My goals that I wish to achieve in the near future

I realized that once I am set and stone about something- I have to do it. It doesn't matter how long I have to do it in order to achieve it, as long as I can do it and have it, thats all that matters to me.

I just wanted to share with you guys some of the things I want to achieve within the next couple years coming so yall can get somewhat of an idea of the type of person I am ^^


  • I would like to get at least one more tattoo within this year and 4 more by the end of 2016
  • I would like to get a few more peircings on my ears, preferably a conch piercing (Look it up if you need to)
  • I would like to be transferred to my new school by fall of next year.
  • I would like to start boxing or Muay Thai by next year.
  • I would like to be down to 140 pounds by Christmas.
  • I would like to start volunteering on the weekends again at my local animal shelter
  • I woud like to receive my animal control officer certificate by next year
  • I would like to get a job when I am transferred to my new school.
  • I would like to graduate with my bachelors in Wildlife Biology with my focus in Ecology and pre-vet medicine by 2017.
  • I would like to have any loans paid off by the end of 2017
  • I would like to have my own apartment by the mid of 2018 (if I don't get a job at the San Deigo Zoo or AUS Zoo)
  • I would like to have a new car somwhere between 2017-2018
  • I would like to have become full vegan by 2018
  • I would like to have 4 bank accounts opened for my best friends kids for a college fund when theyre older.


I have about 5 years worth of goals I want to achieve. I am posting this here not only because I want to hear some of your guys's goals for the future, but also for a reminder for myself because if I post this on a paper in my room- It will end up going missing and I will never see it again.

If you have any questions on why I have certain things as goals, dont be shy to ask.

Also, Let me know some of your goals and perhaps we share some things in common ^^




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Awesome goals, dude! I don't have any academic goals set, but I do want a tattoo too. And boxing, I have always wanted to do that.
Conch? That is gonna hurt like a . sorry, but its cute, but painful
Your goals are very thought through and I wish you the best of luck to achieve them all(i am sure you will).
we have some stuff in common, i'll just do a blog. This is actually a good reminder and good way of seeing where you are a year later