hearts that have no wicked thoughts. Making nature submit with the power of machines is not something done by honest ones.”

If he made the device, then only those with unskilled hearts and evil minds would manipulate nature as they wanted. That would be arrogance to contend with God. That was the wise man’s point.

It was settled that there was no error in what the wise man said. The man, unable to do anything else, handed over the paper that he came home with.

In that time, a young wizard who watched the two’s exchange interjected.

“Wise man, in the first place, magic is used to better human life. If we could do that with machines, then why can’t we use them?”

“If an erring person used it, then the machine would also become errenuous.”

“I am knowledgeable even with the happenings in First Country. The people of that world, learning with science that began with those devices, also think of sacred things. When they make more solid metals by blending iron and other metals, they can even plow soil that’s full of rocks. Doing that, human lives become more affluent.”

“Well I hear you, but that science or whatever, aren’t there those that only think to make tools to make money with them? Can you really say that there is no one who only thinks to utilize those to rule the nations?”

The young wizard was stumped by those words, but he answered right away, “Even with magic, there is the power to think that they can use it for misdeeds.”

The man steadfastly listened to the two’s conversation, but it was difficult and he didn’t understand. The man just wanted to try flying through the sky.


The Man Who Granted the Dream


From then, many people from First Country appeared, and in First Country, machines were made that moved by steam, and they carried great surprised as they were transported to Second Country.

The wise men finally made a decision to block up the hole that went to First Country. Nothing more, they just couldn’t expose magic to any danger.

However, it wasn’t to say that they entirely prohibited anything. In exchange for the hole, they established magic gates (Gates), and if there were first-rate magicians, then they could open them up in an instant and could come back and forth between First Country at will.

The man heard that and was a little disappointed. Since he couldn’t use magic, then he couldn’t go again to the world on the other side.

But, his dreams of freely flying through the air wasn’t at all extinguished. The man thought for days, and finally hit upon a good idea. He could build a device that drove magic powers. If he did, then he would take magic seriously as the wise man said, and by operating that device would be able to fly as he liked even if he had no connection to magic.

At last, the man completed the device to fly in the sky with. As a result of begging the young wizard who quarreled with a wise man, and was agreeably given the magic of motor power.

Then came the long awaited day for a test run. The man leapt up to the heavens. The device that had wings attached came to gently, gently fly. Thanks to magical powers, he was able to stay in the air for hours.

The man looked down. The sheep of the grasslands looked to be as small as mice. And on the other side of the mountain, he could see the ocean sparkling with the morning sun.

With a very happy feeling, it was as if he was in Heaven.

The device that flew through the skies, what kind of influence would it have on the future of Second Country?

The man could not whatsoever understand the beautiful scenery that stole his heart.

The answer to that, no one knows.


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